The Foreigners Of Oz

Sara is a young, misunderstood girl. When at the edge of giving up, she finds hope at a new environment: The Land Of Oz.

When she meets Dylan, a boy from earth who has been there as long as he can remember. They will go through some twist and turns.

But will the new friends ever go back home?


3. "Twin Animal"

Chapter three "twin animal"

Me and Dylan was in this forest, this forest is less bright but not so dark either.

“Glinda I'd like you to meet Sara! She's a foreigner!” Dylan shouted.

“Who's Glinda?” I ask.

“Glinda is the good witch of the north.” He says.

“So there are good witches?” I ask, he nods saying

“Yep.” He looks up in the bright blue sky, I look up to see what he's looking at. The only thing I could see in the sky is a huge pink bubble coming down to us.

“What's that?” I ask hiding behind him.

“That's Glinda.” He says, the bubble doesn't pop but it just fades away, coming out of it was a woman with snow blond curly hair, a big jeweled tiara on the crown of her head, a matching wand in her ringed grip, and a puffy white dress to put it all together.

“Oh you've found a foreigner, what a surprise.” She says with such a sweet light silky voice. I swallow before saying.

“Hi I'm Sara.”

“Oh yes.” She says looking at me from head to toe, looking fascinated, like she has never seen a teenage girl before.

“She's pretty ain't she.” Dylan says, I can't help but to blush but keep a straight face.

“Yes very.” She agrees. “Now Dylan your twin animal has been missing you.” She says.

“Okay thanks for keeping an eye on it.” He says, she looks Down at her dress to see this strange small furry creature with these tiny wings on its back, coming out from under her dress. I step back behind Dylan saying

“What's that?” I get startled by this unusual creature.

“It's my twin animal, everyone has one, you need to keep it safe because its represents your life here, if it dies you die.” He says.

“If its an animal then what is it?” I ask.

“It's a mixture between a squirrel and a dragon.” He says.

“How?” I ask confused.

“Because its mine, I found me when I was just a kid. My father says its because I'm as much of a free spirit as a dragon because it can fly, and as a kid I was as wild and hipper as a squirrel.” He says as I just stare at it.

“Dylan you two should go find hers.” Glinda says.

“Yes that's very important especially when you're new, you just don't know your way around. But I'll help.” He says as we start walking deep into the woods.

“Where could it be.” I ask.

“It's been waiting for you. It was born the day you were born, it dies the day that you die. We're not looking for it, it's looking for you.” He says.

“So does it stay alive as long as I'm alive?” I ask wanting to know more.

“You're joint with it. If something happens to you it has the same effect on it, if anything happens to it then it will have an effect on you.” He says.

“So that's why you have to have it with you, so it doesn't wonder around and get itself into trouble.” I say.

“Exactly.” He nods.

“So why did Glinda the good witch have yours?” I question.

“Because sometimes I just don't trust myself with it.” He says gazing into my eyes.

“So what do I do, call it?”

“Just sit down.” I do what he says, sitting down with my legs crossed on the forest ground. “Now close your eyes and emty your mind of anything useless, just think like yourself, who you really are, how you really feel. It will recognize you from that.” I try to do just that, thinking about how I'm relieved from my getaway, how I already like the people here even though I've only met two. Thinking about how listening to an inspiring song ment for making girls feel beautiful like "what makes you beautiful" "just the way you are" or "born this way" doesn't help my sorrow as much as meeting a guy who actually likes you and wants to help you and thinks you're "pretty" at these thoughts I feel my heart warm, feeling different. Then I feel something touch my head cutting off my deep thoughts. Thinking its a leaf I reach for my head to get back to where I started.

“STOP don't move a muscle.” He says with his hands out.

“Why, why?” I say voice unsteady, getting nervous. He gets up on his feet, reaching for the crown of my hair with his index.

“It's a butterfly. You know a full breed is pretty rare.” He says holding it in front of him.

“Can I move now?” I beg.

