Hunted: Beth

Elizabeth Folks was 3 when she was found wondering out of Black Forest. Since then she has become the towns 'living legend'. Adopted by strangers to protect their only child, she became the 'bait' if anything were to happen...

Now at 18 years old, Beth still holds a secret she kept since the day she became a Folks-daughter. But since the downfall of the Grave Makers, witches have finally returned to Earth. Without the balance of good and evil, the witches are forced to choose a side, and once more, Black Forest is under the clutches of an evil witch. The numbers of missing children increase, slowly but surely, as time goes on...

Fighting to protect her adoptive sister, and keep her secret. Beth is thrown into the deep end when a stranger enrolls at Black Forest High School. His presence sparks Beth's fear of her secret being discovered.

When avoiding the stranger is deemed impossible, Beth puts in all the stakes to hiding from him. Yet is it him she should really be worried about?


9. Plan

She moved along the fireplace, fingers playing on the marble.

"Your a vampire" Hugh said, she laughed.

"No" she said, before stopping. A savage cough escaping her as she threw one hand over her mouth.

"You're with Cade" I guessed, she stopped. Glancing over at me I felt her black eyes shift over my face and to Luke before back again. She shook her head,

"I know of him, but no. I'm not working with Cade, and he doesn't know of me yet" she informed us. The first bit of information she'd told us after hours since we'd come back inside after turning the gravel to hide the blood.

"What was it outside?" Luke asked for the millionth time. Maia closed her eyes, the fire lighting up her burgundy hair into a sheen of gold, red and orange. Her eyes opened and locked in Hugh's.

"A vampire. Silver bullets don't usually work, but one's with the white oak mark do" she informed us. Shivers ran up our spines, as my eyes flew to see Hugh's eyes darken.

"Helping Cade?" he asked, his voice tight and constricted.

"Working under the witch" she replied. We all turned to her mouths agape. She knew.


Stepping away from the fireplace, Maia walked around the lounge the cup of cocoa she held in her hands seeming so small in her elegant hands. The sheer, black lace of her floor-length gown rustled gently as she headed across the floor, her hair cascading so beautifully it was clear that she wasn't human.

"How could we have been fooled?"  I wondered, as she perched on the edge of a lounge.

"It may not be a surprise since this town seems the new 'hot spot' for the unnatural. But Willa is a powerful witch. When she chose her side this town was doomed" Maia said. My ears burned.

"You know the witch!?" I asked, totally flabbergasted. She nodded before turning to us.

"Yes, that's why I've come here. To help you" she said. I exchanged glanced with Luke, who's eyes told his suspicions.

"You will fight with us?" he asked, looking at her. Looking back at her, I felt uncertainty tug in my mind since I couldn't read her also... The fact I hadn't been able to hadn't bugged me much until that very moment.

"No" she answered.


"Then what are you here for!?" Hugh thundered, causing me to jump in my seat before we all turned to look at him.

"As I said before, here to help. I can tell you what you need to know for now, but not all there is to know" Maia replied calmly. Turning back to her, I saw more than I'd ever noticed more about her. Her blazing red eyes glared at him through her cool, narrowed gaze, the aura surrounding her so calm and collected I knew that the girl outside screaming was just an act. She had to have switched plans or done the act on purpose...

"But why?" I asked myself. Maia turned to me, eyes locking onto mine.

"Now, Beth. Listen to this..." she said, moving over across the floor and sitting beside me on the lounge.

"The witches name is Willa, and I'm telling you now - you will not be able to get her until the moon solace" she began.

"You. Will get your powers on the moon solace - your birthday" she reminded me, eyes widening slightly as she poked a finger at my chest. I nodded slightly feeling comforted by her confirmation. Though I didn't know how she knew these things, I could tell she was telling the truth.


"How do you know this?" Luke asked, somewhere in the background of my mind.

"Shut up" Maia and I ordered him at the same time, eyes not leaving one anothers. We smiled in triumph.

"When the solace occurs your powers will awaken and you will be able to pull down Willa" she informed me. Taking my hand she turned it over in her hand and placed her index finger on the middle of my palm.

"You must draw this symbol on both palms to quickly aid your powers when it comes to your using them" she said, gently tracing a simple symbol on my palm.

"How will I know how to use them...?" I found myself asking aloud, my eyes locked on her finger as she finished the symbol which was now burned in my mind.

"Just trust your instincts" she assured me gently. Sitting back she began to reach beneath the sofa, and before I knew it she was lifting a folder. Opening it in her lap, she spread it out. I was mentally gaping, a full-scale map of the forest was planned out on the papers before me. The last map of the forest was centuries old, and in Luke's safe. It was useless.

"These will help you navigate within the forest. You will start here" she said, pointing at a spot in the map. When she lifted her finger, red ink began to spread within the map and mark it as the starting point with a foreign, intricate symbol on the exact spot.

"What is it?" I asked, looking closely.

"Where you will get your powers, you could get them anywhere, but this spot is sacred. The entry spot between..." she began,

"The human world and the witch world" I found myself saying, scattered memories began to piece themselves together but before I could say anything Hugh had picked up the map.


"So that's where you came from!" he murmured, entranced.

"Give it back" I snapped immediately, standing up at the same time as Maia. I glanced at her to see her lift the hem of her dress,

"And this insignia at the bottom is..." Hugh murmured, and before my eyes Maia popped up behind him the map in her hand as she kicked him over in what seemed like slow motion.

"Stop being a brat. You haven't got much time, just a few days" she reminded us, turning to me. Walking over slowly, she handed it to me not bothering to answer the unanswered question in our minds.

"When will you be back?" Luke asked,

"When she'll need me" Maia replied turning to the door.

"What about Cade!?" I called out, as she opened up the lounge room door. Turning to face us, her eyes flew to the fire before turning back to us. The blackness hiding any emotion or aura that had encased her before.

"You'll need him. He will play a key role in protecting Beth" she said, looking mainly at Luke her eyes unwavering. We all nodded as suddenly she was gone. The front door shutting with a soft click.


"So we've got a plan..." I murmured, glancing back down at the map in my hands.

"Funny, isn't it?" Hugh asked. Glancing up at him, I watched as he walked over to the fire where Maia had been before, and picked up an invisible speck of dust on the mantel piece.

"No matter how many times we tried to plan, we hadn't really gotten anything done" he said, looking me in the eyes.

"And somehow, the plan came straight to us..."

"Oh, shut up Hugh" I snapped, glaring. I watched as he shrugged, and felt my anger grow as his nonchalant take on Maia giving us this information.

"Just skeptical" he muttered. I glanced at Luke, who shrugged.

"Well you two need to shut up, because without her we wouldn't have anything to work out. Whether you believe her or not this is all we have to work with" I said.

"So you're just going to believe her?" Luke asked in disbelief.

"You both did before now" I said. Watching their expressions, I nodded knowingly as they looked back at me.

"And whether you believe her or not, you're both going to listen to me. We're going to stick to this plan..." I said, and slapped the folder down on lounge.

"This is how it's going to go".

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