Shattered Dreams.

"I think I'm losing my insanity."

A girl's quest for her dreams turn out worse than she ever expected.

I mean seriously, you have a wish that gets granted and you get it...simple, right?


This 12 year old just wanted to have powers to protect her loved ones, but instead she wakes up in a mansion, part of an organisation that she's never heard anything about!


1. Prologue.

"A wish?!" I shouted, sounding a little too eager.

"Sure," the black cat laughed, swishing her two tails, "Any wish you want!"

"I-I wish for the power to protect my loved ones."

"Eh, really?" The cat mewled, "So... The power to protect those closest to you?"

I nodded hesitantly. I flinched as I saw the cat stand on its hind legs, morphing into a woman with a black hooded robe. Never in my twelve years of living would I have guessed that magic would be real... I blame myself for being a realist...
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