The Hanging Tree (take two)

for the people that have read my first book the hanging tree and know why there are no more chapters leafed I am making a new book the same story but longer and with more in it hope you like The Hanging Tree (take two


4. Blades of steel

Nick pulled be to the art class again but I pulled back

"I'm not going back in there" he probably thought it was cos it was so embarrassing to go back in there but really I did not want to have to look at the drawing I created with my emotions and not with my mind

"Okay I'll get your bag" he went in to the room and grabbed my bag and walked out again. He handed me my bag and asked "what do you have next"


"Oh good me too you'll like our English teacher he's funny" he said slipping his arm around my wast. My breath hitched and my heart rate quickened and I think Nick saw because he had a big smile on his face the howl way to English when we got there Nick did not let go of my wast to go talk to the teacher like he did in art he just walked over to his desk at the back and sat down I had no choice but to sit down with him I was just glade that we were early so no one saw how he held me by the wast. when the teacher came in he smiled widely

"Hey class right I have got a little surprise for you lot. Pop quiz but first you have to fill in these sheets". He started handing out the sheets of paper and stopped when he came to our table

"Well hello what do we have here" he said with a big smile

"I'm Fay"

"Oh new girl" he looked at Nick and smiled even more "it's the girls first day and you have already got her. I tip my hat to you Nick it's better that I ever did at your age" Nick smiled and shrugged

"Well times have changed sir maybe I'm just better looking than you where at my age" he said winking at me. Sir laughed

"Oh nick if only it was true" he said placing the sheets on our desk and walked over to the next table. I turned to Nick and raised my eye brows at him

"What?" he said holding his hands up in defense . I shook my head and muttered the word "boys" under my breath The sheets where on Romeo and Juliet which Nick had no knowledge on what so ever he would ask me questions like "that was that other guy called you know the one that Juliet's mum and dad wanted her to marry I think he was named after a city in France." The quiz was easy so easy I did not bother putting my hand up

After English I had science. I found that Lizzy was in most of my classes even English but I did not see her but Nick was not. The teacher a very short slender woman called Ms Liner she sat me next to James the boy that was reading with me. I was not really looking at him that morning. He had big glasses that looked quite stylish and ink black curly hair. He smiled at me as I walked over to his desk and edged his chair away to give me room. I herd laughing from the back on the room I snapped my head to look at the laughter.  ti was Brad and one of his friends. I gave him a dirty look and poked my tong out at him in a jokey way and he just smiled at me. We where doing physics so I did not listen to a word the teacher said it all went in one ear and out the other. Luckily for me James was happy to let me copy his work in to my book.

When science was done it was lunch and Lizzy made me come and set with her and her friends and Nick was part of that group and I sat next to Lizzy saving a space for Nick while he got his lunch but before he came back Brad came and sat next to me

"Hey" he said in his loud voice

"Hi" I said in a much quieter voice

"So how you liking your first day "

"It's okay"

"Cool... Look you don't like James do you"

"Not in that way no" I say Lizzy giggling out the corner of my eye and I new what Brad was doing

"Listen Brad your a great guy but your not my type" and with that Lizzy burst out laughing and so did every one sitting at the table and then I turned to Brad but he was not there he was face flat on the floor and Nick had the chairing his hand

"What the hell" said brad getting up and brushing himself down

"I think you'll find that this is my chair" Nick said calmly placing the chair back to where it was next to me and sat in it

"That's my girl" he said and kissed my cheek. I blushed and hid my face in my hair. I peeked up at Lizzy and the other but I don't think they saw.

After lunch I had drama with Lizzy and there was me thinking that the kiss that Nick gave me would not have bean seen

"Hey i saw Nick kiss you, babe you work fast you know like every girl wants to go out with him" she said nudging me with her elbow

"I don't think we're an item"

"Oh come on Fay he likes you and you like him don't hide from it"

"Why not that what I do, hide from my feelings"

"That's not a good thing you can't lie to yourself" I didn't answer. We where doing some thing on non naturalistic performances that was hard for me because we had to do a performance on dispersion and fear all thing came to easily to me even thought I was given high marks I was in danger of braking down crying in the middle of the performance but thankfully my tears stayed in.

My last lesson was maths and I was dreading it all the was. I hated maths the one thing I did not want to have to do luckily I sat next to Lizzy she was good company to have.

After maths I just wanted to go home I had nothing to do so I put up my hood and started walking home but was stooped short because group of kids my age where walking to word me. I froze those kids went to my old school, they her the kids that chased my two days ago I turned slowly and started walking in the other way. I could hear what they whee saying they where so close. They walked past me and I hid my face in my hood but one of the girls was staring at me she tapped the arm on one of the boys, he looked at her and then at me and I stared back the fear flooding my face. A wicked grin cover a the boy's face

"We'll look hear guys" they all turned to look at me "so you thought that moving schools would stop use" the boy said grabbing my throat and pinning me to the wall

"I could kill you right now he said holding my thought in one hand and a knife with a nasty looking steel blade

"Get it over with then" I spat through my teeth

"Oh I would love to but I like the to see you in pain" he said pressing the knife to my neck

"You have a black heart Daren" I said spitting at him at the same time and the smile turned even more wicked and he  slashed the knife over my chest making a deep cut in it I refused to screen but I could not stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks and the kneed me in the stomach and I made a horrible chocking sound. They all laughed

"HEY!" Some one called out

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING" some one different called out. Daren muttered a word that I did not catch, let go of my throat and the howl group ran off. I fell to the floor clasping my bleeding chest. Lizzy came up to me and put her hand on my shoulder

"Oh god Fay are you okay?"

"Lizzy look at her chest" said another voice. I looked up at see Nick

"Nick call an ambulance NOW!" Lizzy shouted. He got his phone out and fumbled at the numbers

"Guys really I'm fine" is whispered

"Your kidding Fay look at the cut it needs stitches. Who was that boy"

"They where from my old school" Nick looked at me and said

"we need to take her to her mum"

"What no we don't she needs stitches  said Lizzy pointing at the cut

"Trust me Lizzy that's the last thing she needs" he said putting one arm around mu wast to help me walk and helped me home.

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