Will you keep me safe?

Emily has been abused daily by her dad. The only thing that keeps her going is the mysterious stranger on AIM. So when she finds out that he is Zayn Malik , she can't believe it. And when he offers her a place at his house... will she take it?


2. Drunk again


      "Emily, come down here now!" Dad shouts.

 What have I done now? Slowly I walk towards the kitchen. I could smell alcohol from upstairs. He's drunk, again. I walk   into the kitchen. Dad doesn't notice me for a few seconds. I begin to think that he hasn't noticed me and walk back. Just as I turn my back to leave, he clears his throat.

"Where do you think you're going?" He slurs.

Dad gets up and slowly walks towards me. I can fell his stinky, hot breath on my cheek. He looks at me like he's comparing me to god knows what. His face is full of anger and I can see his hands shaking. The vodka bottle that was once in his hand is now on the floor.

"You look too much like your mother"He half shouts, half whispers.

I wince my mum was killed by a car 2 years ago, the driver unknown. That was when dad started drinking, and now 2 years later he still does.

"Look at me b*tch when I talk to you" He shouts.

*slap* I wince when his hand makes contact with my face and leaves a bruise on my face, but I try to look like I don't care. Dad looks at me in a weird way as if he was my father for a second and  he cared about me  back before mum died, but then he passed out. I looked at him disgusted . Two tears ran down my face as I ran to my room followed by more. As I sobbed there I wished for mum to come back an tell me everything's alright, but I know that's never going to happen.

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