Hunted: Beth

Elizabeth Folks was 3 when she was found wondering out of Black Forest. Since then she has become the towns 'living legend'. Adopted by strangers to protect their only child, she became the 'bait' if anything were to happen...

Now at 18 years old, Beth still holds a secret she kept since the day she became a Folks-daughter. But since the downfall of the Grave Makers, witches have finally returned to Earth. Without the balance of good and evil, the witches are forced to choose a side, and once more, Black Forest is under the clutches of an evil witch. The numbers of missing children increase, slowly but surely, as time goes on...

Fighting to protect her adoptive sister, and keep her secret. Beth is thrown into the deep end when a stranger enrolls at Black Forest High School. His presence sparks Beth's fear of her secret being discovered.

When avoiding the stranger is deemed impossible, Beth puts in all the stakes to hiding from him. Yet is it him she should really be worried about?


6. Knowledge

"We'll set a trap for him" Luke said. I glanced at him over the top of my banana thick shake. Then took a big sip. He glared at me.

"You can't just sit there thinking 'I told you so'" he said, folding his arms. After finding out Cade wasn't going solo as it seemed at first, we'd gone to bed early and had waken up to have Tori and James already gone to school, leaving us to plan without revealing the accumulating secrets.

"And it's all because I'm a witch" I sighed, turning to my plate of blueberry waffles. Cutting a big piece, I then chose to shove it down my throat just as the doorbell rang. I fell off my chair onto the ground, just as Luke hopped gracefully off his seat to head for the door.

"I'll get it" he said, as I sat up to rub the growing lump on my head whilst swallowing the huge mouthful of waffle. Getting up, I brushed specks of dust off my nightie.

"Rubber duckies never looked so hot" a voice said. Turning around my eyes widened at the sight of a familiar face. Blue eyes, and sandy-blonde hair, Hugh hadn't even lost his Summer tan even after turning a few years ago. I squealed in surprise, as in under a second he had lifted me and was swinging me around like crazy.

"Put me down!" I laughed, swatting his arm. He set me down, and for a second I watched his eyes flash red as Luke shut the door, before they went back to blue. I glanced over his shoulder, as Luke came back his expression not exactly one of happiness since his cousin's return to town.

"I guess he called you, but there's still bad blood" I said, knowing the overlapped meanings were ridiculous, yet were both spot on.

"As long as he doesn't drink you dry I'm fine" Luke replied coldly, as he sat back in his seat. I could feel Hugh's eyes locked on Luke's, even as Luke picked up his cup of cocoa before taking a long sip.


"Tori's grown up now" Hugh changed the subject, I smiled.

"She's defiantly not as dependent like when we were kids" I assured him, sitting back on my seat, as he sat on the one beside me.

"Victoria wasn't always going to stay close to you. She's a human and you're a witch" Luke said. Glaring at him, I found myself suddenly hating every ounce of his being.

"She's still my family" I snapped back.

"You aren't even blood related, and as Hugh's said before - nothings thicker than blood..." Luke taunted.

"Enough!" Hugh's shout caused tears to well up in my eyes. I grabbed my milkshake and hopped off the chair.

"I'm going to get changed and head back home. Hugh's giving me a lift" I said, hating that though I could have done that without letting Luke know, my conscience wouldn't let me keep my Guardian in the dark.

"Beth..." Luke called, as I headed up the stairs.

"Don't" I shut my eyes, as tears slipped out from beneath my lashes.


I headed to Luke's room, and pushed open the door knowing I'd made the right decision to leave.

"He would have gotten tired of sleeping on the couch anyway..." I found myself thinking aloud as I pulled out my clothes from his drawers.

"Who would?" a voice asked. Spinning around, my hands braced up against the drawers I gasped when there was no one else in the room.

"Shit" I stepped forward hesitantly, glancing back and forth around the room. The sound of rustling leaves had me rushing to the open window and leaning against the window pane, watching with my brow furrowed as the forest began to shake with the suddenly strong wind. A flash a silver sent a shiver up my spine, and I slammed the windows closed, locking them quickly. Closing the closed curtains, I took several deep breaths before turning around... Nothing.

"Hugh! Luke!" I called out, heading out of the bedroom. Opening the door, I glanced over my shoulder at my clothes half strewn on the bed, the room dimly lit by the bedside lamp with nobody in there.


"Hugh! Luke!" I called out again, shutting the door and heading down the stairs. Seeing the front door open, I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw both Hugh and Luke bent over a body. My blood ran cold as I caught sight of her face as they leaned back to look up at me.

"Beth..." Luke said, his voice grave and seemingly lower than usual. A sob caught my throat, and my hand flew to my mouth as tears once more welled up in my eyes as I saw the clean cut across her throat, the blood not flowing as she lay there, hands crossed above her chest.

"Regina..." I whispered, quickly going down the steps to kneel by her body. I didn't notice my hands were shaking, even as I unclasped her hands and held one in mine before seeing a piece of paper in the other. Taking it out, I opened it up and went pale as I read the words written in blood.

"What is it?" Hugh's question, sounded slightly hoarse in the background of my mind, my attention and focus on the message.

"She knew" my mind was becoming numb, as my eyes slid closed. Leaning my head back, a clap of thunder erupted outside in the rapidly darkening sky.

"We've got a problem" I said, opening my eyes slowly before turning to face Luke and Hugh.

"She may have told someone" I handed them the note. Standing up, and dropping Regina's hand I took one last look at her body before taking a deep breath and looking outside the open door at the forest now in turmoil as the wind blew harder, and thunder clapped in the distance. I turned to find Hugh carrying the body away, and Luke folding his arms as he looked outside the door, as I'd been doing moments ago. His eyes met mine, and I gave a small sigh.

"Looks like we'll have a little more of a war on our hands" he said. I could only agree.

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