“Yes of coarse you can.” He promises, I get up looking at the butterfly wich represents my life, I could've killed it earlier.

“What does it mean?” I ask looking back at him.

“Well what do you think of when you look at a butterfly, they are beautiful yet fragile.” He says, that almost describes me perfectly. I'm weak, frail. That's probably all it represents. It should've been a fly because I could get broken very easily except that no matter how hard you try it doesn't happen. I get it from his finger to mine before we could go on our way.

We find ourselves back to where I met Glinda the good witch of the north. She's still there instead of in her bubble wherever she came from.

“Dylan what will you show her first?” Glinda ask.

“We should be on our way to the land of the munchkins.” Dylan says.

“Would you mean munchkin land?” She giggles.

“Well when you say it like that it doesn't sound as official, or even real for that matter.” He says.


We arrive at the little village, filled with little people who are all dressed in unique bright clothing. The yellow brick road end at a twirl in the middle of the village as you pass by the small bridge over the small river. What really catches my eye is the big bronze statue of a women with pick-tails, an overall dress with a blouse underneath, and these heels with bows at the toes, she is holding a basket with a small dog in it. The plaque says: the all great Dorothy gale and well beloved toto the dog.

As I look at her, I can't help but to think about my grandmother. She has always told me about a dog she had as a young woman named toto. And of corse I can't help but to notice her name, Dorothy gale.

“So this woman had killed witches?” I ask.

“Yes. Without her we would've been in some great danger right now.” He says.

“But I know a Dorothy gale.” I say.

“You know Dorothy gale? The whole oz has been waiting for her return, or at least to know where she is right now. Well we know that she's from Kansas but-” I cut him off saying.

“And I'm from Kansas, I mean I know her from Kansas.” I say.

“How do you know her?” He ask.

“She's my grandmother.” I say, he raises his eyebrow. Goes to Glinda and whispers something into her ear.

One of the little men want to put me as some sort of center of auttention.

“Glinda can you hold this for me?” I ask offering her the butterfly, she nods, I pass it to her, she looks at it very closely with concern in her glittery eyes.

“It seems the wings have cuts in them.” She speaks up, me feeling awkward knowing where those cuts came from. Me and the butterfly are pretty much connected in life, whatever action I make that affects me physically it affects it too.

“Sara, are you okay?” Dylan ask. I swallow before rolling up my black sweat bands of my wrist. He looks at my scars, scars with memories of pain which I've kept trying to take away by leaving the memories scar'ed for life. He looks up to my eyes, I could see such hurt, such sorro, I've never seen someone have that reaction,b that dead eyed look that made me cring.

“You've been trying to hurt yourself?” He says, I stay silent, having no words to say.

“Miss Sara why don't you come here so we could show you something!” The mayor of munchkin land says, I come to the center twist of munchkin land to come next to him as I role down my sweat-bands.

“We've been waiting for the return of the great Dorothy gale for decades! Now we have been brought her granddaughter and its just as great of a blessing! Now let's hope that maybe one day we will witness the return of the wonderful wizerd of oz!” He tells his speech.

“Who's the wizard of oz?” I whisper to Dylan.

“Dorothy gale had one prioraty while in oz, and that was to get back to Kansas, the wizard turned out to not actually be a wizard, toto helped find that out, but when he tried to get Dorothy home by a hot-air-balloon he accidentally flew himself back to Kansas where he first came from, leaving oz to our emporar, the emporar and my father both believe that when the time comes that I will be imporar some day.” He explains.

The ladies put a long cape with green and gold designs on it.

“Wow for me? This is beautiful.” I gasp.

“Yes we've been saving it for Dorothy gale but since you're here.” The woman with the bonnet and smock smiled.

“Now cheers for Sara!” The man calls, everyone starts to cheer, whistle, clap, I can't believe it.

“Wow this is such a strange good dream.” I say under my breath while destructed by the scenery.

“No it's not a dream. This is all for you so I suggest you take advantage.” Dylan says.
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