Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


9. Dinner With Zayn's Family

When I wake up Perrie isn’t lying next to me anymore. I get out of bed and yawn softly. I look on my phone. It’s two o’clock already! I see that Niall, Perrie, mum and Zayn have left me some messages. Niall texted me good morning, Perrie texted me that she’s super nervous for tonight, mum texted me they’ve gone out to buy food and Zayn texted me, asking if he needed to bring something for tonight. I text everyone back and go to the closet. I look for a dress for tonight and grab my red dress. I lay it on the bed and get my heels, putting them next to the bed. I go downstairs and get something to eat. I sit down at the table and go through the photo album. I smile and a few moments later mum, Quinn and Perrie come in. “Hey sweetie, have you slept well?” mum asks and smiles, putting everything in the kitchen. I nod and stand up. “Do you need help with anything?” I ask and help Quinn with the bag she’s carrying. “Could you girls clean the house? I’ll prepare the dinner for tonight.” mum says when she walks back to us. Quinn, Perrie and I nod and start cleaning the living room. I put some plates in the dishwasher and Quinn helps me with the cups. When we’re finished cleaning the living room we move on to the table. We get everything off the table and make sure it’s clean. Then Perrie’s phone rings and Perrie picks up. I put Quinn on my lap and listen to Perrie. Perrie ends the call and puts her phone in her pocket. “Zayn’s father can’t make it.” she says, a little disappointed. “He can come another time, right?” I ask, trying to cheer Perrie up a little. “That’s true.” Perrie says, smiling. I put Quinn on my right leg and pull Perrie on my left leg. “Everything will be fine Pez. Don’t be so nervous!” I say and Perrie smiles at me. “I just hope you will like them.” “Of course we will! And Quinn is excited too.” Quinn nods quickly and hugs Perrie. “Thank you.” Perrie says and gives Quinn a tight hug. “Let’s get ready!” I say and we quickly run upstairs. I first take a shower and put on the dress. Then Perrie takes a shower and I make sure she can put on her dress when she’s finished. Quinn has her dress on and comes into mine and Perrie’s room with a big smile on her face. I grab my makeup and Quinn quickly walks over to me. “Which colors should I take?” I ask Quinn. She thinks for a few moments and picks out a kind of golden eye shadow and a nude lipstick. I put my makeup on and Perrie comes in the room. She also puts her makeup on and Quinn dances around the room. When Perrie and I are finished with our makeup we dance with her and have a fun time. When mum asks us to come downstairs Quinn runs downstairs and Perrie and I put on our heels. We hug each other and smile wide. “Remember, everything will be fine.” I say and Perrie and I smile at each other. We go downstairs and mum looks at us. “My gorgeous girls.” she says and we give her a hug. Mum goes upstairs to put on a dress and after a few minutes she comes downstairs again.

The doorbell rings and Perrie smiles wide at me. I giggle softly and open the door. “Hello Zayn!” I say and give Zayn a hug. “Hi Alli!” He smiles at me and Perrie comes around the corner. Zayn gives Perrie a small kiss and tells her she looks beautiful. They’re the cutest couple ever. I hug Zayn’s sisters and his mum and close the door when everyone’s inside. When I walk into the living room everyone is talking to each other. I sit next to Doniya and talk a little with her. Then it’s time to eat. The table looks very cozy and we all sit down. We eat the dinner and it’s delicious! We talk with each other and Perrie smiles wide. I’m glad she likes it, because it would be bad if she didn’t. I smile and when we have all finished our dinner we talk about why Perrie suddenly lives with another family. They listen carefully and say that they’re glad she found us. They also say they’ve had a lot of fun but have to go again. Quinn and Safaa look at each other and smile. “Mum, could Quinn and I have a sleepover tonight?” Safaa asks her mother with a smile. “Of course, but only if it’s okay with Quinn’s mother.” Quinn asks the same and a few seconds later they both jump up and down. Everyone stands up and Quinn and Safaa run towards the front door. We hug each other and they leave. I clean the table and Perrie jumps on my back. “They like you so much!” she says excitedly. “I told you they would.” I say and Perrie gets off my back to give me a hug. She also hugs mum and smiles. “Thank you for this amazing night.” Perrie says and smiles. “No problem darling, it was lovely to meet Zayn’s family.” mum says and smiles at Perrie. I make three cups of hot chocolate and we sit down in the living room. I put on a movie and we watch the movie while sipping at our drinks. Suddenly I get a text message from Niall. He asks if Perrie and I want to go to their concert two days before the Little Mix concert so on Monday. I answer that we would love to come and he texts me all the details. Perrie notices I’m on my phone and looks with me. “Ooh, are you two going on a date?” she asks, giggling softly. “I wish! He asked me if we wanted to go to their concert on Monday.” I say, smiling at Perrie. “Well, we’re definitely going! Then you can hear your future boyfriend sing.” Perrie winks at me and starts tickling me. I start laughing and wiggle around. Perrie laughs and keeps tickling me. “Please stop!” I say, laughing and Perrie stops tickling me. I sit up and keep laughing softly. “Do you know if he’s different around girls he likes?” I ask Perrie. “You’re not going to tell me you still don’t see it!” Perrie laughs softly and hugs me tightly. “He’s being so cute to you. He isn’t that cute to all the girls out there.” Perrie smiles and I smile as well. “Wait, what about Thursday? Shall I set you two up on a date?” Perrie asks and I quickly shake my head. “No!” I say and Perrie gets my phone. She texts Niall and gives me my phone back. “At least you used your own name.” I say and we both laugh. I hug her tightly and smile. “Thank you Perrie, so much.” “No problem sis.” Perrie says and smiles. We watch the movie and when it has ended we go upstairs. “What shall we do tomorrow?” Perrie asks me and smiles. “I was thinking of having a nice breakfast then go shopping and in the evening we could go out for dinner? So a complete day in town.” I say, giggling softly. “That sounds perfect!” Perrie smiles wide and lies down in bed. I get in as well and Perrie laughs softly. I look at her and she giggles. “It’s really quiet without Quinn.” We both laugh and I nod. “You’re right. I never really noticed it to be honest.” I lay on my side to look at Perrie. “I have to tell you, you and Zayn are so cute!” I say and Perrie starts blushing. “Well, you and Niall are too!” she replies quickly and I laugh. “But Niall and I aren’t together!” I say and Perrie smirks at me. “Yeah, yeah. We will get together soon.” I say and Perrie cheers. “Yes!” I put my face into my pillow and blush. “Come on, let me see your red cheeks!” I shake my head and Perrie pulls the pillow away, rolling me over. “Aww, you cutie!” she says and laughs. “Perrie!” I say and we both laugh. “Goodnight sweetie.” Perrie says and turns the light off. “Night lovely.” I think about Niall before drifting off to sleep.

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