Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


5. A Morning With Little Mix

I wake up at 5 AM and Perrie is still asleep. I slowly get out of bed and go downstairs. I go on twitter and see that I’ve got a few new followers. It are the boys,  Little Mix and fans. I look through my mentions and see a few tweets from the Directioners. “Great. Hate already.” I say out loud. I tweet: ‘You can only judge me if you really know me, don’t judge me when you don’t know me.’ I place my phone on the table and warm up some water to make some tea. Suddenly I hear my phone going off. I quickly pick up, not wanting to wake anyone. “Who is this?” I ask in a sleepy voice. A guy on the other line chuckles. “It’s Niall sweetie.” “Oh sorry, hi Niall! Do you know that it’s five AM?” I ask and laugh softly. “I know. I couldn’t sleep and I saw your tweet. Are you getting hate babe?” “Errm… yes.” “Don’t listen to them, okay? I know that they’re wrong.” Niall says and I sigh quietly. “I hope so.” “They really are.” he says and I smile lightly. “Are you doing something today?” Niall asks me. “Yeah, sorry! We decided to have a girls day out with the rest of the Little Mix girls.” “That’s okay sweetie! We’ll meet up again soon.” Niall says and I pour some tea into a mug. “I’d love to! Why don’t you go back to sleep?” I ask, smiling. “I’ll go back to sleep when you go back to sleep, okay darling?” I giggle softly when he says it. “Then you’ll have to wait for a few minutes, because I just made some tea!” “At least I can talk to you.” I feel myself blushing and stir in my tea. I hear Niall yawn and giggle softly. “You should go to sleep!” “First drink your tea, fast.” Niall says and I try to drink it as fast as I can. “Nialler, it’s a bit hot.” “Oh, sorry hun! I didn’t know.” he says with guilt in his voice. “It’s okay, I’m almost finished!” “Good!” Niall chuckles and I drink the rest of my tea. “Okay, I’m finished.” “Finally, now get into bed.” Niall says and I go upstairs. I lay down in bed next to Perrie. “I’m in bed.” I whisper quietly. “Good. Now close your eyes and hold your phone against your ear.” I do as Niall says and a few seconds later he starts singing softly. I smile wide while listening to his voice. When he finishes he chuckles. “I loved it, thank you.” I say, smiling. “I’m glad you did. Now go to sleep sweetheart.” “I will! Sleep well Nialler.” “You too Alli. Goodnight.” We both hang up and I smile to myself. He’s so sweet! I close my eyes once again and slowly drift off to sleep.  

I wake up at 7 AM and quickly take a shower. When I come back into the room Perrie is already awake. “Good morning.” I say smiling. “Morning!” Perrie says, smiling back and me. I quickly jump on the bed and smile wide, looking at Perrie. “Someone’s happy.” Perrie says giggling. I nod and sigh happily. “Tell me!” Perrie says and I giggle. “Well, I woke up at 5 AM today and got hate.” Perrie doesn’t let me finish and quickly gives me a tight hug. “Don’t listen to them sis, they don’t know you.” she says and I laugh softly. “I know, but you have to let me finish!” I say, laughing softly. “There’s more?” Perrie asks, laughing. “Yes. So, I tweeted something about it and Niall was awake as well. He saw my tweet and called me.” Perrie winks at me and I start laughing. “And then we talked for a while and he sang to me when I was lying in bed! He’s so cute!” “Are you serious?” Perrie asks me with wide eyes and a big smile. I nod and Perrie jumps on the bed. I laugh and jump with her. “You two will be the perfect couple!” “Shush! But Perrie?” I sit down on bed and Perrie sits next to me. “Yes?” “Do you get lots of hate?” Perrie looks down and nods. “Jealous bitches.” I mumble but Perrie hears me and laughs softly. “Promise me you'll tell me when it gets too much?” I ask looking at Perrie. “I promise, if you promise the same.” “I promise!” We both smile and hug each other. “It’s only about 7 AM why are we even awake?” Perrie asks, yawning. “I don’t know. Probably because I was hyper.” I laugh and Perrie crawls under the sheets. “Go back to sleep.” she says to me. “But I just had a shower.” “Then grab a blanket, loser!” “I will, weirdo!” We both laugh and I get a blanket, wrapping it around myself. We both fall asleep quickly. 

