Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


3. Movie Night

When Perrie walks in Quinn runs over to her and hugs her tightly. “Hello there cutie!” Perrie says and giggles. “Tonight we’ll have a movie night, okay?” Perrie asks and Quinn nods quickly. I help my mum with cooking dinner and Quinn and Perrie sing some Little Mix songs together. They’re singing We Are Who We Are and I softly sing along. My mum smiles at me and I smile back. We put everything on the table and my mum sits down. “Dinner is ready!” I say and Quinn and Perrie sit down at the table. We start eating dinner and talk about all kind of things. When we’re done I clean up the table and we watch some TV. A few minutes later my mum brings us some hot chocolate. “Thanks mum.” I say, smiling at her. “Marshmallows!” Quinn squeals. We all laugh. “Thank you mummy!” Quinn says, bouncing slightly. “Umm.. Thanks mum.” Perrie says softly and mum smiles at her. I lay down on Perrie’s lap with my head on Quinn’s lap. “Someone’s tired.” Perrie says, giggling. “Nah, just lazy.” I say and Perrie and Quinn both laugh. Quinn giggles and strokes my hair. “Well, aren’t you cute.” I say and giggle, poking Quinn’s nose. “I am very cute.” Quinn says and laughs. “Now I’m not the oldest anymore!” I say, grinning when I look at Perrie. “What does that mean?” Perrie asks, looking at me nervously. I get up and look at Quinn. Quinn and Perrie both put their hot chocolate on the table and Quinn starts to tickle Perrie. Perrie laughs loudly. I start to tickle her as well. “Okay, okay! I get it!” Perrie says in between laughter. Quinn and I give each other a high five and grin at Perrie. “Come here!” Perrie says as we start running. I run to the left and Quinn runs to the right. Perrie runs after Quinn and picks her up. “We’ll get Alli together!” Perrie says and Quinn holds on to Perrie tightly. Perrie runs towards me and grabs me by my waist. They both start to tickle me and I can’t get away. They laugh and eventually stop. We all sit back down on the couch and drink our hot chocolate. When we’re finished we go upstairs to my room. “I have to call my stepmum to say I’m staying over here.” Perrie says and smiles at me. “Okay. Quinn you may choose the movie!” I say, smiling at Quinn. “Yay!” Quinn giggles and runs into my room, looking for a movie. I walk downstairs and mum stands in the kitchen with a bowl of crisps, a bowl of popcorn and a few drinks. “Thanks mum.” I say and smile. “No problem sweetie. Have fun with your sisters.” I take everything from her and carefully walk upstairs. Perrie sees me and takes some stuff from me. “Thanks.” I say, smiling. “No problem!” Perrie says and we walk to my room. We put everything down and see that Quinn is already snuggled up in bed. “What movie did you pick sweetie?” Perrie asks and smiles. “Snow White!” she says and giggles. Perrie and I laugh and also get on the bed. We put everything on the bed and start the movie. Quinn is asleep not soon after the film started so I pick her up and lay her down in her own bed. “Let’s watch something else!” Perrie says, laughing. “Yes.” I nod and put on another movie. After the movie I turn the TV off. “Have you actually got a boyfriend?” Perrie asks, looking at me. I shake my head. “Nope! And what’s Zayn like?” I ask, smiling at her. “He’s amazing! He’s so lovely and kind..” Perrie says and I giggle. “You should meet him!” Perrie says and smiles. “I’d love to!” “Wait!” Perrie takes her phone and calls Zayn.

 “Hey pretty.” “Hi handsome!” Perrie says giggling. “Why are you calling baby?” “Would you like to meet my.. umm.. sister tomorrow?” “Sister?” “Yeah, I’ll explain it tomorrow if you can?” “Sure, I’d love to meet your sister! But is it okay if the lads come with me? We decided to do something tomorrow.” “That’s fine! Thanks babe!” “I’ll see you and your sister tomorrow then!” “Yes, I’m going to sleep now!” “Okay, Goodnight baby!” “Night babe!”

Perrie ends the call and looks at me. “Is it okay if the others come as well?” Perrie asks me and I smile. “Of course!” “Promise you’ll behave like an angel?” “I promise!” I say and we both giggle. We put everything off the bed and lay down. “So, who’s your favorite?” Perrie asks, grinning at me. “Secret.” I say with a wink. “Please tell me?” “Nope.” “But sisters tell each other everything!” Perrie says and I smile at her. Perrie smiles back, realizing what she just said and gives me a tight hug. She whispers something in my ear. “Now tell me.” “Fine. It’s Niall.” I say when I hide my face in my hands. She laughs softly and takes my hands away. “He’s still single, you know.” Perrie says while she winks at me. “Pez, shush!” I say and shake my head. “No Al, never.” Perrie says, laughing. “You’re meeting him tomorrow!” Perrie says, grinning at me. “Pez!” “Al! Make sure you get him!” “Blah, blah, blah!” I say and cover my ears. Perrie laughs and pokes my cheek. “I’m serious!” I roll my eyes playfully. “I’ll try my best, okay?” I ask and laugh softly. “Yes!” Perrie shouts and I look at her. “Pez, Quinn is asleep!” She covers her mouth quickly. “Sorry!” she whispers. “Let’s go to sleep?” I ask Perrie and smile. “Yes, dream about Nialler!” “Dream about Zayn!” Perrie laughs and shakes her head as we both go to sleep.

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