Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


4. A Day With The Boys

The next morning I wake up by Perrie who is singing Madhouse in my ear. “Running from the madhouse, they won’t take me back! Got the medicine to give me what I need! Yes I’m burning up, but music is my drive! Doesn’t matter if I shout or if I scream, they’re coming for me!” I open my eyes slowly and see Perrie’s blonde hair. “Madhouse!” I say and she nods quickly. “A lovely way to wake up!” “Now take a shower and I’ll get you ready for when you’re meeting Niall.” Perrie says, winking at me. “Shush.” I say when I throw a pillow to her, laughing. “I’m staying in bed.” I say, pulling the covers up. “You won’t get to meet the boys if you stay in bed!” Perrie says with an annoying tone. “Perrie!” “You know you want to meet Nialler!” “Ugh, fine.” I get up and take a shower. When I‘m done I look around. “Clothes!” I shout to Perrie. “In front of the door!” she says and I open the door. I get my clothes and it’s a white shirt with text on it, red jeans and flats. “Thanks Pez!” I say and put the clothes on. I brush my hair and go back to the bedroom. “Looking stunning!” Perrie says, giggling. I pull a funny face and we both laugh. “Makeup time!” Perrie says and as she pulls me over to a chair. “Pez, why?” I ask her, sitting down. “Because!” she says and we both laugh. Perrie looks through my makeup and grabs mascara, gold eye shadow and lipgloss. “Sit yo ass down!” Perrie says, making me giggle. “Okay, boss!” I say and sit down. She applies the makeup on my face. “Beautiful!” Perrie says as she finishes the lipgloss. I roll my eyes playfully and laugh, giving Perrie a tight hug. “Thanks Pez.” I say and smile, letting go. “Make sure you get him!” she says, winking at me. “When are they coming?” I ask, ignoring her comment. “In about an hour.” Perrie says while looking at her watch. “Breakfast!” I say when I jump up, grabbing Perrie’s arm. “Hop on, little one!” Perrie says and bends forward a little. “I’m not little!” I say when I hop on her back. “Ooh please.” Perrie says and we both start laughing. “What should we buy?” I ask, wrapping my arms around Perrie’s neck. “We need sandwiches and something nice for when the boys are coming!” Perrie says and I say smiling. Perrie grins and I know exactly what she’s thinking about. “Pez!” “What?” “I know what you’re thinking about!” “Where am I thinking about then?” she says, still grinning. “Niall is coming...” I say. “You admitted it!” Perrie says. “I did not admit anything!” I say, giggling softly. “You’ll have lots of fun today.” Perrie says, smiling wide. “Pez, shush!” Perrie laughs and walks to the bakery. Again the paparazzi is everywhere. Perrie gets annoyed and starts running. When she gets inside she puts me down. “How can I help you?” a woman asks. “We would like 2 of these sandwiches and 7 waffles.” I say. “Make that 8!” Perrie says quickly. I look at her confused. “You know Niall.” Perrie says and I get everything off the counter, laughing softly. I give the woman some money and Perrie and I leave. Perrie holds her hand in front of her face and together we run home. When we get inside we both start laughing. “Do we have any whipped cream?” Perrie asks me. “I’ll have a look.” I say and walk to the kitchen. Perrie puts everything down and I look in the fridge. “Yes!” I say and get it out. “Niall will be very happy.” Perrie says, laughing. I giggle softly and get one of the sandwiches Perrie is holding in her hands. We both sit at the table and eat our sandwiches. When we’re done I get the waffles and put whipped cream on it.

