Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


2. Meeting Perrie

It’s Perrie Edwards from Little Mix! Quinn doesn’t say anything and I giggle. “I’m sorry!” I say and Perrie smiles at me. “That’s okay darling!” Perrie says and lowers herself to Quinn’s level. “Are you okay sweetie?” Perrie asks her and Quinn nods, not saying anything. “Quinn!” I say and she shakes her head. “Perrie from Little Mix!” she says and Perrie laughs softly. “That’s me! What have you got there?” Perrie asks, pointing at the doll Quinn’s holding. “A doll!” she say and shows Perrie the doll. “That’s me!” Perrie says and Quinn nods. “Have you got your phone with you?” Perrie asks, looking at me. “Yep!” I take my phone out and give it to her. She smiles and looks at Quinn. “Would you like a picture with me?” Perrie asks her and Quinn nods quickly. They take a picture together. Quinn hugs Perrie. “Thanks! You’re amazing!” “Thanks sweetie!” Perrie smiles and stands up again. “Are you a fan too?” she asks, looking at me. “Thanks to my little sister.” I say, laughing. “Come here then!” she says and takes a picture of us. “Thank you!” I say, smiling. “You look a lot like someone I remember.” she says while looking at me. “Really?” I ask. “Yeah, wait a minute!” Perrie quickly grabs her phone and opens a photo map called ‘Family’. She looks through the pictures and I look with her over her shoulder. “Perrie?” I suddenly ask when she pauses on one picture. “Yes?” “Why are you looking through family pictures and why is that a photo of me?” I say, looking confused. “Wait, is this you?” I nod and smile. “It’s an old picture but it is me.” “But this is family of mine!” “No way!” “But, that means we’re family...” “But I’ve never seen you!” I say and Perrie nods. “Well, I live near here, would you like to come with us? I could ask my mum if she knows anything.” I ask Perrie. “I’d love to!” Perrie says and Quinn looks confused. “Hop on!” Perrie says when she bends forward. Quinn giggles, jumping on her back and holding onto her tightly. “So, Quinn, I may be family of yours…” Perrie says and Quinn gasps softly. “Are you serious?” Quinn asks Perrie. “Yes!” “So that means your favorite singer is probably family!” I say and Quinn opens her mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. Perrie and I start laughing and walk towards my home. I open the door and let Perrie in. She puts Quinn down and together we walk towards the kitchen where my mother is. “Mum!” I say and she turns around. She looks up and her smile disappears. Also Perrie looks shocked. A few seconds later Perrie runs to my mum and hugs her tightly. “I’d never thought I’d see you again!” my mum says. “Can you explain this, please?” I ask, a bit confused. “Let’s sit in the living room, shall we?” mum asks and we all nod, walking to the living room. We sit down and Perrie takes Quinn on her lap. “Do you remember when I was talking about Tony?” my mum starts. “A bit. He was your first husband, right?” I ask and my mum nods. “Well, you and Perrie are both my daughters.” “Really?” I ask and my mum nods again. “The reason I never told you is because he.. he used to abuse me…” “He what?!” I look shocked at my mum, seeing how hurt she is by just talking about him. “Perrie came when we were married and he told me not to look for her and forget about her.” I give my mum a tight hug. “I never told you, because I was afraid that you’d look for her and then he’d notice it.” she says. I can hear that she’s on the verge of crying. “It’s okay mum.” I’m still hugging her tightly. “But I’m glad you ran into her.” she says, smiling at Perrie and me. “Me too! And I’m sure Quinn is too.” I say and we all laugh. “Would you like to have dinner with us tonight darling?” my mum asks Perrie. “I’d love to! But first I’m going to go shopping with Alli!” Perrie says and smiles at me. “What about me?” Quinn asks, pouting playfully. “We’ll do something fun when we’re back, okay?” Perrie asks and Quinn nods, smiling. Perrie puts her down and Quinn runs to my mum. She picks her up and puts her on her lap. “Have fun girls! Do you need any money?” my mum asks. “No thank you!” Perrie and I say at the same time.

We both go outside. We link our arms together and walk towards town. We go into Topshop and look for clothes. We have a nice time and talk a lot about how we’ve never seen each other and what we’ve done in our lives. We talk about what her family is like and how the other girls from Little Mix are. We also talk about One Direction a bit, because Zayn is Perrie’s boyfriend. We also look for clothes for each other. “Starbucks!” Perrie and I both say at the same time when we get out of Topshop. We laugh and walk to the Starbucks. We both get a hot chocolate and sit down near a window. “What’s it like, being in a famous girl group?” I ask, smiling. “Busy! We tour a lot and give a lot of concerts so we don’t have much time to spend with family.” “And the paparazzi of course.” I say and Perrie nods. “They can get annoying sometimes.” “I understand. Quinn is like always talking about you.” I say and Perrie and I both laugh. “And now it turns out we’re family!” Perrie says smiling wide. “Yes!” “Well, we have much catching up to do!” “Definitely!” I say and Perrie smiles. “I’ve always wanted a sister. Now I have the girls and you and Quinn!” Perrie says and giggles softly. “Exactly! What are the other girls like?” I ask Perrie and she starts smiling. “They’re really sweet. You should meet them!” “I’d love to!” “Wait, I can call them now?” Perrie asks, getting her phone out of her pocket. “Really?” I ask smiling wide. “Yes!” she says and calls Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne. “They’ll be here soon!” Perrie says, smiling. “And there’s the paparazzi.” I say, looking outside. Perrie looks out of the window and sees the flashing of the cameras. “At least they aren’t allowed to come in!” Perrie says, laughing. “I’ll get a cupcake, because I’m starving!” I say and stand up. “For me too please!” Perrie says. I get two cupcakes and come back. “Here you go!” “Thanks sweetie!”

A few minutes later Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade come in. Perrie gives them all a hug. “This is Alli! She‘s my.. um.. sister.” Perrie says while smiling at me. “Well hello there!” Jesy says while she gives me a hug. Jade and Leigh-Anne also give me a hug and we all sit down. “I never knew you had a sister.” Jade says while looking at Perrie. “I didn’t know either! We only found out today.” Perrie says, looking at me. I smile at her and nod. “Long story.” I say quickly. The others smile at us. “Well, I guess we’ll spend lots of time together!” Jesy says. “That’s for sure!” “So, are you a Mixer?” Leigh-Anne asks me. “Yes, thanks to my little sister!” I say and we all laugh. “Are you a Directioner as well?” I nod and giggle. “O gosh.” the girls say, laughing. “But don’t worry, I’m not like the crazy type.” I say and the girls laugh. We talk for a while and the girls tell me about all the things they’ve been through from how they met to their first concerts. They also ask me a lot of things about me and things about Quinn. We have lots of fun and soon a few hours have passed. Then Leigh-Anne, Jesy and Jade have to go. “We’ll meet up again soon!” Jade says and hugs me. “Yes!” I hug her back and also hug Leigh-Anne and Jesy. Perrie gives them a hug as well and they leave. “They really like you!” Perrie says as she picks up her bag. “Do they?” I ask, picking up mine. “They do! We’ll meet up again with them soon and Quinn will get the chance to meet them as well.” “She’ll be thrilled.” I say and Perrie giggles. We link our arms again and walk back home.

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