When we wake up again it’s 10 AM. “That’s better.” Perrie says and we both laugh. “I’m going to take a shower. I’ll be right back!” Perrie says while she grabs some clothes and goes into the bathroom. I look on my phone and see that I’ve got a message from Niall. It says: ‘Good morning, love. Did you sleep well? Text me back when you’re awake! Xx N’ I smile and quickly reply. ‘Good morning Nialler! I did, because you sang to me, aha. Thanks so much for last night, I won’t let the haters get me. I hope you slept good as well. xx A’ A few seconds later Niall already replied. ‘That’s good sweetie, I’m always here when you get hate. Don’t forget that, okay? And I did sleep good! Thanks love.’ ‘I won’t forget that, thanks Nialler. That’s good!’ ‘No problem Alli, have fun with the girls today! Maybe we can meet up tomorrow?’ ‘Thanks! I’d love to!’ ‘Great! Shall I come over?’ ‘That’s okay. I’m already looking forward to tomorrow.’ ‘Me too! Well, I gotta go, bye sweetie!’ ‘Bye Nialler!’ I smile down at my phone and Perrie comes in. “Ohlala! Let me guess, it’s Nialler!” “It was Nialler, and he’s coming over tomorrow.” I say smiling. “That’s a date!” Perrie says and I laugh. “No, it’s just as friends. He probably doesn’t like me anyway.” I say and Perrie looks at me with a serious face. “You're crazy to just think that. He’s madly in love with you!” Perrie says, looking at me. “You don’t know that Pez.” “Then don’t believe me but I’m going say I said so when he tells you that he likes you.” Perrie says with a wink. I blush lightly and giggle. “Are you ready to go?” Perrie asks me, smiling. “I am, but what about breakfast?” “Subway!” “Lovely!” I hop out of bed and walk over to Quinn’s room. She’s playing with her Perrie doll. “Awww.” Perrie and I both say at the same time. Quinn looks up and giggles. “Are you ready to go sweetie?” Perrie asks Quinn. She nods and stands up, walking over to us. We all walk downstairs and wait for Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade. A few minutes later they arrive. “Mum this are the other girls from Little Mix.” Perrie says smiling. “It’s lovely to meet you all!” I say and we all hug each other. “Little Mix is in my house!” Quinn says with a big smile on her face. “Hi there, cutie!” Jade says, picking Quinn up. “What’s your name?” Quinn looks at Jade and smiles. “My name is Quinn.” “That’s a beautiful name!” Quinn giggles and Jade puts her down again. Jesy and Leigh-Anne both lower themselves to Quinn’s height and hug her. “So, this is our little Mixer!” Jesy smiles and starts tickling Quinn. Quinn laughs and nods. Jesy laughs as well and stands up. “Is everyone ready to go?” We all nod and Perrie, Quinn and I give our mum a hug. We all go outside. We walk towards Subway and go in. “What would you like?” a guy behind the counter asks. “For me the Chicken Temptation please. Perrie?” “I’ll have the Chicken Breast. Jesy?” “For me the Beef. Jade?” “Steak and Cheese! Leigh?” “The Tuna for me, please! What do you want Quinn?” “I want the Turkey Breast, I think.” The guy says that it will take a few minutes and I give him the money. When they’re all done we take them off the counter and sit down at a table. I look over at Quinn and see that she isn’t eating. “What’s wrong Quinn?” I ask her and she looks up. “I don’t like it.” she says and looks at me with sad eyes. “Here, take mine.” Jade says, smiling. Quinn smiles wide and takes it. She takes a bite. “Thanks Jade!” Quinn says and smiles wide. “No problem sweetie!” Jade smiles at Quinn and also starts eating. “It’s like we’re all sisters.” Leigh-Anne says, smiling at everyone. “Best sisters ever!” I say, smiling widely. “Quinn is the first fan that doesn’t really freak out.” Jesy says, laughing softly. “In my head I am, but shh.” Quinn says, giggling and we all laugh. “Have you also met the boys from One Direction?” Jade asks before taking a bite. Quinn nods. “Yesterday! And did you know that Liam is my best friend and that I’m cuter than him?”  