The Hanging Tree (take two)

for the people that have read my first book the hanging tree and know why there are no more chapters leafed I am making a new book the same story but longer and with more in it hope you like The Hanging Tree (take two


7. A new member

"How long have I bean asleep" I asked stretching

"About seven hours" he said looking at his phone

"we'll done for waking up and screaming just when they where walking by good timing."

"Sorry I had a bad dream"

"It's okay" he said jumping off the branch on to another and then. Three foot drop on to the floor. If I was anyone else I would probebly be impresed but I had just woken up and I could do the same easerly. I hoped down to the ground and landed right next to him. He smiled and we walked down the path as I kicked stones into the river.

"So did you tell any one about it, you know getting bullied" he asked stuffing his hands into his pockets

"No some people found out, like if you never saw that I was being bullied I would not have told you. I don't like it when people worry about me... I'm not worth the worry"

"Would you stop saying that" he said grabbing my hand and pulling me back so I was facing him

"Stop saying what?"

"That you're not worth it" he said wrapping his arms around my wast

"But I'm not" I said trying to pull myself from his grip but he didn't let go

"Yes you are Fay your worth everything I have"

"What if you get court up in it I'd hate for you to get in a fight"

"If its for you it's worth it. You may never believe it but you are worth more than you will ever know" I sighed

"if you say so" he leaned his head down so lips where nearly touching mine

"I know so" I felt his hand on the back of my head as his lips touched mine. My Legs went week and the only thing stopping me from falling was Nick. He tried to get me to kiss him back but i felt guilty almost like I was leading him on, I don't know how. His lips separated from mine "please" he whispered. I closed my eyes and two more tears rolled down my cheeks

"I-I can't" I whispered back. He tried again pulling me closer to him so that there was no spaces leafed between use but he gave up after I pulled away and hid my face in his shirt

"I do love you but I just can't do that at the moment" I mumbled looking up at him my eyes still wet with tears. He wiped my tears and carried on walking down the path with my hand in his We walked in silence on the way home I like it hearing the birds in the tree and the ducks in river when we got to my house Nick walked me to the door

"So are going to school tomorrow?" I asked "or are we going to be up a tree all day" he started laughing

"What?" I said

"Nothing" he said through his giggled " where going in to school" he stopped giggling and brushed hid thumb over my cheek "I'll see you tomorrow" he said and leaned down to kiss my cheek then he walked off. I stayed there till he was out of sight then fumbled for my keys and pushed them in to the key hole. I walked in to the house and could hear voices I walked in to the kitchen to see my mother talking with a rather fat man with short browny maybe a dark blond hair. He was obviously a military man the way he held himself with a dead strait back that you only see in people that work in the army or the RAF

"Mum who's this" they both looked up at me

"Hey dear err this is Mick" the man waved at me and gave me a friendly smile but I did not return it something about him made me feel unsafe.

"I have not tolled you about him because I was not sure about it but Mick is my... Boy friend if you like" I said nothing and just scratched my head

"It's nice to meet you said the man" smiling at me again I still did not return the smile

"You too" I muttered

"How was your day?" my mother asked

"Err not too good I did not go in to school"

"Why not"

"It was veary embarrass going in to school so I bunked of with N- a friend"

"Oh don't make a habit of it though"

"I won't" I walked out the room and up the stairs. There was something wrong with that Micky man I couldn't put my finger on it but I did not trust him.

The next day me and Nick did go in to school and Lizzy had told every one not to be give me pity but still when I walked in with Nicks hand around every one looked at me like they hade yesterday I tried to walk out of the room but Nick stopped me and pushed me in to the room.

In art Nick told me that I should still do my true life or at least a bit. He said that my work was amazing when I didn't lie. in the middle of class I took a peek at his once and was totally drawn. Amazingly detailed little drawings of scripted music fluttering in the wind and a lot to do with music. I bent over it to study it more. I looked at the he sketched the piano that was in the middle of the page it had such detail it looked real. I would of stayed there all lesson but I had the feeling I was being watched . I turned and Nick was behind me with his arms crossed and a big grin spread across his face.

Me and Nick where late for English and when we walked in  Nick had his arm around my wast a lot of people started sniggering and as we walked passed the teacher I saw him give a wink to Nick.

At lunch me and Nick when back to the tree and sat on the branch we where on yesterday

"Have you ever climb higher" I asked pointed up looking that the sturdy branches

"Of course I have" he said "why?" I smiled and got to my feet. I got my balance on the branch and then started climbing. nick was soon climbing with me. There was one point when I got myself hanging from a branch like a sloth holding on with me hands and wrapping my ankles around the branch and at another point I hade my knees wrapped around a thin branch and was dangling upside down I think I was just showing of

"Hey Nick look" he turned his head so he could look at me and started laughing and then so did I and then my jumper came over my face and we started laughing harder I pulled my jumper off still hanging upside down but dropped it

"Oh crap. Nick help"

"What do you want me to do"

"Get my jumper, look its snagged on that branch"

"Okay" he said hoping from branch to branch till he got to the right one then he chucked it to me. I court it the struggled to get the right way up. I hoped off the branch and on to the one that nick was sitting on. We were quite high up and I was really enjoying my self. I sighed at let the sun dance on my face

"Can I ask for something?" Said Nick

"Yeah" I said still with my eyes closes happy and content with the atmospher.

"Can I kiss you" my eye flashed open and looked at him "properly I meen with out you getting tense or scared "

"Oh" was all I was able to say

"Can I" he said looking in to my eye

"Err-I-um i'll try" he smiled

"that's all I ask" he leaned in to me and placed one hand on my cheek my heart jumped at his touch I closed my eyes both dreading and willing the moment to happen his lips touched mine and then he pulled away I think checking my reaction because a second later his lips where on mine again and I made an effort to kiss him back. I found myself wrapping my arms around his neck. Shivers ran down my spine as my confident grew. I new know that I had never love anyone the way I loved Nick and I knew that it was the same for him. He loved me more that anything in the world. With this kiss I had given him my heart in exchange for his. He was mine and I was totally his. My hole heart went to him I only hoped that he would take good care of it

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