A few minutes later the doorbell rings. Perrie opens the door while I’m still putting the whipped cream on the waffles. Perrie and the boys walk into the kitchen. “Well guys, this is my sister.” Perrie says and smiles at me. They all give me a hug. “But you never told us you had a sister!” Harry says while giving me a hug.  “I’ve got two actually but the other one is away with my mum. They’re my long lost sisters.” Perrie says while smiling at me. “Well, it’s nice to meet you! What’s your name actually?” Zayn asks, smiling. “I’m Alli.” “That’s a beautiful name.” Harry says. “Thanks!” “What have you got over there?” Niall asks, looking over Liam’s shoulder. “Perrie and I bought some waffles!” I say. “Food!” Niall shouts and everyone laughs. “Sit down at the table and I’ll bring it.” I say, smiling. They all sit down at the table. I put every waffle on a plate and walk to the table. I put a few plates down on the table and get the other plates. When I’ve put everything on the table they all start eating. I sit down as well and eat my waffle. I don’t realize I have some whipped cream on my nose until Harry wipes it away. “Thank you.” I say smiling at him and he chuckles. “No problem babe!” Harry says, smiling at me. “Is this all you’ve got?” Niall says, looking from Perrie to me and we both laugh. “We’ve got one left.” I say while Niall runs into the kitchen. When he comes back his whole face is covered with whipped cream. “Niall, you might want to look into the mirror.” Louis says chuckling. Niall turns around and sees his face. He laughs and looks at me. “Have you got any tissues or something?” he asks, smiling. “Yes, I do.” I say, getting a tissue and hand it over to him. “Here you go!” I say and smile back. “Thanks love!” he says and wipes the whipped cream off his face. The front door opens and closes and Quinn and my mum come inside. “Perrie!” Quinn shouts running towards Perrie. Perrie picks her up and puts Quinn on her lap. Quinn whispers something in Perrie ear and points to Zayn’s direction. “Why is your boyfriend here?” she asks and looks at Perrie. Perrie giggles and smiles at Zayn. “The boys wanted to meet my sisters!” Perrie says and Quinn smiles. “What’s your name, young lady?” Louis asks and Quinn giggles. “Quinn.” “That’s a lovely name!” Louis says. “What did you eat?” Quinn asks Perrie. “We ate waffles.” Perrie says and smiles. “Mummy, I want a waffle too!” she says and we all laugh. “I’m sorry sweetie, there aren’t any waffles left! What about some hot chocolate? Do you all want hot chocolate?” mum asks and looks around. “Yes!” we all say. “But I get more marshmallows, because they had a waffle!” Quinn says, trying to be mad. “Such a cutie.” Liam says and smiles at Quinn. Quinn giggles and stands up. “Cuter than all of you!” she says proudly. “No, I’m cuter than you!” Liam says, chuckling. Quinn walks around the table towards Liam. “I’m cuter than you!” Quinn says and Liam shakes his head, making Quinn nod. “Fine, you win!” Liam says and Quinn sticks her tongue out. Liam picks her up and starts tickling her. She starts laughing loudly. Liam stops and laughs, picking her up. “What are we going to do?” Niall asks me, smiling. “What could we do?” I ask Perrie, looking at her. “We could watch a movie or something?” Perrie suggests as mum puts the hot chocolates on the table. “Mummy?” Quinn looks at my mum with a serious face. My mum laughs and puts some more marshmallows in Quinn’s hot chocolate. Niall whispers something in my ear. “I want more too.” he says and looks at me, pouting playfully. I giggle and put some of my marshmallows in his hot chocolate.  “Thanks.” he says when he kisses my cheek. I blush a bit and look at Perrie to see if she saw it. Perrie has the biggest smile on her face so she must have seen it. When everyone has finished their hot chocolate we all go to the TV. I sit on one couch and Liam and Niall sit next to me. Perrie puts on a funny movie and sits down in front of my feet. “You really look like each other.” Liam says. “Really?” Perrie asks when she stands up and sits on my lap. Liam nods and chuckles. “Really!” “ Well, she’s my sister and I’m not letting her go!” Perrie says while hugging me tight. I giggle and hug her back tightly. The rest of the movie Perrie’s sitting on my lap. Niall is looking at me a few times. I pretend that I don’t notice it but giggle softly. “Tacos tonight?” I whisper in Perrie’s ear. Perrie smiles wide and nods. “And we’ll make it! Together with the little one.” We both laugh and look at Quinn, who’s sitting on Liam’s lap. She has her eyes fixed on the screen. Perrie stands up and I stand up as well. “Perrie, Quinn and I are going to make tacos!” Perrie says and Quinn jumps up, running over to us. “Tacos!” Harry shouts. We all laugh. “You guys can watch the movie.” I say, smiling. “Sure thing, darling!” Niall says, smiling at me. I giggle softly and Perrie pulls me with her by my arm. I laugh and we put on our coats. A few seconds later Quinn puts her coat on as well. I get some money and we walk outside.

