Shattered Dreams.

"I think I'm losing my insanity."

A girl's quest for her dreams turn out worse than she ever expected.

I mean seriously, you have a wish that gets granted and you get it...simple, right?


This 12 year old just wanted to have powers to protect her loved ones, but instead she wakes up in a mansion, part of an organisation that she's never heard anything about!


2. The... Side-effects and Results.

The woman stepped closer to me, reaching out her hand.
"Take my hand."

I nodded and took her gloved hand.

She started chanting words I couldn't comprehend.

The woman smiled and said, "Please don't scream, it'll hurt for only a moment."

I didn't understand what she meant at first but then after a few seconds... I finally understood.
The pain was...well, painful. It felt like someone repeatedly cut me open; a surgery...without the anaesthetic (sleeping gas BTW).

I suppressed my urge to scream, instead letting streams of tears fall from my eyes... usually any and every person who has ever seen me cry -which is like around three people- is sworn to secrecy.

The pain lasted only a second in reality but to me, it felt like an eternity. I sighed, I must be losing my sanity. When I reopened my eyes, the cat-lady vanished. ...huh, typical.

As soon as I raised my hand to stretch, I saw a flames appear on my fingertips.

Why the heck did I light my hands on fire?!


A few minutes later after running around my a crazy person.

Oh... I can turn the fire off... Right, I knew that.

Hmm... Fire?

I walk towards my kitchen filling a bowl of water and set it down on the counter. I eyed the bowl for a few seconds, expecting it to move because I wanted it to. I stared at it, now picturing it slowly rising up and turning it into ice...

"Like that's gonna happen," I laughed, rolling my eyes in a good-natured way, as I walked back upstairs.

I heard a cracking noise behind me. I spun on my heel, practically leaping to the counter in excitement. I can't believe it...

It worked... Fire, water. What next?

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