Blood Execration

For the 2 week in Panem competition. Ariadne Snyder is picked for the reaping, tearing her father's heart. But unlike Prim, Ariadne has no volunteer's.


1. Reaping

I hold my daughter hand tightly, my heart pounding rapidly. Effie Trinket, the capitol's puppet, sat on her chair, on the stage, her beady eyes glared at us, a massive smile plastered on our face. I looked around, father's and mother's just like me, scared stiff, thinking are their children going to die. Children like my daughter Ariadne, smiling happily, unaware of the problem going on.

"Papa, what is going on?" Ariadne asks. What should I tell her? Should I tell her this is the fight for death.

"Nothing, sweetie" I lie, trying not to cry. My baby may be in the reaping, she will have to fight to survive. Knowing her, she won't survive very long.

"Ladies and Gentleman, children off all ages. Welcome to the 87th hunger games" Effie Trinket exclaims happily.

"The children chosen are, first girls, district one, Samantha Fox" Effie laughs, sweeping at her eyes at the crying mother.

I feel like I want to wash that smirk off her face, she doesn't know the pain, of losing a child, for her it is a game. Watching your child fight, knowing that every breath, could be their last, knowing you can't do anything to protect your child, being so helpless.

A woman breaks down in tears, beside me. A golden haired girl beside her, she looks about twelve, the same age as my Ariadne.

"No, please no, not my baby" the woman cries, holding her daughter tightly.

The golden haired girl looks confused, probably thinking, what is going on? I place my hand on the woman back; she looks at me, teary eyes, please she mouths. I shake my head, she bursts into tears. Her daughter dragging away into the crowd, to the stage.

Effie Trinket, smiles, finding pain, in the children we lose, she smiles at the blonde haired girl. The young girl, stares in shock to the crowd, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Next, from district two is" Effie begins to say.

I watch as names continue to be said, mothers and father's crying, their children scared, leaving their parents forever. Children of many ages crying, their parents stand helpless.

"Now from district four" Effie mumbles, picking a paper from the bowl. She smiles massively, and then looks into the crowd. She continues brushing her pink hair. I wipe the beads of sweat off my face, my heart panicking loudly, Ariadne won't be picked, their are loads of other girls, they could be picked.

"Is Ariadne Snyder" Effie whispers.

I lean forward, as she says it. The crowd, looks at me in my direction. Their eyes looking at me, that's when I understand, I shake my head.

"No" I shout angrily, tears running down my face. No, not my baby, no. I look at Ariadne, her warm brown eyes, meet mine. I'm not breaking the promise to her mother.

Melissa eyes looks at me, her finger trembling in mine. She coughs up blood, her frail hand clenching my shirt, her grey eyes staring at me, with power, she bits her lower lip, coughing in pain. I hold her hand, staring at my beautiful wife, dying, cancer taking away her life forever, why her? Why not me?.

"Jack, you must protect Ariadne with all your heart, she should be happy and live forever, not a tear, should be shed from her eyes, promise me that Jack, promise me"

I hold Ariadne tightly, she's not going anywhere, she's staying with me, I won't let anyone get her.

"Jack, give them your daughter" Hank says trying to grab my daughter, he doesn't understand, he has no children to feel the pain, pain more then unimaginable.

I stare at him in anger, slapping him on the cheek. How dare he, I won't give my baby to no one.

"No, I won't give my daughter to anyone, she's staying with me, I'm not sending her to her grave" I scream.

Do they expect me to give her away, when I know if she goes, she would die.

"Daddy, am I going to die" Ariadne whispers, her fingers trembling, her brown eyes staring at mine, she bits her lower lip shaking in terror.

"No, daddy won't let anyone harm, his princess" I reply.

"Give her Jack" Hank shouts, placing a hand on my daughter.

"No" I scream, angrily. I watch my daughter, dragging away into the crowd,.

"No, Ariadne" I scream angrily, collapsing onto the floor, I cry in pain and anger. I look at my daughter one last time, her warm brown eyes streaked with fear. She screams in terror, knowing she'll never come back.

"Daddy" Ariadne shouts, crying.

I try and grab her, but it's too late, the crowd pushes her to the stage, she looks at me, daddy she mouths. My baby, she's been taken away from me forever. She's been sent off to her grave. What kind of father am I? I can't even protect my daughter.

I shake in terror, Ariadne. I'll never see her again, her warm brown eyes looking at mine, her waking me up every morning, me and her catching the fish, her being proud of me, not ashamed that I'm a fisherman, she looks so much like her mum. I planned her life, she lives happily with a husband, she giving me grandchildren, that I'll cherish with, me dieing before her. In that single moment, everything changes, I imagine me burying her, her mother in heaven screaming at me, I didn't protect her child, I couldn't keep her last wish.

"Baby" I cry, painfully.

A hand touches my shoulder, I look to see, who it is? Is it my baby, no? It's the woman, who's also lost her daughter.

"I'm so sorry" she whispers.

I stand up, my heart aching in pain. I hold the woman hand, waiting. Both of us, waiting for our children, they have to come back.


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