Quinn is in the middle of Perrie and me. She takes our hands and together we walk to the supermarket. “Can we get chocolate cookies as well?” Quinn asks, swinging our hands. “Yes!” Perrie immediately says. I laugh and go into the supermarket. It’s quiet in the supermarket and we haven’t seen any paparazzi yet. We get everything we need and walk back home again. “Are you going to help us with the tacos?” Perrie asks Quinn when we walk to the kitchen. She nods and sits on the kitchen table. We put everything we bought on it and the boys are still watching TV. “Or do you want to watch TV with the boys?” I ask. “I think I’m going to watch TV!” she says, running to the living room. Perrie and I both laugh and start making tacos. We have a lot of fun and enjoy making it. We also make strawberry smoothies. We put everything on the table and sit down. We both grab a taco and a smoothie. Then we call the boys, Quinn and my mum. Niall jumps up and quickly sits next to me, grabbing a taco. Quinn sits on the other side and pulls on my sleeve. I smile at her and put a taco on her plate. “Thanks sis!” she says happily and starts eating her taco. I smile and start eating my taco as well. I look around and see everyone laughing and talking. Liam and Quinn are talking together and I smile to myself. My life has changed so much. I’ve got a new amazing sister and new amazing friends which I’ve only met today. Quinn has found her like best friend. And my mum and Perrie see each other again. “I’ll be right back.” I say, smiling with tears filling my eyes. Before the tears can fall I quickly stand up and go to the bathroom.

Niall’s POV

I look at Alli who is giving her little sister a taco. She smiles at her. I must admit, her smile is adorable. I talk with Harry and suddenly Alli says something. “I’ll be right back.” she says, smiling but I see tears filling her eyes. Just when I want to ask what’s wrong she stands up and goes to the bathroom. Everyone keeps talking but I stand up and walk to the hallway. I wait outside the bathroom and a few minutes later she comes out again, her eyes looking a bit red. I take her into my arms. “What’s wrong sweetie?” I ask her, rocking her back and forth gently. “It’s nothing bad,” she says, giggling a bit. “I just realized how lucky I got.” she says, smiling at me. I smile and hug her tightly. She hugs back and lets go again. She smiles at me. “Go back to the others sweetie, I’ll go to the bathroom first.” I say smiling. She nods and smiles. “Thank you.” she says as she walks back to the others.

