Poisoned arrows

katness thinking of killing


1. The reaping

Sweat dripped down my forehead. Not me, please not me. Effie stood there, lording over us. From the capitol. Who does she think she is? My ears were buzzing, my breath escaping in jagged puffs. I searched through the crowd for his face. It could be him this year, it could be either of us. We had borrowed from them enough. I wish I didn't but what else could i do, let Prim starve? It was like the Capitol were holding daggers to our throats. They did this every year, drag a boy and girl from a family to fight to the death in an arena watched by everyone. Everyone watched. Mums watching their son or daughter die. It was sick. Effie sauntered up to the microphone with her bleach white hair and awful shocking pink dress. If you could call it a dress. Her musical voice filled the square but it was not a nice music. It was a death call. She swept her spider-like hand into a glass bowl full of slips of delicate white paper. Not me, please not me. She closed her fingers around one and extracted it. "Hum hum." she coughed "Primrose Everdeen" she called. I froze. No. Not Prim, anybody but Prim. My little sister stumbled into the middle of the square. She looked so scared. Her face was tight but she held her head up high, she would go with dignity, die with dignity. My legs sprang into action as I ran forward, pushing and shoving those who got in my way. On the other side Gale was doing the same. My best friend. He would look after her.

" I volunteer" Everybody stared at me

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