Will you keep me safe?

Emily has been abused daily by her dad. The only thing that keeps her going is the mysterious stranger on AIM. So when she finds out that he is Zayn Malik , she can't believe it. And when he offers her a place at his house... will she take it?


3. AIM

I looked at my alarm clock, 2:30. Sighing I look around, I'm never going to get back to sleep. Looking around I spot my laptop lying at the corner of my bed. I look at for a few seconds, it was the last thing mum gave me. I remember it all so well, her face full of joy, yet a hint of fear was in it as she gave it me. I stare at my laptop before logging on. I log onto AIM before slapping myself, who would be on at this time. To my surprise Zayn12malik  was on. I don't actually know who he is, one day he typed in the wrong AIM name and well when he found that he did, he never deleted me. "More people to chat to"he said, so we sometimes chat.  I decided to chat to him.

Emily34:What are you doing up so late?

zayn12malik: Couldn't get to sleep, what about you?

Emily34: Same, I guess.

Zayn12malik: What do you mean you guess?

Could I tell  him all about my life and what was happening. I decided to make a list about why I should and Shouldn't.

should                                                 shouldn't

He wont tell anyone                     I don't know anything about him

I am sure he's a normal boy        He could be 70 year old man

As my list went on. I decided not to tell him too  much, but just a little bit

Emily34: I was thinking about my mum.

Which was true.

Zayn12malik: Why?

Emily34: Because she's...dead and I was thinking about my last moment with her.

Zayn12malik: That must be tough.

Emily34: Yeah...I have to go, sorry.

I flinched at how stupid that sounded, why would I have to go at 3 in the morning.

Zayn12malik: Yeah okay, bye.

Suddenly I felt sick. What had I just done, I had just told him my most personal thing. I didn't know anything about him, apart from the fact he was in a band and he was a directioner a/n is that how you spell the names of their fans sorry I don't know.  either that or he was in one direction. Well I guess he must be a fan then.

a/n hey guys I might not be able to update for a bit because I am going away sorry Isabellaxx


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