End of Niall’s POV

I smile to myself and smell Niall’s scent. It smells nice. I hug him back tightly and let go again. I smile at him and he tells me to go back to the others. “Thank you.” I say and walk back to the others. I sit down and smile. “Where did you go?” Quinn asks, eating a taco. I went to the bathroom sweetie! Wait, Quinn, did you take my taco?” I ask Quinn, looking at my plate. “I could only reach yours!” she says, giggling. I laugh and get another taco, taking a bite. A few minutes later Niall comes in again and sits next to me. He smiles at me and I smile back. When we’re all finished the boys go again. We all hug each other and Niall gives me a kiss on my cheek. I blush a bit and smile. Before the boys go I ask for their numbers and we all exchange numbers. We wave them goodbye and go inside again. “You and Niall should get together.” Perrie says with a grin on her face. “Perrie, shut up!” She laughs and pulls me on a chair next to her. “So, I’ve been thinking today and to be honest I want to live with my sisters and my mum.” she says, smiling lightly. “Really?!” I ask, excitedly and she nods slowly. “That’s amazing!” I say and give her a big hug. “Please, please, please do that!” “I’ll have to ask mum!” “Mum!” I say, running to the kitchen. “Mum, Perrie has to ask you something!” I say with the biggest smile ever on my face. Perrie comes into the kitchen and smiles. “What do you want to ask me sweetie?” mum asks, smiling. “Can I, maybe, live here with you all?” Perrie asks softly. “Of course you can!” Perrie runs to my mum and hugs her tightly. We all smile wide and I call Quinn downstairs. “Quinn, guess what?” I ask, grinning. “We’re going to buy a chocolate ice cream?” she asks, grinning as well. “We could do that, but Perrie’s going to live with us!” I say, jumping a little. “Really?” Quinn asks with a big smile. Perrie nods and picks Quinn up. Quinn gives her a hug. “Can we get an ice cream now?” she asks and we all laugh. We all go outside and go to the ice cream shop. Perrie, Quinn and I get a Chocolate ice cream and my mum gets a Vanilla ice cream. We all sit on a bench and eat our ice cream. I rest my head on Perrie’s shoulder. “It’s absolutely amazing to have an older sister like you.” I whisper. Perrie smiles at me and hugs me tightly. “You and Quinn should go to our concert next week!” Perrie smiles brightly. “We’d love that!” I say smiling wide. “Then you are going to our concert!” Perrie says giggling. I laugh softly, still resting my head on Perrie’s shoulder. “I guess you’ll be sharing a room with me then.” I say, laughing. “Oh my god.” Perrie says, looking shocked. “Just kidding. You’re my sister!” she says, giggling. Quinn quickly sits on Perrie’s lap. “Can you please sing for me?” she asks Perrie. “Only if you sing with me!” Perrie says and Quinn nods. “Which song do you want to sing?” Perrie asks, smiling. Quinn thinks for a second. “Turn Your Face?” “Okay!” They both start to sing and I quickly get my phone to record it. They keep singing and I smile to myself while my mum is watching them. Soon a few people stop to hear Perrie and Quinn sing and at the end they get a big applause. They smile and the people walk away again. “I recorded it!” I say, holding up my phone. “You two were amazing!” my mum says, smiling at Quinn and Perrie. Quinn and Perrie give each other a high five. “Guess I’m not the only one with an amazing voice.” Perrie says, laughing. We all get up and walk back home. When we get home I clean the table together with Perrie and after that we go to our room. We quickly change into something more comfortable and lay in bed. “Did you enjoy today?” I ask Perrie smiling. “Absolutely! And I’m sure you did too.” Perrie say, smirking. “I did!” I say, shaking my head. “How’s Niall in real life?” Perrie asks me, smiling. “Even cuter than I’ve imagined.” I sigh happily. “Aww, aww, aww!” Perrie shouts and pokes my cheeks. “How cute!” she says and I just smile at her. “So you’re agreeing?” Perrie asks. “Well, he is cute.” I nod and Perrie and I both laugh. “Zayn’s cuter!” “Nah ah.” “Ooh pshh.” Perrie laughs and looks at me. “Want to do something with Quinn and the girls tomorrow?” she asks and smiles. “Yes! What should we do?” I ask her. “We can first go to Starbucks and after that we can..” “Sing, sing, sing!” I say laughing. “Sounds good! I mean Quinn loves to sing,” Perrie stops talking and looks at me. “What about you?” she asks, starting to smile. “Me?” “Yeah, can you sing as well?” I quickly hide my face in a pillow and shake my head. “You can! Sing for me!” Perrie says and I shake my head, looking up. Perrie looks at me with puppy eyes. “Please?” “Fine. Which song?” “What about Truly Madly Deeply?” Perrie suggests and I nod. “Sure!” I smile and start singing softly. Perrie looks at me and smiles. When I’m done Perrie smiles wide. “I told you!” Perrie says. “I’m not that good.” I say, smiling at Perrie. “No, you’re not… You’re amazing!” Perrie says, laughing and I laugh as well. “What about going out for dinner tomorrow night with mum, Quinn and the other girls?” I ask Perrie. “Sounds lovely! Then mum can meet them as well!” “Exactly!” “But for now, night night!” Perrie says laughing. “Night! Sleep well!” I say and we soon both fall asleep.

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