Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


6. Dylan and Dinner

Quinn, Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne go into our house while Perrie and I go to our neighbors. Dylan opens the door. "Hi Dylan!" I say, smiling. "Hey Alli and Perrie!" he says, smiling wide. "You know who I am?" Perrie asks, looking at Dylan. Dylan nods. "Quinn and I always listen to your music when I'm with her." "How nice! Have you got anything to do?" Dylan shakes his head. "I just went to Alli's house to ask if Quinn was home but she wasn't." "She was with us! Would you like to go with us, and yes Quinn will be going with us as well." Perrie says giggling. Dylan nods and goes back into the living room. After a few minutes he comes back. "Mum says I can go with you!" Dylan says and closes the door. "Quinn would love that." Perrie says, giggling and I giggle as well. Perrie,  Dylan and I go back to my house. "Quinn, look who's going with us!" Perrie says and Quinn looks up from her hot chocolate. "Hey Dylan!" she says and giggles softly. "Hi Quinn!" Dylan says and sits next to Quinn. "Perrie, Alli and Dylan do you also want some hot chocolate?" mum asks us. "Yes!" we all say. "So, this is Dylan?" Leigh-Anne asks, smiling and Dylan nods. "I'm Dylan! And why are all the Little Mix members here?" Dylan asks, chuckling. "Since Perrie is my sister!" Quinn says, smiling. "You never told me that!" "We've only found out a few days ago." "Alright, what are we going to do?" Dylan asks, looking around. "I don't know, Perrie?" I ask, looking at Perrie. "We wanted to sing somewhere, if that's okay with Dylan?" Dylan nods. "Quinn promised me to sing for me once. But I already know that she's got the voice of an angel." Dylan says and Quinn blushes lightly. "Aww!" we all say at the same time. Mum brings us our hot chocolates and we all sit down at the table. "What did you all do this morning?" Dylan asks before taking a sip of his hot chocolate. "We went to Subway and Starbucks." Jade says, smiling. "That's why you weren't at home." Dylan says, looking at Quinn. "Yeah, how did you know I wasn't at home?" Quinn asks, taking a sip of her hot chocolate. "I wanted to come over but your mum said you weren't here." Dylan says, smiling. "Sorry! But are you sure you want to come with us?" We all look at Dylan and Quinn and I can't help it but let out a small giggle. "Of course! You promised me you'd sing for me." "Yeah, I remember!" Quinn says smiling. "Best picnic ever." Dylan says and Leigh-Anne whispers something in my ear. "Were they on a date or something?" I laugh softly and shake my head. "They had a picnic with school." Leigh-Anne nods and laughs, looking at Quinn and Dylan. Everyone finishes their hot chocolate. "Is everyone ready to go?" Jesy asks and we all nod, getting up.

