Hunted: Beth

Elizabeth Folks was 3 when she was found wondering out of Black Forest. Since then she has become the towns 'living legend'. Adopted by strangers to protect their only child, she became the 'bait' if anything were to happen...

Now at 18 years old, Beth still holds a secret she kept since the day she became a Folks-daughter. But since the downfall of the Grave Makers, witches have finally returned to Earth. Without the balance of good and evil, the witches are forced to choose a side, and once more, Black Forest is under the clutches of an evil witch. The numbers of missing children increase, slowly but surely, as time goes on...

Fighting to protect her adoptive sister, and keep her secret. Beth is thrown into the deep end when a stranger enrolls at Black Forest High School. His presence sparks Beth's fear of her secret being discovered.

When avoiding the stranger is deemed impossible, Beth puts in all the stakes to hiding from him. Yet is it him she should really be worried about?


2. Avoiding

Trees scratched at my arms, twigs crunching beneath my boots. I gnawed my teeth together, as another branch snagged a wisp of my hair in it's clutches. Pausing, I attempted to untangle my hair from the small branch, but giving up, snapped the end of the twig and hauled my hair up in a messy bun. Twig and all. Continuing my graceless thumping through the forest, I breathed in the damp, cold air of the surrounding forest.

"This is why people think I'm nuts." I reminded myself, as I felt the tenseness in my shoulder subside, as I closed my eyes, and breathed in the overly familiar dampness of the forest. My earliest thoughts and memories of my past arose in my mind, a mixed kaleidoscope of those thoughts and memories strong enough for my eyes to snap open, and my ears to prick at the sudden sound of a branch snapping between the pressure of a boot. Coming to a halt, I surveyed my surroundings. It felt strangely eerie as my eyes took in the thick tree trunks surrounding me. Branches bowed low, thickened as more rose higher before the trees meshed into a mass of wood, leaves and darkness.

"Even when it's sunny." I mused, continuing my escape through the forest. I was pretty sure I'd be in trouble off Tori if I didn't return to school by lunch, but glancing at my watch, I smiled at the fact I had hours to spare before I'd have to worry about returning to my seemingly eternally-worried sister.


"Didn't think I'd see you around after last week," a voice startled me. Jumping, I turned to find an overly familiar face. One I hadn't seen in about a week. Even in the depths of the forest, beneath the ever cold branches that blocked out both sunlight and warmth, I could see his golden hair and dark green eyes... Luke.

"Little brother didn't tell me you were part of the cram this morning." he said, his voice deep, yet so soft that it sent shivers up my spine. I stepped towards him,

"James didn't know... I wasn't planning on it anyway." I admitted, smiling as I came to a stop before him. Glancing up from beneath the hair before my face, I flinched and automatically pushed it out of the way, as I sensed his hand move to do so. My eyes meeting his, I turned to walk along side him, relaxing as he slung his arm around my lower back. Walking in silence, I fought to keep my mind on the moment. Relaxing. Beside Luke, James's elder brother... My other best-friend. But my mind kept turning to the new guy, his dark handsome looks...

"Oh god, he saw me in my bra..." I fought to remain calm, as my mind started over thinking all the possibilities.


"So when your going to tell me what's bothering you?" Luke's question cut me out of my madness. I glanced at him, slightly surprised he'd yet not so shocked at the same time. He was the kind of guy who could usually tell when I had something on my mind, but wasn't one to bring it up...

"Why so curious?" I countered, about to turn to face him before I saw a flicker of light past the trees beyond us. Stopping, I gripped Luke's jacket as a loud rustling of leaves began in the near distance. Before we knew it, the trees surrounding us were beginning to shake as a roar seemed to be coming towards us.

"Oh god." I paled, suddenly letting go and dashed forward in a blinding rush towards what I knew could only be another disaster...

"Beth!" Luke's voice called out to me. I could hear him. It. Everything. But the panic and shock in Luke's voice was drowned out by the deafening roar of the bulldozer that was making it's way towards the forest, knocking down the smaller trees along with the edge of the nature strip. My eyes flew to the trees, and my back began to sting as I ran towards the bulldozer.


"It's private property, they can't do anything. It's private property, they can't..."  a hand on my arm wrenched me backwards, and falling to the ground a scream escaped my lips as dirt found it's way onto my back. My eyes slid shut as I arched in pain, biting my lower lip hard enough to taste the warm, iron liquid of my blood.

"Miss I'm gonna have to ask you to leave." a gruff voice shouted loudly. My eyes slid open slowly, vision blurred with tears as I got up slowly to face the big bellied, unshaven, Texan-sounding perpetrator. One hand on my knee for support, the other holding my hair out of my face, I pulled a face as he began shouting blazes-know-what into the megaphone he held. Mustering up enough anger, and about to shout, I ended up gaping as Luke knocked him out cold before picking up the megaphone. He turned to me, and stunned into silence, I froze. The furious look in his eyes had been so intense I'd...

"Oh god, what if he killed him!" I turned to the knocked out stranger, my brow furrowing when I realized he wasn't breathing... Then he snorted. Turning to Luke I watched as he lifted he megaphone to his lips, the aura he gave off so frighteningly untamed from his usual, calm demure.

"This is private property. The police are on their way and you are all going to be sued for trespassing." he shouted, the sound of his voice, loud enough to almost drown out the roar of the bulldozer. It took less than a second for the roaring to stop, before the driver hopped out, and a team of similarly dressed work men headed our way.


Standing up straight, I pushed my dirt-filled hair out of my face, ignoring the intense pain from my fall.

"We've been given a permit..." one of the men began, as I headed over. Watching as they fell silent, I turned to glance at Luke's suddenly, incredibly impassive face.

"Well as the owner I'm pretty sure I haven't given you a permit." he ground out, the lowest of growls seeming to rise in his throat. I watched them pale, and felt myself do the same as I suddenly felt the roaring pain in my back. Gripping the edges of my jacket, I bunched my hands into fists as I fought to remain in control.

"You're Lucas Grey?" one of the men asked in disbelief. I shut my eyes, trying to suppress the pain that only seemed to increase as seconds ticked on.

"They did say he was young fella..." another voice echoed,

"Oh no..."

"Luke..." I groaned, feeling the eyes turn to me. Reaching out blindly I grabbed onto his arm just in time to let go of all control, before I fell into a state of oblivion.

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