The Hanging Tree (take two)

for the people that have read my first book the hanging tree and know why there are no more chapters leafed I am making a new book the same story but longer and with more in it hope you like The Hanging Tree (take two


8. Warnings

We went back in to school like nothing had happened the only thing that gave use away was that he had his arm around me even tighter. but people just smiled at use sweetly even Brad. Nick walked me to science and stopped at the class room door

"I'll see you after school then" he said kissing my cheek

"O-okay" i said quietly walking in to the room and sitting at my desk not looking at all the staring eyes. James just smiled at me and nudged my arm. i just leaned my head over too him and said "can i copy off you again.

after science i had P.E which i was okay at but we where doing hockey and i knew i was good at hockey  the boys would stand and gorp at me from the side lines as i gracefully weaved my was through the crowd of people that tried at get the ball off me.

when i got our of the changing rooms i was bombarded by slaps on the back and "good god girl your good" they all cleared away and i was leafed outside. Nick was leaning on the wall with a big smile

"I just herd that you good at hockey" he said taking my hand. we walked out the school and started walking back to my house. when we walked up to the door and Nick kissed me i could have sworn that i saw something in the window but i lit it go over my head only because i wanted to concentrate on the kiss.

when i walked in it was silent i was about to call for my mum but i herd something i turned to the living room where Micky sat

"wheres mum" i asked staying a safe distance 

"Err she went out" he said but before i could leave my room he stopped my "nice looking boy you got there" i turned to him "I'm warning you no good will come of him" my eyes narrowed

"well why don't you let me make my own mistakes" the large man got up from his chair and slapped me around the cheek

"don't you dear talk to me like that" i was one the floor clutching my cheek. i got up quickly and run up stairs, in to my room and locking the door. Sobbing now i got my phone and called my mum. waited as the beeps went by but now answer  what was going on my mum always answered then there was a knocking at the door. i unlocked the door and ran down stairs and barged my wat past Micky and opened it but it was not mum it was Nick he had a scared look in his eye

"Fay you have to some quick" he said tugging my arm 

"why what happened"

"its your mum" with that we where running down the rode as fast as i could  we terned the corner and a big group of people where surrounding something. i ran up to the group and started pushing my way through felling my hart rate get quicker and quicker. i did no what was happening when i got to what everyone was looking at. I flowed a big pool of blood to where a body lay stiff and cold i put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from making a horrid cracking sound i fell next to where my mother lay in her own blood. i moved some of the hair off her face to saw a bolet hole my eyes streamed with tears and my body went weak and i fell of her my sobbed being muffled by her clothes. i forgot about the people surrounding use. i did not want to believe that she was dead maybe in some way she had lived but it was impossible even as the sounds of an ambulance came i new it was too late i new that a shot to the head would kill anyone in an second

"Fay?" i herd i voice say i looked up still sobbing. It was Nick. i flung my arms around him and he pressed me closer to him. the ambulance took the body and the crowd dispersed but me and Nick stayed on the blood stained pavement and after 10 minuets he pulled away from me and said

"come one you can come with me" and pulled me up on to my feet but i felt so unstable and started walking back to my house

"no...I-I cant got back there" i said slowly. Nick just looked at me with sad eyes

"okay what do you want to go"

"i don't know... i don't know what to do, mum was my last family i have, no one else " he held me in his arms as tears still streamed down my face. that was it no one else no family an orphan alone in the big world with no one to help me through life.


i ended up going to Nicks house his mother opened the door with a smile and it was wiped off she saw me

"what happened" she said

"mum Fay needs a place to stay for i bit i'll enplane it to you" she looked at me and and got out of the way so i could come in

"Nicky!" a little five year old was running down the stairs with a big smile on her face and her hair done in pig tailes. she crashed in to Nicks knees

"hey Poppy " he said but did not smile then he bent down and whispered something in her ear. she nodded and walked up to me

"hello" she said in a quiet voice and then took my hand and lead me in to the living room and we sat on the couch "im sorry " she said but i dont know how she could be so young and under understand what was going on but she did and i ended up giving her a big hung like i did with Nick as i cried and cried she just sat there hugging me back. after a long moment Nick and him mum came in and nick sat next to me. i let go of Poppy and turned to hug Nick hiding my face in his chest. Poppy jumped off the couch and she and her mum leafed the room leaving me and nick by on out own

"what did the do with here"  i said through my sobs

"they took her to ANE" he said quietly

"but she was dead i know she was"  i said pressing my self closer to him and ever so slowly cried myself to sleep


when i woke up i was on my own in a room i did not recognize and i took me a minuet to find out where i was. i felt heavy and low like there where clouded over me and i was carrying a tone of bricks on my back my mouth was dry and i wanted to cry but could not. i got up and looked around the room it was simple a leather couch and arm chair and big flat screen TV. my eye wondered over the old family photos

"Hello" said a little voice behind me. i turned to see little Poppy dress in a sweet brown dress with pink leggings and little brown boots. i smiled at her

"hey" i said crouching down so i was her height. "Do you know where your brother is"

"Nicks at school" she said

"Okay" i said getting back up and sitting on the couch. i wrapped my arms over my legs so i was in a little ball and tried to weep again but i could not i was probably dehydrated so i just say there trying to black memory's of my mother. little poppy skipped out the room and after a minuet Nicks mother came in

"hey" she said with a said look in her eye " I'm so sorry. do you want anything" i shock my head kicking off my shoes and curling up in the couch again "can you at leased drink something  she said holding a glass of water that i did not see before. i said nothing but drank the water all down in one. once i had downed it i wiped my mouth

"whats your name" i asked she smiled

"you can call me Lily" she said tacking the glass from me "Nick should be back soon"

"how long have i been asleep" i asked then all the world went blank. just then Nick came in but it was too late i was gone


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