The Foreigners Of Oz

Sara is a young, misunderstood girl. When at the edge of giving up, she finds hope at a new environment: The Land Of Oz.

When she meets Dylan, a boy from earth who has been there as long as he can remember. They will go through some twist and turns.

But will the new friends ever go back home?


12. Chapter Twelve "Missing Into The Night

When I woke up weeks-ago. I decided to move in with my grandmother. I just thought I would be better off where there's someone who understands me, understands Oz. when we saw Dylan on the new while I was in the hospital, I told her everything. She thought it was only a dream of hers, but now she knows it's real. Now I know that Dylan's in Kansas, so that's really good.

Who knew we were in such a small world with so much more to it?

My room is empty. Everything is packed up except for the bed. I notice that I almost left my diary, the diary that holds so much. I decide that I don't need a diary, there's nothing to tell it, I've shared so much with Dylan. I'm still keeping it because who knows when I'll see him, who knows if ill ever see him. Before I walk out of the room for good I take a long look at it. I was raised in this room, I grew-up in it, it's weird to be letting it go. I finally turn off the switch and walk out. I catch on to the whole walking thing pretty fast. I get in the front to see my mother and my father on the couch.

"Well I'm ready." I say. My mother gets up and puts me in a tight hug.

"Honey I know we've had our disagreements but I still love you." She says, with her southern ascent.

"I love you too mom."

"Remember, you're always welcome home." She says, stroking her fingers thru my hair.

"I know." I say.

"Well let's get goin' sweetie." My father says. Directing me out the door.

"Bye mom. See you soon."

"Bye." I walk out the door. We get in the truck.

The car ride wasn't too long, we aren't to far from my grandmother. We get to her door, as I'm about to knock my father puts his hand on my arm, requesting me to wait a second.

"Before you go I just wanna tell you somethin'." He says.

"What is it?" He takes few few breaths to say,

"I love you."

"Oh, I love you, too dad." He slowly comes closer, eyes closed. I can't help but think: is he trying kiss me?

But not like a father kiss, but he seemed into it. I start knocking on the door as hard as I can yelling,


"One second!" I hear her saying, thru the door. She's old so she can't come as fast as I wish she could.

"Were you trying to kiss me?" I ask.

"Yes, yes I was." He says.

"I'm your daughter!" He laughs devilishly.

"Oh no you're not." I'm looking at him confused until I'm cut off by my grandmother (the great Dorothy gale) opening the door.

"Hello marlin." She waves. I just barge in trying to get as far-away from him as possible.


I just finished learning myself how to play "only exception (by paramore)" on the guitar. I'm going back to school tomorrow. I get interrupted by my phone ringing. I look at the caller ID and its an unknown number.

"Hello?" I answer, expecting a wrong number caller.

"Hello?" I hear a guy say.

"Who is it?" I ask.

"Is this Sara?" I could hear him smiling.

"Yes. Who is this?" He laughs a little.

"It's Dylan." I can't believe my own ears.

"Is it really you, or are you playing with me." I ask.

"What other person knows that you know me?" He has a point.

"It really is you!" I say.

"Yeah. Can you believe we're talking to eachother right now?" He says.

"You're not to use to cellphones now are you."

"No but there great." He says.

"I saw you on the news."

"Yeah. There's actually a surgery for my memorie loss."

"Really? Are you doing it?" I ask.

"No, there's no risk if I don't get it, but there is if I do." He says.

"What is it?" I ask.

"There's a chance that I might not make it thru the surgery." I get why he ain't getting the surgery performed. I know how scared he is of death.

We had a long conversation. He told me about his family, I told him about mine. It's like since he's getting to know himself, we're getting to know eachother more.

"There's one more thing I wanna ask you." He says.

"What is it?" I ask.

"Do you wanna meet each other somewhere? You know, the first time in Kansas." He says. I can't help put smile.

"Of coarse. I've missed you." I say.

"Well then we shouldn't be talking all night if we want to." He says.

"Okay I'll see you then." I say, being excited to hang-up. Knowing that we'll see eachother tomorrow. I hang-up.

I'm too excited to fall asleep. Things have just turned out so much better then I ever thought they could be.

I know I'm in a good place, I know that everything's perfect because I have Dylan.

To be continued...
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