The Hanging Tree (take two)

for the people that have read my first book the hanging tree and know why there are no more chapters leafed I am making a new book the same story but longer and with more in it hope you like The Hanging Tree (take two


5. War wounds

We got to my house and i lightly knocked on the door with Nick and Lizzy helping me stand i don't know why its just a cut a very deep and vary big cut but a cut non the less my mother opened the door and instantly the smile was wiped from her face 

"Oh my god fay" she said eyes wide with shook

"hey mum" i said in a week voice as she got me in and sitting on the kitchen chair. Nick and Lizzy came in with her

"why did you not call me Fay" my mum said in frantic voice

"Oh didn't think of that one" i said try to calm her as she got the needle and stitches out  

"your just lucky that I used to be a nurse" she said "right your going to have to tack you top of so i can clean the cut. i looked up at Nick and Lizzy more at Nick 

"I'll step into the other room i think" he said turning and walking out the room. my mother then looked at Lizzy 

"whats your name" she said 

"L-Lizzy" she stuttered 

"Okay Lizzy how good are you with blood"

"Errr I'm okay with it" she said shrugging 

"good you can help me. Fay take you top of" i did as my mum said slipping it off but i forgot about all the other scars i have on my body. i herd Lizzy gasp at my war wounds 

"Right Fay i don't have pain killers so your going to have to tuff it out" my mum said cleaning the blood off my chest. she disinfected it. that stung lots the then she started stitching i was used to my mum having to stitch with out pain killers.  

After ten minuets of stitching (it was a big cut) my mum sprade more disinfectant on the cu

"There anything else" my mum asked

"Well they did hit me pretty hard hard in the stomach and he grabbed my by the neck" I said rubbing my hands over my neck "Yeah you'll have some nasty brouses" my mum said putting her things away I shrugged my school blows back on and with out buttoning it up said thanks to mum and Lizzy then walked out I saw Nick in the hallway but I did not stop I just went up stairs and in to my bed room where I sat at the end of bed and started weeping.

"Fay" I turned to see Nick in the door way with worried eyes

"You and Lizzy better go home your parents will be wondering where you are" I said whipping my tears and going in to the bathroom and leaning over the sink. I could not stop from sobbing now. I fell to the floor and cryed and cryed. Nick came and sat next to me and put his arm around me.

"I'm fine" I said through sobs. We stayed like that till Lizzy came through the door

"I better be going home" she said in a soft voice. I just nodded and she leafed

"You should probebly be going too" I said whipping away the last of my tears

"Yeah your right" he said. I got up splashed my face with som cold water and put my blood stained shirt in the corner of my room. I walked over to my wardrobe and got a new shirt. I knew Nick was looking at my scar ridden body in shock and when I looked at him I was right his mouth hung open and his eyes wide. I just sighed and walked out the room but he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him.

"Nick there just scars war wounds if you like" he pulled up one of my sleeves to show slash marks all up my are. About a year ago I did them I hade tried to forget about it and had till now.

"Who where you fighting in this battle" he said quietly. I closed my eyes as if I could wish the situation away i said in a quiet voice "myself". I pulled my arm for his hand and headed down stairs.

"I'll see you tomorrow hopefully" he called down stairs. I did not call back. I found my mother in the kitchen. She held her arms out to, i and ran to her to hug her and started crying

"It's okay" she said trying to sooth me.


The next day in school every one had a grave face when I walked in even Brad looked worried. My eyes scand the room every person sat looking at me ether Lizzy told then or they where there when it happend. I steped back to the door and opened it again I saw Nick stand up and that was it ran back out the door I did not know where I was going but to my luck I came across the girls bathroom I ran in to it and locked myself in. after a minuet There was a knock at the door

"Fay I know your in there" said Lizzy

"Go away" I shouted back

"Fay they where all there when it happened I told them not to go to you coz it would embarrass you"

"I'm not going back in there"

"But don't hide in the toilets...Please" she begged

"Are you alone" I asked

"Yeah" I opened the door slowly to see Lizzy and Nick

"LIZZY" I shouted

"Sorry" she said shrugging "he made me" and then I saw Nick slip her a ten pound note and I frowned.

"Thanks Lizz" said Nick as she walked back to class and then he took my hand and led me away

"Hey where are we going" I asked "We are skipping school today

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