Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


7. A 'Date' With Niall?

The next morning Quinn wakes me up. “Get up Alli!” I slowly open my eyes. “I’m up.” I say sleepily. “Good! There’s breakfast downstairs.” Quinn smiles and I smile back. When Quinn and I get downstairs mum and Perrie are seated at the table. Quinn quickly sits next to Perrie and I sit next to my mum. We all grab some breakfast and eat together. “Oh Alli,” Perrie says with her mouth full. “Yes?” I reply. “You probably won’t like this but Niall is taking the other boys as well.” Perrie looks a little concerned at me. “Oh... I told you he doesn’t like me in that way.” Perrie sits down next to me and hugs me tightly. “Don’t say that! He’s probably really nervous, just like you.” I smile at Perrie and she smiles back. “Plus, more reason for me to be there too!” Perrie laughs softly and I giggle. “Is Liam coming as well?” Quinn asks Perrie, smiling wide. “Yes, yes he is!” “Yay!” We laugh and finish our breakfast. “What should we do before the boys are here?” I ask Perrie and Quinn. “We could take a few more pictures and make a kind of photo book?” Quinn suggests. “Yes, and we could decorate it as well!” Perrie says excitedly. “Let’s do that!” I say while taking my camera, pointing it at Quinn. Quinn sticks her tongue out and I take a picture. After Quinn’s picture I take a picture of Perrie. “And now a picture of you two together!” They both giggle and Perrie takes Quinn on her lap. They smile at the camera and I take the picture. “And you!” Quinn says and pulls me towards her. I sit down next to Perrie and mum takes the picture. “Mum you have to be on a picture too!” Perrie says, smiling. She smiles back at Perrie and stands behind us. I put the camera on timer and put it on the table. I quickly sit down again and wait until the picture is taken. When the picture is taken I take the camera and show the picture. “I really like the picture!” Perrie says. “I do too!” Quinn replies. “Mum could you print the pictures? Oh, and also the ones that are on my phone!” I say, smiling at my mum. “Of course sweetie!” I give her the camera and my phone as Perrie and I go up to my room. “I think I’ve got an empty one in that box.” I say, pointing at a box on the shelf. Perrie takes it off and places it on the bed. “Yes, I’ve got it!” she says and holds up the photo book.. “Good! Are the decorating supplies also in that box?” I ask Perrie. “Yes! Shall I just take the whole box?” Perrie asks and we both laugh. “Smartass.” Perrie picks up the box and together we walk downstairs. Perrie, Quinn and I sit at the table and Quinn starts decorating the cover of the book. Mum walks over to us and lays the pictures down on the table. “There aren’t that many photos but I also got individual pictures.” mum says and smiles. “Thanks mum.” I smile at her and she goes into the kitchen. We glue the pictures in the book and we decorate the pages around the pictures. A few moments later mum comes back with some sandwiches. “Thanks mum!” Perrie and Quinn say at the same time. They both laugh and give each other a high five. “No problem sweeties.” Mum sits down at the table as well and helps us with decorating the book. A few minutes later the doorbell rings. Mum opens the door and a few seconds later the boys are standing around the table. “Hi guys!” I say while getting up to give them all a hug. Perrie and Quinn stand up as well and hug the boys. “What are you girls up to?” Zayn asks. “We’re making a photo book!” Quinn says excitedly. “But then we should be in it as well!” Louis says, chuckling. Harry grabs the camera and points it to himself, pulling a weird face and taking the picture. The boys all take individual pictures and Perrie, Quinn and I laugh at them. Then they take a picture of them together. Perrie, Quinn and I walk over to the boys and we take pictures of all of us. Mum prints them as well and Quinn glues them in the book. The boys help Quinn with decorating their pages with pictures on it. “Who are the other pages for?” Zayn asks Quinn while looking through the photo book. “We’re also going to take pictures with Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne!” Quinn smiles brightly, bouncing in her seat. Zayn chuckles and takes Quinn onto his lap. “Have you already met the other girls?” Zayn asks and Quinn nods quickly. “We spent a whole day together yesterday!” “Did you have fun?” “Lots! They were really sweet and so lovely.” Quinn says and Zayn smiles at her. “I’m glad you like them!” she says and smiles back at Zayn when she sees Liam. “Liam!” she says, giggling. “Quinn!” he says and chuckles, picking her up. “How’s this little cutie?” Liam asks, smiling at Quinn. “Very good and how is this big cutie?” Quinn asks, giggling and poking Liam’s nose, making Liam laugh. “I’m great, thanks darling.” Liam puts Quinn down and she sits down at the table, going through the pictures with Louis. Perrie sits next to Zayn and Zayn gives her a kiss on the cheek. I can’t help but smile at them. We all have a lot of fun just talking about what we did yesterday.

