The Hanging Tree (take two)

for the people that have read my first book the hanging tree and know why there are no more chapters leafed I am making a new book the same story but longer and with more in it hope you like The Hanging Tree (take two


1. Last day

"that's it mum I'm never going to that school again" i shout as i stomp through the door slamming it behind me. I walk in to the kitchen where my mother stood with a white apron on and her dark brown hear was up in a pony tail

"oh god what did they do to you" she said running up to me 

"i was walking home when i her someone shout There she is and a group of kids from my class was running for me so i started running too". i said wiping the blood from my cheek "I run in to the park and started to climber a tree but one boy grabbed my foot and pulled me down i fell about 7 feet and then they just started kicking me and i think one of them had i knife"i said pointing to the cut again. my mother pressed her lips in a hard line and sighed 

"well I'll tell the head master-"

"oh whats the point" i interrupted "that wont stop them will it the past 5 times that did not work. Why would it work this time.

"Okay go get cleaned up and I'll make you something nice for dinner" i nodded and quietly went up to my room, closed the door and walked over to the on-suet bath room. I could see that i was going to have a bad black eye and that cut is going to need stitches my mum could do that its not the first time. it was pain full all over my body and by the end of the day i will be able to see haw bad my bruised and bones where for now i washed the dirt and blood off my face being careful of the cut. When i was done with my face i changed in to some of my P.J's. i found myself at a lose end with not much to do so i went over to my computer to check my e-mails. this is probably a bad idea but i still did it. As i logged on i felt my hear rate quicken and as my old computer showed me my front page my hart sank with sadness and pain every comment and every message was filled with abuse and anger rumors of things i have done but are not true. i felt my eyes brim over with tears and more and more till i was in full sobbing mode and it went on and on i cover my face with my hands till all my tears where gone. what did i do to deserve this? Why me? I did not know the answers to any of the questions in my head all i knew was that i had to start my life over again and that is why I'm never going back to that hell hole ever again this was my last day of hell and i know tomorrow will be a better day i know it .

There was i light knock at the door "Fay dinner is ready" i looked up from my arms and my mother had a worried look in her eye. i sniffed and nodded and she nodded back and closed the door. I got up and turned off my computer

I walked down the long hall and slumped down the stairs, in to the kitchen where my mum was plating up some of her home made lamb hot pot. it was the best food in the world and the smell made my moth water but i did not want to eat at all. i sat in the chair at the table and sighed loudly my mother turned with the plate of food his her hands and and gave my a sad smile. she placed the food in front of me and walk to the other end of the kitchen to lean on the counter. she looked at me for a long time then said

"I called the head master today and said that you where leaving and he said that he was sorry to hear that and that he hopes you have a better time at your new school"

i said nothing just nodding and prodding my dinner. after a minuet i asked

"so what school am i going to"

"you know the one down the rode i think its called the blue school, I know worried name but i have herd really good thing about it "

i nodded again "cool that sounds better"

"your not going to eat that are you she said pointing at my full plate" 

"sorry no I'mm not in the mood for eating"

"that's okay maybe you should get some sleep you have had a hard day you must be sleepy" she said taking the plate of untouched food and kissing my for head. 

i went to bed that night with a black eye and a cut that my mum had cleaned and stitched up and i could feel each and every bruise on my body more than ever but was happy with the knowledge that tomorrow will be a better day 

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