Will you keep me safe?

Emily has been abused daily by her dad. The only thing that keeps her going is the mysterious stranger on AIM. So when she finds out that he is Zayn Malik , she can't believe it. And when he offers her a place at his house... will she take it?


5. Dr. Finsburg

  The bus is late. Just my luck not. This is so annoying why did I try to skip school?? What will the school think? The worst thing I did this year was give in my homework late. The bus finally appears and I jump on. Once I was on the bus I thought this through I suddenly I came up with the perfect idea. I could fake a note saying that I had, had a doctors appointment and that's why I am late. I quickly scribble it down I do my dad's signature. I feel more relieved, but I am still worried about the visitor. I mean what if what he has to say is super important, but I miss I am taking my GCSE (a/n It's an exam you take when you are 16 in the U.K) this year and I this visitor might be essential. Finally I arrive at school and rush inside to the classroom. 30 people all look at me and I take a deep breath and walk up to Miss. Harid ,my form tutor, and give her the letter. She looks at me for a few seconds before reading the letter.

"Was it okay?" She asks.

What, what was she talking about. 

"The doctors appointment, there was nothing wrong with you was there?" She says seeing confused expression.

"Oh yeah , just a check up" I lied.

"Well then take a seat" She says.

I walk over to my seat next to Danny , my other best friend. She smiles and passes me a note.

Is everything okay? Where were you? 

I was fine I tried to skip school, but I got too scared

Lol A proper bad ass

Yeah that's me

I smile Danny really does know how to cheer me up. 

"Right girls and boys, the moment we have been waiting for I give you Dr.Finsburg" Miss. Harid says.

There was a polite applause and Dr. Finsburg come smiling.

"Hello everyone please just call me Philip" Dr. Finsburg says

I see Danny role her eyes and I just smile.

"Now I know you may be wondering why I am here. I am here to talk to you about child abuse and its impacts on other people" He starts off and suddenly he has my full attention. "You may be wondering why I am talking to you about this well it's because you are now officially allowed to have sexual intercourse and you should learn how to look after a child." He finishes.

A few people laughed when he said that I could tell no one took this very seriously. 

"Some of you may know what child abuse is from reading the newspaper or seeing the A.Ds on T.V and some of you may even have or still are victims" He says and I self consciously touch my bruise. Philip smiled " Of course I highly doubt that any of you have ever been abused or still are..."

{Skip the rest of the talk}


"Hey girlll" Yas says to me. Yas is my closest best friend and we do everything together.

"Hey Yas" I say smiling.

"Soo where were you, spill why were you so late?" Yas asks smiling

"She tried to skip school,but failed epically and came back to school" Danny says laughing.

"You tried to skip school?" Ally asks, her eyebrow raised. Ally has always been the straight A student who didn't ever get into trouble and all the teachers loved.

"Relax Ally, She's young and wants to understand life." Yas says joking.

Ally just roles her eyes and doesn't say anything. 

"So what did you tell Mrs. Harid" Danny asks

"I faked a letter saying I had a doctors appointment" I say truthfully.

"Emily!!" Ally squeals.

"The classic doctor appointment excuse" Laugh Yas.

"This isn't funny guys Emily could be expelled" Ally says seriously.

"Relax" I say " Liam payne skipped school you know"

Ally is the biggest Liam Payne fan. EVER. 

Ally just smiles and I could tell that she was relaxed.

"So what do you think about Dr. Finsburg or should I say Philip" Yas giggles 

"Oh yeah he was sooooo boring" Danny says

Everyone laughed,even Ally,but I felt a bit annoyed that they were so disrespectful to him and to and to what he had to say.

"Hey guys he wasn't that bad and abuse isn't a boring subject" I snap.

Everyone looks a bit taken back and I sigh, I mean none of them know that I am abused and it's not their fault. 

"Sorry I am snapped guys I am just a bit stressed at the moment" I say.

"It's fine I  mean we all have different opinions" Yas says smiling..

I smile back, I love my best friends.

With that we all go to next period



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