About an hour later Niall sits down next to me on the couch. He smiles at me and I smile back at him. “I’m sorry that I brought the boys with me.” he says, looking down slightly. “Aww, that’s okay! I like having them here.” I smile at him and he smiles weakly. “Are you sure?” he asks me. “Of course I am, silly!” I say and laugh softly. He smiles at me. “Good, I was scared that you were disappointed or something.” “Of course not! It’s nice having some boys in the house.” We both laugh and I get up. “Do you want something to eat?” I ask. “I do!” Harry shouts. I laugh and shake my head, walking towards the kitchen. I look for something to eat and find some different snacks. “I’ve got snacks!” I say while putting the snacks on the table, watching the boys running over to the table. Quinn and Perrie quickly get some snacks before the boys reach the table and as soon as I can see the table again the snacks are gone. I laugh and Niall looks at me. “Here you go, love.” he says, smiling as he hands me a few of his snacks. “Thanks Niall!” I smile at him and sit down next to Perrie. “How is it going?” Perrie asks me while putting different things into her mouth. I giggle and sigh. “I think he just wants to be friends to be honest.” I say and Perrie pouts at me. Why do you think that?” “I don’t know, it seems like he doesn’t like me in that way at all and that he is scared that I like him, you know? Maybe that’s the reason why he took the boys with him.” I look down and Perrie wraps her arms around me. “Don’t be silly! Just give him some time. Just spend lots of time with him and see what happens.” Perrie say and smiles at me. “Thanks sis, you’re the best.” “Oh, I know!” Perrie says, making me laugh. Harry sits next to me and gets a black marker. Before I can say anything he’s already drawing a moustache above my lips. He laughs and I take the marker from him, drawing whiskers on his cheeks. Then Perrie takes the camera, taking a picture of me and Harry. We both look at the picture and start laughing. “I must admit, whiskers do suit you.” I say, laughing more. Harry chuckles and looks at me. “And you should wear that moustache more often!” I see that everyone is looking at us and they all laugh. But when I see Niall looking at me he doesn’t laugh like the others. He smiles weakly and sits down at the other side of the table. Everyone is now drawing on each other’s faces and I grab a marker, sitting down on Niall’s lap. I draw a moustache above his lip and giggle. “Now smile!” I say and he chuckles. Niall grabs a mirror, looking at himself. “Do I look like a real man now?” he asks, wiggling his lips. “Mhm, absolutely!” I say and we both laugh. “We should all make a picture like this!” Liam says. Louis grabs the camera and puts it on timer. We all get into a position and the picture is taken. We look at the picture and laugh. “Best picture ever!” Zayn says, chuckling. We also print these photos and glue them in the book. “Do we still have pages left for the pictures with Leigh, Jade and Jesy?” Quinn asks, looking at Zayn. “Of course sweetie! Don’t worry.” Zayn says and closes the photo book. Quinn smiles and Zayn picks her up. “Are you happy to have Perrie as your sister?” Zayn asks Quinn and she nods. “Very happy.” Quinn says and moves her face closer to Zayn’s. “I think you and Perrie are really cute.” Quinn whispers and Zayn smiles at her. “Really?” Zayn asks and Quinn nods quickly. “Like, super cute! Do you want to see my posters?” Quinn asks and Zayn nods, putting her down. “Come, Quinn is going to show us her room!” Zayn says as Quinn goes upstairs and all the boys follow her. I smile at Perrie and walk over to her. “Zayn and Quinn really like each other.” I say and Perrie nods, smiling wide. “Zayn’s probably just as happy as me to know you and Quinn, and especially Quinn. He really adores her and it’s so cute to watch them together!” “I know! I’m glad that Quinn likes all the boys.” “And I’m glad you like them!” Perrie says and giggles. Perrie gives me a tight hug and whispers: “And one of them in particular.” She winks at me and I laugh. “Shush!” I say and the boys come downstairs again. “I didn’t know Quinn was such a big fan!” Zayn says while coming into the living room. “Have you seen how many posters she’s got?” Louis asks, chuckling softly. They all seemed pretty amazed by Quinn’s room. When all the boys are back Quinn walks into the living room as well with a proud smile on her face. “Have you shown them who’s our biggest fan?” Perrie asks, smiling at Quinn. “I definitely did!” Quinn says and we all laugh. We sit down at the table and discuss the One Direction and Little Mix concerts.

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