We walk towards a big building. "Are we going to sing in here?" Quinn asks. "Yes!" Perrie says. "But don't worry, there's no audience." Jesy says and smiles. "Thank god." I say with a sigh of relief and we all laugh. We all get inside and look around. "This is massive!" I say. "We sing in buildings like these every concert." Jade says, laughing. Quinn looks around, smiling. "And we're going to one of your concerts next week!" Quinn says. "That's right!" Jade says. "Would you like to come backstage as well?" Leigh-Anne asks, smiling at Quinn. Quinn nods quickly and runs over to Leigh-Anne. Leigh-Anne picks her up. "Yes, yes, yes!" Quinn wraps her arms around Leigh-Anne's neck and hugs her tightly. Leigh-Anne laughs softly and holds her tightly. “Can Dylan come too?” Quinn asks, looking at Leigh-Anne. “Of course he can!” Quinn smiles and Leigh-Anne puts her down again. Quinn runs on the stage and we follow her. “Which song should we sing?” Perrie asks. “We Are Who We Are?” I suggest. “Sounds good! Do you want to start Quinn?” “Yes!” she says excitedly. Quinn starts singing and we all sing with her. When we finish the song Dylan cheers loudly. “That was amazing!” he says, running up the stage. “Can you sing Dylan?” Jesy asks. Quinn starts laughing and shakes her head. “He can’t!” she says, laughing. “Hey!” Dylan says, laughing as well. Jade whispers softly. “They’re so cute.” I smile at her and nod. “I know!” We sing a few more songs and have a lot of fun. Suddenly Quinn runs up the stage. “Can we please play hide and seek?” she asks, giggling. “We could do that!” Jade says, smiling wide. Quinn smiles and starts counting up to twenty. “I’m coming!” Quinn walks off the stage and looks at all the seats. Then she sees Leigh-Anne. “Gotcha!” she says. “Aww, damn it!” Leigh-Anne laughs, making Quinn laugh as well. “Now you have to look with me!” Quinn says, looking at Leigh-Anne. “Alright!” Leigh-Anne and Quinn both look around and after a few moments they’ve found everyone. “Well, that was fun!” Dylan says. “Yes, it was!” Perrie replies. “What shall we do now?” I ask everyone. “Ice cream!” Jade shouts, making me laugh. “Sounds like a good idea, let’s get an ice cream!” I say. We all go outside and there’s an ice cream van standing in front of the entrance. We all go to the van and order an ice cream. When we get our ice cream we sit down on a bench nearby. We talk about the concert and about the dinner we’re going to have later on. “Wait,” Jesy starts. “Since Alli and Quinn can sing as well we should do a song together at the concert!” “That’s an amazing idea!” Perrie replies, smiling widely. “Are you serious?” I ask them. “Yes! It’s only one song.” Perrie says and looks at me with puppy eyes. “Please? For me?” I look at her and give in. “Alright, I’ll do it!” I say and smile. “And me too!” Quinn says quickly as all the girls cheer. “That’s going to be so cool!” Jade says. “I can’t wait!” Quinn says, bouncing up and down. When we finish our ice creams we all go back home and Dylan goes to his own house. “Mum?” I ask, walking into the living room where my mum is watching TV. “Yes darling?” “I have a surprise!” “Ooh really? What is it?” mum asks me, getting up from her seat. “I’m taking you all out for dinner!” I say and mum starts smiling wide. “That’s so sweet!” She gives me a hug and sits back down again. “When are we going?” “In about an hour so we still have time left.” “I want to show you my room!” Quinn says, smiling brightly. “Show us!” Leigh-Anne says, smiling as well. We all follow Quinn upstairs to her room. The girls’ eyes widen. “So many posters!” Jade says, picking Quinn up. “What your favorite poster?” she asks, looking at Quinn. She points to a poster in the left corner of her room. “I love that one!” Jade says and Quinn giggles. “And look what Alli bought me!” she says as Jade puts her down. She holds up her Perrie doll, smiling proudly. “A Perrie doll!” Jesy says excitedly. “Now you’ve got two Perries.” Perrie says laughing, making Quinn laugh as well. “We should take a picture with all of us together!” Jesy says and everyone nods. I take my phone and put the camera on timer. “Ten seconds!” I say as everyone quickly finds a position for the picture. Everyone smiles and the picture is taken. I take my phone and look at the picture. “It looks so nice!” I show the picture to everyone else and they all agree and smile. “Post it on twitter so we can save the picture on our phones!” Perrie says, taking her phone out. “I will!” I go on twitter and post the picture in a tweet saying: ‘With my amazing girlies!’ Everyone smiles and saves the picture. Quinn shows everything she has in her room and then it’s time to go.

When we get at the restaurant there aren’t many people and it’s very quiet. “Finally some rest.” mum says and laughs. We get to our table and sit down. A waiter comes and asks what we want. We all order our food and the waiter goes to the kitchen. “Did you girls have fun today?” mum asks us. “Yes! We’ve done a lot of fun things!” Quinn says excitedly. “Oh mum?” Perrie asks. “Yes sweetie?” “We decided that Alli and Quinn could go to our concert and that they could sing a song. Would you like to come too?” “Of course! I’d love to see you all sing together!” She smiles brightly and I look at her. I start smiling and think: Wow, I’ve never seen her this happy. I’m so glad that I met her. I smile at Perrie and she smiles back. We all talk about what we did today and then our food comes. We all eat our food and then suddenly Perrie says that Niall and I have a date. “I don’t have a date with Niall!” I say while blushing. “Yes, you do! What are you actually going to do?” “I have no idea. Maybe we’re going to watch a movie or something.” “How romantic!” Jesy says, giggling. I hide my face in my hands. “Niall’s a nice guy Alli, go after him!” mum says, grinning. “Mum! I can’t believe you actually said that!” Everyone laughs and I blush even more. “I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun!” Leigh-Anne says, smiling. “I hope so!” We finish our food and get our dessert. When we finish our dessert we all get up and I pay for the food. We go outside and Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade have to go. We all hug each other. “We’ll see each other again soon!” Jade says, smiling. “Yes!” Quinn nods quickly and smiles as well. “Bye girls!” I say as they walk towards the train station. Mum, Perrie, Quinn and I walk back home. We all go to our rooms and Perrie and I talk for a little while. “I’ve had so much fun today!” I say, smiling wide at Perrie. Perrie smiles as well. “Me too! And Dylan and Quinn are super cute!” “I know! Perrie, I’m a bit nervous for tomorrow.” “Aww, don’t be, silly!” “But what if something happens and he doesn’t even want to be friends with me anymore?” “That’s not going to happen! You’ll be fine hun.” “I hope so.” I smile weakly at Perrie and she pulls me into her arms for a hug. “I know so!” We both giggle and lay down in bed. “Well, goodnight sweetie!” Perrie says. “Goodnight hun!” We both close our eyes and fall asleep.

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