Quinn asks and the girls all laugh. “Are you really?” I ask Quinn and she looks at me with puppy eyes. “I’m kidding, you’re cuter of course!” Quinn nods and smiles proudly. “And what do you think of the boys?” Jade asks, smiling at Quinn. “They’re really sweet! But I have to tell you a little secret.” “Ooh, what is it?” Quinn moves closer and whispers something in Jade’s ear. “I think Alli has a little crush on Niall, but don’t tell anyone!” Quinn says and Jade laughs softly, whispering back. “Does she really? And do you think that Niall has a little crush on her as well?” “Maybe, but I’m not sure.” “We’ll find that out soon, right?” “Yes! And Zayn and Perrie are really cute.” “They are, right?” Jade asks and Quinn nods. Leigh-Anne looks at Quinn and Jade. “What are you two talking about?” “Secret!” Quinn says quickly and giggles. “I want to know!” Leigh-Anne says, fake pouting. Quinn rolls her eyes playfully and walks over to Leigh-Anne. Leigh-Anne picks Quinn up and puts her on her lap. Quinn whispers the same thing in Leigh-Anne’s ear. Leigh-Anne laughs softly and looks at me. I look confused at Leigh-Anne and Quinn and they giggle. Quinn tells the same to Jesy and Perrie and they all grin at me. “Could you please tell me what’s wrong?” I ask looking at the girls. “Someone’s got a little crush!” Jade says and smiles widely. “Oh no.” I say while blushing. I quickly hide my face in my hands. “You two need to get together.” Leigh-Anne says with a serious face and we all start laughing. “But really, you two would be so cute together!” Jade says. “You think so?” “Girl, we all think so!” Perrie says laughing. I start blushing again and giggle. “Aww, Alli’s blushing!” Jesy says and giggles. “Shut up!” I say, laughing. “Wait, Quinn, do you actually have a boyfriend?” Jade asks and Quinn shakes her head quickly. “Quinn, tell them!” I say, laughing softly. “I don’t want to!” she says while shaking her head. “What do you have to tell us sweetie?” Jesy asks Quinn. “Well, I like a boy.” Quinn blushes and looks down. “That’s so cute!” Leigh-Anne says putting Quinn on her lap. “Tell us all about him!” Quinn giggles. “Well, his name is Dylan and he has blonde hair, just like Niall.” Quinn says, smiling. “Aww, a little Nialler!” Jesy says, laughing. Perrie starts grinning and I look at her. “We should get them together.” Perrie says and I nod. “When does her school start again?” “In two weeks!” “Then I’ll check the boy out.” “Well he lives next to us so, I think you can do that already.” I say laughing. I whisper something in Perrie’s ear. “But I have a feeling that he likes her as well, maybe he can go with us today?” Perrie giggles and looks at Quinn. “We should ask him!” I nod and Quinn looks at us. “Ask who?” “Oh nothing sweetie!” Perrie says, trying not to laugh. I laugh softly and Quinn asks the same again. “You’ll see.” Perrie says, smiling. “Let’s go to Starbucks, shall we?” Leigh-Anne asks and smiles. “Yes!” We all get up and walk outside. “What are you going to get?” Quinn asks, smiling at Leigh-Anne. “I’ll get the Strawberries and Crème Frappuccino. You sweetie?” “Sounds yummy! I’m going to get a hot chocolate!” Leigh-Anne picks Quinn up and whispers in her ear. “Shall I get you a cupcake as well?” Quinn’s eyes widen and she smiles brightly. “Yes, please!” “But it’s our secret, okay?” Quinn nods and we all walk into Starbucks. We all order our drinks and sit down at a table. Leigh-Anne quickly pays for a cupcake and sits next to Quinn. She gives it to Quinn. “Thank you!” Quinn takes a sip of her hot chocolate. “Where did you get that cupcake from?” Jesy asks, smiling at Quinn. “Secret!” Quinn says and gives Leigh-Anne a high five. We laugh and drink our drinks. Quinn dips her cupcake in her hot chocolate. Leigh-Anne quickly takes a bite of the cupcake. “Hey!” Quinn says, looking at Leigh-Anne. Leigh-Anne laughs and takes Quinn’s cupcake, dipping it into her Frappuccino. “Open up!” Quinn quickly opens her mouth and Leigh-Anne feeds her the cupcake. “Yummy!” Quinn says giggling. Leigh-Anne and Quinn both laugh. When everyone is finished I tell everyone, except Quinn, what Perrie and I have in mind. They all agree and we walk back home.

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