Shattered Dreams.

"I think I'm losing my insanity."

A girl's quest for her dreams turn out worse than she ever expected.

I mean seriously, you have a wish that gets granted and you get it...simple, right?


This 12 year old just wanted to have powers to protect her loved ones, but instead she wakes up in a mansion, part of an organisation that she's never heard anything about!


3. Finding Trust.....In the Cat-Lady.



Poke. Poke.


Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke.

What is poking me!? I just found out magic is real and suffered an intense amount of pain! Who dares disturb my slumber!?

"Good morning, milady," I heard a voice quietly say, "What would you like for breakfast?"

The word 'breakfast' got me up.*

"Mm... Could I have...bacon -crispy-, pancakes and maple syrup, hash browns and...some toast please?" I answered, "Oh, and where am I?"

"Milady, you are at the Crescent's mansion." The maid informed me, she sounded pretty robotic if you ask me, "Lady Nyarth brought you in."

"Cat-lady?" I blurted out automatically... Oops.

The pink haired maid tapped her chin thoughtfully, "I suppose so."

"So why am I here in this mansion?" I spoke up...I wanted to change the subject.

"Lady Nyarth will tell you, as you eat your breakfast."

Hmph....secretive much?

I opened the doors just a crack to see a huge- no a gigantic dining hall!

This is bigger than Ciel Phantomhive's dining hall!

(Sorry if you don't understand the references I'll make in this story.)

I opened the door and stepped in the hall, I glanced at my food...all the way at the other end of the room!

Aww... I have to walk all the way there.

After walking like a 20 metres, I finally stumbled to the other end of the table where 'Lady Nyarth' waited for me. Gee...

I slouched in the chair, the sight of the food making my mouth water... Ooh, bacon, pancakes.
I'll have to thank these people for making bacon and pancakes.

"Hmph... Why the miso ramen am I here?" I questioned as I stuffed my face with- well not really...yeah, I did stuff my face with breakfasty deliciousness.

She, Lady Nyarth, sweat dropped at the sight of me being me, "I have brought you here to the Crescent Mansion to help fight the armies of the Syndicate," she stated, no doubt having no inkling to how I felt about this.

Nyarth flipped her hood back, revealing a very pretty face, with long, beautiful strands of blood red hair. Man, I wish I had hair like that... My hair is middle length and black... boring right?

She clicked her fingers and chuckled, what did she do?

I began to stare down at the plate, realising that I ate it all already. Oh well. I'm stuffed anyway!

"Like you stuffed your face?" Nyarth said, trying to stifle a laugh.

"Haha, very funny." I froze, "Wait a min-"

"Anyway, back onto topic, the Syndicate has amassed an army, powerful enough to destroy the all the 9 planets," Nyarth interrupted my thoughts.

Hmm.. By planets, does she mean Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune?

"You may be thinking of the 9 planets of the Solar System of the Galaxy, Milky Way," Lady Nyarth murmured slowly, "However, the planets I'm talking about are of the Shinrai Galaxy."

"Shinrai? Like as in Shinrai Shizuka!? My last name, Shinrai?!"

And I have to stop it there, if you can find and figure out the references, I'll give you a cookie?

No mean or rude comments please... They just make me feel very sad..........

Umm... That's about it? Oh yeah, comment, like, favourite or something?

Thanks for reading!

You've made me very happy!

Thanks again! Good bye! Happy reading!
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