Hunted: Beth

Elizabeth Folks was 3 when she was found wondering out of Black Forest. Since then she has become the towns 'living legend'. Adopted by strangers to protect their only child, she became the 'bait' if anything were to happen...

Now at 18 years old, Beth still holds a secret she kept since the day she became a Folks-daughter. But since the downfall of the Grave Makers, witches have finally returned to Earth. Without the balance of good and evil, the witches are forced to choose a side, and once more, Black Forest is under the clutches of an evil witch. The numbers of missing children increase, slowly but surely, as time goes on...

Fighting to protect her adoptive sister, and keep her secret. Beth is thrown into the deep end when a stranger enrolls at Black Forest High School. His presence sparks Beth's fear of her secret being discovered.

When avoiding the stranger is deemed impossible, Beth puts in all the stakes to hiding from him. Yet is it him she should really be worried about?


3. Powerless

My eyes opened slowly to the strangest whirring sound. My senses seemed to slowly returned to me as I squinted at the blinding bright lamp above me.

"Please don't be a hospital." I silently prayed, allowing my eyes to slide shut. Smoothing my hands down I felt the smooth, clean sheets of the bed I lay on. Sliding them lower down the bed, I paused when my hand automatically gripped a warm, solid object which stirred beneath my finger tips as I trailed my fingers gently over the top of the fine hairs that covered it. My eyes snapped open as a hand grabbed mine. Looking down at Luke's wide eyes, I smiled as he ran his other hand through his slightly flattened hair whilst stifling a yawn.

"Good morning." he chuckled, as I glanced around at the familiar surroundings. I was in his room.

"What the..." I began to sit up slowly,

"How did I get here?" I asked. Letting go of my hand, I watched as Luke headed to the closed bedroom door as I sat up straight feeling my back beneath the thin fabric of what seemed to be one of his old shirts.


My eyes not leaving his back, my brow furrowed in slight confusion as he opened the door slowly, before Tori popped her head in.

"Hey..!" she called timidly, worry dousing the simple greeting. Leaning against the bedhead, I marveled at the fact I no longer felt any pain or sensitivity in my back. But knowing my questions would have to be answered when Tori wasn't to witness any conversation about the pain, I sat back and smiled calmly as she came to perch on the edge of the bed beside me.

"Mum and dad said it's okay for us to spend the next few days here." she said. Knowing them, the fact I was ill and had been 'saved' by Luke wasn't in the least the reason why. I nodded silently.

"Look, when Luke said you fainted because of stress was it because of..." Tori began hurriedly, her eyes welling up.

"No...!" I exclaimed, surprised yet not to shocked she'd once again found a way to blame herself for my misfortune. Reaching over I pulled the usually confident, bright and happy, blonde haired sister of mine into a hug, smoothing my hands over the jacket on her back.

"I just haven't been sleeping well, you know that. Plus with my algebra test coming up... You know if you were ever bothering me, I'd let you know." I assured her. Leaning back to look her square in the eye. She chewed her lip before breaking out into a smile and giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

"Well rest well..." she ordered before leaning forward,

"And maybe cover up a little more, that shirt doesn't hide all your gorgeous curves." she whispered in my ear, before leaning back and casting me a saucy wink before she headed back out.


Glancing down at the shirt, I yanked the covers over my torso when I realized I wasn't wearing anything beneath the shirt. Hearing the softest click of the door, I looked up to see Luke lock the door before heading over. I opened my mouth the slightest fraction before he cut me off,

"I got you a healer." he informed me.

"Are you insane!?" I thundered feeling like I was about to go insane. Here I was worried about if he'd seen any sign of what was beneath my shirt, and he'd just...

"The bastard."

"Do you know what danger this puts us in!?" I exclaimed, throwing up the covers and leaping out of the bed knowing full well I still probably wasn't in the fittest state to be up and about. Beginning to pace, I wrung my hands through my hair as I shut my eyes trying not to go crazy.

"Your life was in danger, Beth." Luke ground out. Turning to face him, my eyes opened with a glare.

"My life wouldn't be a loss, and you know it." I snapped back. My anger and fury was beginning to fuel up, and closing my eyes I forced myself to sit blindly on the edge of the bed leaning forward to rest my head in my hands.

"You are not worthless Beth." I could hear the break in Luke's voice. My eyes welled up. From the first time we'd met, till now Luke was the only one who knew my secret. Then again, he'd always been a part of it.

"If only I'd left the forest..." I pushed away the thought for the millionth time. I couldn't change the past.

"What worth is someone as powerless as myself?" I snapped back, getting up.

"I can't sleep without the window to the forest open, my 'mum' uses me to protect my perfectly safe sister and I can't even sense the oncoming strangers movements." I said, heading to the window and looking out at the perfectly manicured lawn of Grey manor.


Luke was the eldest son of the recently deceased David Grey, who was the widowed father of Luke and his adopted brother James. The manor was the largest piece of luxury estate not only in the mansion itself, but also due to the huge grounds with it, including that of the forest.

"Your still a witch Beth, and once your chosen side arises you'll be fine." Luke said. I sensed him beside me, even before his arm wrapped around my shoulders as a chill came through the slightly ajar window.

"The moon solace is in a few weeks, landing on your birthday. You must have..." Luke continued,

"Being born a witch without powers has nothing to do with the moon solace or any other theories of what could happen on that night," I cut in gently.

"It doesn't matter if I have powers or not, because you and I made a deal a long time ago what comes first." I reminded him.

"I said I'd protect you..." Luke replied, I turned to face him.

"You said you'd follow me, and protect me. That you'd do as I wish, and what comes first for me is that Tori and the others are safe for when the solace comes. When the others take their sides, one will come for this town and you know it." I reminded him. I watched as his expression changed from one of worry to one of impassiveness. Though he had agreed to follow me, I knew somehow that Luke would always put my safety first. It came with the territory of Guardian.

"There's no guarantee I'll get any powers then, and even if I did I wouldn't know how to use them. We need to protect them, meaning we can't create any links that power could reside here." I whispered. Looking into the dark depths of his green eyes, I lifted a hand to rest it on his right shoulder. Giving it the smallest squeeze, I shut my eyes as they welled up with tears.

"I have to remain strong." I told myself, as I leant to rest me forehead against his.

"We have to remain strong Luke. We can't attract anymore attention to Black Forest." I whispered.

"It maybe a little to late for that," he replied, his tone soft yet serious.

"Rumours have started..." he said.

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