Will you keep me safe?

Emily has been abused daily by her dad. The only thing that keeps her going is the mysterious stranger on AIM. So when she finds out that he is Zayn Malik , she can't believe it. And when he offers her a place at his house... will she take it?


4. Trouble

I wake up at 8:30,CRAP. I have never been this late before I was supposed to be at school now. I quickly grab some clothes to put on and rush to the bathroom to put some mascara on and brush my teeth. I skip breakfast and try to brush my hair while putting on my white converses. I grab my bag and look at the mirror, I was wearing an one direction t-shirt with a pair of denim jeans, my hair was dark brown and wavy, it was shoulder length. I am average height with dark brown eyes and I had an average nose. My lips where bright red and I didn't have an lipstick on. I sigh and slam the door shut Dad probably thought I had already gone to school so I don't bother telling him. 

I wait patiently for the bus I don't know why, but I was super relaxed I felt almost excited that I  was late for school "Oh wow you are such a bad ass for being soo late ,not"    I sigh 

The bus approaches and I step onto the bus. The bus driver looked pretty angry so I hurry past. My school is four stops away and I just stare at the window, not thinking about anything before I know I am my stop. I pause there's something stopping me from going to school I  just don't feel like going to school again. I know I will get into trouble, but I really didn't feel going to school. I stare at the bruise on my hand that my dad had given me before and before I know it I am skipping school. I get of 3 stops later at costa coffee shop and get a hot chocolate. The lady serving gave me a questioning look, but said nothing. I suddenly felt really guilty, but it was too late and I set off. I sit in the park and take out my crap brick phone and look to see if I have any messages. I had two missed calls and three text messages from my bff Ally. I open one of the text messages

"Hey Emily see you at school" I then open the second one

" Emily where are you. We have this important visitor coming to school today and you better be there"

SHIT I jump up and run to the bus stop. I was shaking OMG I knew this was the worst idea I ever came up with. I'm never going to skip school again. What was I thinking try to skip school I am sooo stupid. 

I really hope the visitor is here yet

Sorry this is such a bad chapter and I haven't updated for like 3 months, but I have been super busy I promise this will get better


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