This story ties in with lord of the rings it is a love story about legolas an another elf but what if that elf's father disapproves of legolas and their relationship . Some where between green and yellow may turn to red at some points.


1. Rivendell

I am Cyra, I hail from Rivendell. My sister is Arwen and my brothers are Elladen and Elohir. My father is Elrond. He loves me much but is very strict. I have never been outside of Rivendell, my father won't let me leave. I feel like a caged animal, which I am. On top of my elf abilities I also have other special skills I can turn into any creature I please although there is a catch I may not turn into a creature that is evil like a dragon or a warg.
I jumped at the sound of a knock on my door I looked into the mirror one last time making sure that my long black hair was braided perfectly and make sure that my angled face had no major flaws. I sprinted to the door and opened it to see my father.
" There is a council tomorrow and I want you to attend," he said with a tone that made him sound upset.
" Adar, why do you sound so upset about this its just a council."
" I know, but it's the part you must play that is upsetting me most." He sighed, " it will be held early tomorrow I expect you to be there, I will see you at dinner." He left the air was stiff. He left me thinking what part I would play in this council.
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