Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


10. A Fun Day

When I get up the next morning Perrie is taking a shower. I look for some clothes to wear and check my phone. I’ve got a message from Zayn. It says: ‘Hey Al, I didn’t know Quinn could be this hyper! When does she need to be home?’ I reply back and say that she can get home tomorrow, because we aren’t at home today. When I put my phone down Perrie comes into the room. “The shower is all yours!” she says and smiles at me. I smile back at her and pick up the clothes, walking to the shower. I take a shower and get dressed. When I get out of the bathroom Perrie is holding my bag and I laugh softly. “Someone’s excited!” I say and Perrie nods. “Of course.” she says and giggles. I get my phone and we walk downstairs. “Mum, are you ready?” Perrie asks, walking into the living room. “I am. Let’s go!” she says and we put our coats on, walking outside. We walk into town and look for a café where we can have breakfast. We find a little restaurant and sit down at a table outside. The sun is shining but it’s still a little bit cold. A waiter walks over to our table and we order our food. “So, what are we going to do today?” mum asks and smiles. “Well, I wanted to go shopping with Alli. I don’t know if you want to come with us?” Perrie asks and smiles. “I’d love to!” mum say and we all smile when our food arrives. We eat and talk and have a nice time. When we’ve finished our breakfast my mum pays for the food and we walk over to the clothing shops. We walk into a clothing shop and we start looking for clothes. When I’m walking through the shop I see a Little Mix shirt. I laugh softly and put it in my basket. I also get a skater skirt and a few tops. I walk over to Perrie and she says she wants to go to the fitting rooms. When we get there it’s really busy. “Ugh, why?” Perrie says and I laugh. When it’s our turn I go into one of the fitting rooms and Perrie goes in the one next to mine. I try on the skater skirt and also put one of the shirts on. I open the door and Perrie does the same. We look at each other and smile. “I love your outfit!” Perrie says and smiles. “I love yours too!” I say and Perrie smiles wide. She’s wearing skinny jeans with a tank top. We smile at each other and I put on the Little Mix shirt. When Perrie opens the door I quickly open mine too and she sees the shirt. She starts laughing and nudges me softly. “You’re awful!” she says and I giggle. “I like it!” I say and Perrie giggles. “Change back into your own clothes and we’ll look for mum!” Perrie says and I get changed. A few minutes later I get out of the fitting room with the clothes and Perrie and I look for mum. We find her and show her what we’re going to buy. She smiles brightly and shows us what she wants to buy. We smile and go to the counter. We pay for our clothes and go into the next clothing shop. “Now we should pick clothes for each other!” Perrie says and looks at me. I nod and giggle, starting to walk around. I look for clothes Perrie would wear but it’s hard. I find a top with a butterfly and another top with ‘Girls just gotta have fun.’ on it. I walk over to Perrie and she also picked up two tops. The first top says ‘Blah, blah.’ and the second one has cats on it. We both try the tops on and show them to each other. “We should buy them!” Perrie says. “We should!” I say and we pay for the clothes. We hug each other and smile. “This is fun!” Perrie says and I nod, smiling. Mum walks over to us and looks at us. “What shop should we go in now?” “I know a shop!” Perrie says and pulls us with her. We stumble into a shop and look around. It’s full of cute bracelets, necklaces, cute notebooks and much more! “I’m in heaven!” I say and Perrie and mum laugh. We look around and I get some bracelets and notebooks. Perrie and I find two bracelets with ‘Sisters’ on it and both buy one. Perrie also gets a few bracelets and my mum gets cooking stuff. “You’re right Pez, this shop is amazing!” I say and Perrie nods quickly. “Shall we grab some lunch?” mum asks and looks at us. “Yes!” Perrie and I say at the same time. “Shall we go to Subway?” Perrie asks and I nod. Together we walk to the nearest Subway.

We arrive at Subway and order something to eat. We sit down at a table and eat or food, talking about a lot of stuff. “Mum! Alli is going on a date this Thursday!” Perrie suddenly says. I giggle and cover my face with my hands. “Oh is she?” mum asks and smiles. “Yes! And I’m going to arrange a place where they can have a romantic dinner.” Perrie says and winks at me. Then I look at mum and she smiles proudly. “Are you excited?” she asks me and I blush lightly, nodding in return. Mum smiles and takes my hand. “It’s going to be alright sweetie.” I smile at her and we finish our food. “What should we do now?” I ask Perrie and mum. “We could go to the park?” mum suggests. “Yes! I heard there’s a karaoke thing in the park.” Perrie says and smiles wide. “Let’s go then!” I say as we get up and walk out of the Subway. We walk in the direction of the park and eventually start running. We laugh and arrive at the park. When we get in we see a crowd of people and we hear someone sing Sirens by Cher Lloyd. Mum starts moving forward in the crowd and Perrie and I go to the stage. We discuss on which song we’re going to sing and eventually choose Burn by Ellie Goulding. We get on the stage and the music starts playing. It goes really well and they ask us to sing another song. We ask the audience if they know any songs and we decide to sing Human by Cher Lloyd. When we finish we get a ticket for discount at a restaurant in town. We go to our mum and she hugs us both. “You girls were amazing!” “Thanks mum! And we know where we’re going to have dinner tonight.” I say and show her the ticket. “Well, that’s great! Shall we go then?” mum asks and Perrie and I both nod. When we arrive at the restaurant we show them our ticket and they give us a very nice table. We order our food and drinks and look around. “This place is so nice.” mum says and Perrie and I both nod. “I hope the food is too.” Perrie says and we all laugh. The food arrives and we start eating it. “Okay, it is!” Perrie says. “Indeed, it’s delicious!” I say as we enjoy our dinner. “When will Quinn be back?” Perrie asks as we finish dinner. “Tomorrow!” I say smiling wide. “A day before One Direction’s concert?” Perrie says, laughing softly. I giggle softly, smiling at her. Mum leaves some money on the table and we get up to go home. When we get home we drink some tea and Perrie and I go upstairs. We put on our pajamas and brush our teeth. We get in bed and turn the light off. “I’ve had fun today.” I say and smile. “Me too! And tomorrow Quinn will come back.” “Yes, prepare yourself.” I say and we both laugh. “Goodnight.” “Night night.”

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