The Hanging Tree (take two)

for the people that have read my first book the hanging tree and know why there are no more chapters leafed I am making a new book the same story but longer and with more in it hope you like The Hanging Tree (take two


3. Art class

Lizzy pointed at a desk that was empty and I went to go sit there. I got my bag on the desk and got my book out I got picked on for being a book worm so I tried to hide it but the boy how was sitting behind me tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey your reading the Hunger Games as well" he said holding up the same book.

"Yeah there good books" I said going back to the book. 

"What bit are you up to" the boy asked.

"Err Katniss has just found Peeta in the mud with a cut leg."

"Ohh that's a good bit it sort of turns in to a love story from there on."

"What bit are you up to."

"Oh I have read all three book about ten times but I'm at the bit where Katniss drops the tracker hacker nest on Clove, Kato, Glimmer and all that lot-" he was interrupted by one boy shouting from the others end of the room.

"HEY JAMES you not really trying to flirt with that girl are you." then James called back. 

"I don't see you trying."

"Oh don't worry about that I'll get round to it." he said winking at me. James just giggled and I blushed and hid behind my book.

"Don't worry about Brad he's a bit of a prat." he said I just smiled and went back to my book. After a minuet the door opened and I thought it was the teacher but instead a tall slender boy walked in with brown wavy hair he stopped at the desk I sat at and looked at me then at Lizzy.

"Oh new girl I hope you don't mind sitting with her." she said still smiling "It was ether that or with Brad and I think anyone can live without that." The boy smiled and said." I don't blame you". He sat in the seat next to me and got his phone out he looked like he was play some kind of car raising game after a minuet he leaned over to me still playing and said.

"I'm Nick." I looked up from my book.

"I'm Fay."

"Nice to meet you Fay."

"You too." I said in a whisper . He just smiled and went back to he's game then the teacher came through the door

"Right class sit down and listen before I start the register I have three thing to say first next week there is going to be an art competition you need to draw or paint something to describe you life. Second we have a new pupil with use to day her name is Fay and I hope you will all make her fell welcome." with her words I hid behind my book again"And third" said the teacher walking over to my desk and looking over nick shoulder with out him knowing and said.

"Nick is about to have is phone take away from him if he does not stop playing that stupid car game." Nick froze and slowly closed up the phone, put It away and looked up at the teacher with a sweet smile. 

"Nick if I see that phone again I'll give it to Brad I have reason to believe that he cracked the screen on his last Tuesday." I looked over to Brad and he had a wide grin on his face. 

"Sorry Miss Tyler." Nick said sweetly. Miss Tyler nodded and walked to the front of the class and started calling the register some of the boys replied to the names with a 'yo' or a ' whats up' but the teacher did not seem to mind. When the bell whent Lizzy skipped up to me and said. 

"What you got next" I got my planner out ant looked for my time table.

"Err art with Mr Hull."

"Oh I don't have that I have maths. Err Nick!" she called out to him he turned to look at use "you have art next right can you show Fay the way to the art rooms."

"Yeah sure I can do that" he said walk through the crowds. 

"Come on this way" he said taking my hand and pulling me through the groups of people chatting and laughing loudly. When you got to the art rooms Nick let go of my hand and went to tell the teacher that I was here and then sit down at his desk.

"Ah hello Fay you can sit there next to Jade" he pointed to a seat next to a girl with amazing Long curly brown hair she smiled at me as I walked over to her.

"Hey, I'm Jade."


"I know Lizzy told me" she said and went back to talking to the girl on the other side of her then sir bought the calls to attention and explained bout the art competition and said that all the students doing art for GCSE will have to do it and can do it in class. It had to say something about our lives well I was not about to show the hole school that I have bean bullied my hole life so I'm going to have to make something up. When sir got use pencils and paints and a paper I decided to make something that was colorful and pretty, not my life at all. Half way through I saw that I'm not good at lying to myself and so did Nick he came over behind me and said.

"that's not your life at all is it" I did not listen and carried on with my work but suddenly the paper was not in front of me and blank peace was in front of me.

"Do your life don't hide behind a cover". He said sitting on my tabel In pure anger I sketched a small girl crying that was me and around in I cover the page with hateful words knives fist and angry faces all in all it took most of the time leafed in the lesson and when I was done I pushed the paper to Nick and he had a sad look in his eyes.

"That. Is. My. Life. " I said in a slow angry voice "Do you know see why I did not want to show that" Nick took the peace of paper.

"your very good" he said in a quiet voice "I'm sorry". I could feel tears flooding my eyes so I ran out the room before I could embarrass my self. I did not know where to go or what to do so I ran to the end of the hall and crouched in the courier making myself as small as possible and let the tears roll over my cheeks. After a long moment I herd the art teacher's voice. 

"Where did she go?" he said.

"Look there she is said." Nicks voice "let me talk to her." I herd his foot steps coming towards me. 

"Fay I'm sorry I was not thinking."

"Go away." I mumbled but instead he sat next to me and put his arm around me before I shrugged it off. 

"Look I'm sorry I just wanted to know about you."

"You could of asked."

"Yeah I could of but you would of lied like you did with the drawing" I said nothing "look the bells going to go soon" with that I got up and wiped my tears tucking my hair behind my ear. When nick got up and looked at my face his smile was wiped off. I was about to ask what he was looking at and then I remember my black eye and cut. I hide my face from him at ones and started to walk away as fast as I could but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to the corner. 

"What was that." he said his eyes wide with shock.


"Is that what happened at your old school."

" just promise me you won't tell any one okay" he looked uncertain and after a minuet he nodded and I sighed with relief. "Thank you so much "

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