The Hanging Tree (take two)

for the people that have read my first book the hanging tree and know why there are no more chapters leafed I am making a new book the same story but longer and with more in it hope you like The Hanging Tree (take two


2. First day

The next day was spent getting the new school uniform. i think i was half asleep because i don't remember much about it. most of the time i spent listening to my mum umming and ahhing at the many different items of clothing as i stood there with my arms out at my sides.

Later that day we went for lunch in a cafe and i think every one was looking at me and my black eye and stitched up cut they looked at me like i had just striped of and danced around the cafe in my underwear. i ended up pulling my hair over my face

When i got home i avoided my computer like it was a wild animal that would tear me to shreds if i got to close to it even edging my way around it to get my new school bag and stationary for the morning.

And when i went to bed well i know i did not go to sleep that's for sure no matter how much i tried i just could not sleep i think its because i was too exited to sleep or i was filled to the brim with fear i think it was the filled to the brim with fear i don't know why because tomorrow was going to be a good day. i am starting a new leaf I'm starting a new life. i think i am so scared that i am going to bring some of my old life with me in to my new one.

I got up very early that morning I did not sleep I wink and I thought that if I'm still up at five o'clock in the morning I'm not going to sleep at all so I went down the stair and into the kitchen to make that strongest coffee of all time putting three teaspoons of coffee in the mug and only one of sugar. That should stop me from falling asleep in class, well come to think of it if can't sleep in a bed I have no hope in a class room but still better safe that sorry.

When I finished making the coffee i sat in the dark kitchen the only light coming from the light over the cooker. It being winter things where always cold and dark outside and livening in England means there also wet, well it's like that all year round sometime it can seem like winter in the middle of summer. I like the cold or more like I don't mind the cold as much as everyone else, I don't like it when it's hot because there are only so many things you can do to cool off. If you too cold you can wrap up in a blanket but if your in the heat and your wearing shorts and vest you can't take any of that off so you can cool off not if you want to look like a stripper. I took a sip on the black ink looking coffee and it was like a slap round the face I had to force myself to swallow it was so bad but it was doing the job I did not fell like a zombie anymore well lest like one at the least. After I had downed the rest of the nasty liquid I set about making breakfast still in no mood to eat but new I had to I had some toast and a glass of milk by that time it was seven o'clock and my mum came down the stairs in her big, red fluffy dressing gown= . I looked at my self in the vest and shorts I always wear for P.Js

"God Fay how can you not be cold" she said rubbing her arms to gain a bit of warmth from the friction I just shrugged and said

"just cos I'm not cold does not mean that I'm the odd one"

"You sure about that one" she said and then sniffed the air

"Have you had coffee"

"Err yeah sorry I had no sleep last night"

"It's okay just tell me next time so I can get some more. That must have been the strongest coffee in the world" she said holding the coffee pot up to me where I could see that I had had about a quarter of the pot in one cup.

I said nothing on the way to school. My mum gave me a lifted to school so I know the way but I was not really thinking about that I was too filled with fear and excitement all at the same time

"You sure your going to be okay" my mum ask. I looked up at her and she was smiling but she had a worried look in her eyes

"I hope I'm going to be okay" I said blankly

"Well you have my number call me if something goes wrong or if you need a lift"

"Okay thanks, love you mum" I gave her a hug and got out of the car. There where lots of people going in and in large groups talking loudly. I pulled my hair over my black eye and cut and walked with my head down through the gates. No one looked at me this is a good thing I thought to myself I was nearly at the front office when I herd a young happy female voice

"Hey new girl" I froze and turned to see and strawberry blond girl run up to me. She reached me out of breath and panting "You are the new girl right Fay Brown"

"Err yeah"

"Oh good" she held out her hand "I'm Lizzy" I shook it not really knowing what to make of the happy bubbly girl in front of me. She was small and pretty looked about my age fifteen sixteen maybe

" would you like me to show you the way to your class" she said with a friendly smile

"O-okay how do you know when I'm going"

"Oh all I know is that your in my form class so I can show you where to go from here" she smiled again sweetly

"Okay thanks" She walked around me to the door of the front office and held it open for me

"You coming" she said still smiling. I followed her in to the warm room and to a desk where a plump middle aged woman sat "How can I help you dear" she said looking up from the computer she was working on

"I have Fay Brown hear the new girl" said Lizzy looking at me to make sure I was still there

"Oh well come here dear she said to me as I edged forward not looking at the people how here staring at me

"here is your map and your home work diary be sure to put your name on both, okay dear hope you have a good first day" she smiled at me and turned to Lizzy.

"This way to the form room". She said turning around and walking though a long corridor. We went to the end of it and then turned right and there was a big blue door that she went through. I had to take a big deep breath before I could follow her in. When I gained my confidence I went in ans there was people laughing and talking loudly and two boy play fighting in the corner with people placing bets on how won. Then to my surprise Lizzy stood on a chair and shouted

"HEY LISTEN" every one stopped at once to look first at her then at me. Lizzy hoped off the chair

"Thank you. Right guys this is Fay the new girl" every one starred at me. I hated the way she was putting me on the spot like this. I just smiled timely and then I saw the two boys that where fighting started up and both waved at me, I hope that is a good sign then Lizzy carried on with her little speech

"So if one person says a bad word about her you'll have to answer to me" then she turned to me and every one went on with what ever they her doing. I had the feeling that no one messed with Lizzy she would be a good friend to have.

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