Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


8. Having a Wonderful Time

After a while Perrie and I go into the kitchen to cook some dinner. We decide to make some spaghetti and start preparing it. The boys come to watch a few times including Niall. I smile whenever I hear his voice to be honest. It sounds so relaxing and it makes me want to hug him! He comes into the kitchen and smiles. “It smells delicious in here!” Niall says and Perrie and I smile. “I know, I’ve just bought some new perfume.” Perrie says, giggling softly and winks at me. Niall laughs and nudges Perrie softly. “I meant the spaghetti of course, you idiot.” Niall says and Perrie and I start laughing. “Is it also going to taste nice?” he asks and smiles. “Of course it is, Perrie and I are making it!” I say and Perrie and I both laugh. Niall laughs and tickles me softly. I start laughing and wiggle around. Niall chuckles and messes with my hair. “Well I’ll leave you two alone then!” he says and walks back to the others. Perrie nudges me softly and winks playfully. I giggle and smile. “Perrie, shh.” I say and Perrie looks at me. “You just can’t accept the fact he’s totally into you.” “Perrie!” I say and narrow my eyes at her. She wraps her arms around me and giggles. “You know it’s true” I give in and smile at Perrie. We get some plates and put the spaghetti on it. Everyone gets a plate and sits down in the living room. Liam takes Quinn on his lap and together they eat their spaghetti. Zayn and Perrie sit next to each other and feed each other their spaghetti which is absolutely adorable! I sit down on the couch and Harry sits next to me as Niall sits next to him. I turn to the side and lay my legs on their laps. Harry raises his eyebrow and Niall chuckles. “Get used to it!” I say and laugh, making Harry laugh as well. Louis sits down next to my mum and they have a conversation with each other. I talk for a bit with Harry and Niall rubs my legs softly. I smile at him and he smiles back at me. Then Quinn starts shouting. “Look, look! I’ve got a moustache!” She shows everyone what Liam did with the sauce and everyone laughs. “Everyone should have a moustache, right Quinn?” Zayn asks and Quinn nods quickly. Quinn puts the sauce above Liam’s lip and Zayn and Perrie do it as well. My mum laughs as Louis does the same and Harry puts sauce above my lip. I giggle and pull Niall’s face close to mine. I get lots of sauce and put it above his lips. Niall laughs and I look around. Everyone is having fun and they’re all looking ridiculous. Even though I haven’t got a date with Niall I like having the boys here. I smile and close my eyes while Niall is still rubbing my legs softly. A few minutes later I fall asleep.

When I wake up again no one’s there, except Niall. He smiles at me and rubs my arm. “The others have gone out to eat an ice cream.” I nod and yawn softly. “Why didn’t you?” I ask him, smiling. “I couldn’t leave you all alone of course.” Niall says as I stand up. “What are you going to do?” he asks and I laugh softly. “You’ll see!” I walk to the kitchen and get out two bowls and two spoons. I scoop some ice cream in the bowls and walk back to Niall. “Ice cream!” Niall shouts happily. I laugh and sit down next to him, handing him a bowl and a spoon. Niall puts on a random movie and we eat the ice cream. I rest my head on his shoulder and he smiles at me. We watch the movie and eat our ice cream. A few minutes after we finished eating everyone comes home again. “I’m afraid we have to go.” Louis says and pouts playfully. “I don’t want to go!” Liam says and pouts as well. Niall looks at me and starts pouting at well. “Text me when you can.” I whisper in his ear as he gets up. The boys hug all of us and then go. I sit back on the couch and Perrie quickly sits in my lap. “You got yourself a date with Niall!” Perrie says and I smile, hugging her tightly. “Thanks Pez.” She smiles back at me and squeezes me in her arms. “You two looked so cute!” Perrie says and giggles. “I was tired and only rested my head on his shoulder.” “Cute!” Perrie laughs, making me laugh too. “Alli, is it okay if I invite Zayn and his family tomorrow?” Perrie asks me, slightly nervous. “Of course Pez!” I say and Perrie smiles, resting her head on my shoulder. “You’re the best.” Perrie says and I smile at her, holding her close. “Does this mean we’re cute now too?” I ask, whispering softly and we both giggle. “Shut up Alli.” Perrie says and I look at her. “Are you tired?” Perrie shakes her head and smiles. “Just extremely happy. I’m so glad to have a family like this. And I’m really glad you get on well with my friends.” Perrie says and smiles wide when I squeeze her in my arms. “I’m really glad as well Perrie.” “So tell me, did you kiss?” Perrie asks, smirking at me. I laugh and Perrie giggles. “Of course not silly!” I reply. “It could’ve happened!” Perrie says and giggles. Then Quinn comes into the room. “Wait for me!” Quinn says and runs over to us, sitting down on Perrie’s lap. Perrie and I laugh and Perrie wraps her arms around Quinn. “Did Niall give you a kiss?” Quinn asks me, whispering softly. I smile at her and shake my head. Quinn looks at Perrie. “Why hasn’t Niall kissed Alli yet?” she asks. “Maybe he’s scared.” Perrie replies and Quinn looks at her questioning. “Scared of what?” “That Alli doesn’t like him. So, they’re both too stupid to see they like each other.” Perrie says and looks at Quinn. Perrie and Quinn both laugh and pucker their lips, kissing my cheeks. “Now you still had your kiss!” Quinn says and giggles. I smile at them and give them a tight hug. “You weirdos.” “Come on Quinn, it’s time for bed!” mum says when she walks over to us and takes Quinn into her arms. She walks upstairs and puts Quinn in bed. Perrie and I also walk upstairs and go to our room. We change into our pajamas and brush our teeth. After that we get into bed. “Did you have fun today?” Perrie asks me and smiles. “I did, it was fun.” “Good, I’ll make sure that your next date will go as planned.” Perrie says and I giggle softly, smiling at Perrie. “Thanks Pez, you’re amazing.” I give her a hug and she turns the light off. “Now dream about how your next date is going to be and tell me all about it.” Perrie says and we both giggle softly.

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