The Foreigners Of Oz

Sara is a young, misunderstood girl. When at the edge of giving up, she finds hope at a new environment: The Land Of Oz.

When she meets Dylan, a boy from earth who has been there as long as he can remember. They will go through some twist and turns.

But will the new friends ever go back home?


10. Chapter Ten "There's No Place Like Home"

I explained what happened on our way to the emporar's palace. A grumpy, taller then any man I've ever seen, had just let us in, mostly because he knows Dylan. We walk through a long green, dark hallway, a very shiny one too, the walls are green glass.

"Who goes there!" I hear a rather old voice say.

"It's me, Dylan, the foreigner." We get closer to see the old man in a suit.

"Welcome Dylan, what brings you here today?" He ask. Dylan takes a breath to start speaking.

"I want to know where is my father."

"Your father? Hmm I will look." The emporar says, stroking his beard. One of the ladies in the blue uniform dress gets him a crystal ball. He looks into it. The ball starts to revolve around red smoke. I see nothing, but he must, right?

"I see nothing of him." The king says. Dylan breaks-down in tears. I wrap my arms around him, holding him tight, hoping he feels better crying on my shoulders. Seeing him cry hurt. It's like I've always just been hurt by my own pain, but this one is even worse. Only a true bond can give a boy such grief over the death of a wicked-witch who has been lying to him the whole time and has wiped his whole memory.

"I can't believe it has been a witch this whole time! He did this to me. He's the reason why I can't remember myself, but no one deserves to be killed, especially by there own son. My father still had a heart."

"Dylan, you killed a witch?" The king asks.

"That witch was my father! I don't deserve any gold medal. I'm no better then he was. I'm a killer!" Dylan says.

"So, what now?" I ask.

"You go home." The says.

"Why?" I ask, feeling the pressure.

"Because its time." He says.

"No, I'm not going to lose everyone in my life. She isn't going without me." Dylan says, having hold of my hand.

"Oh I know, Dylan it is your time too. You are the reason why she came here in the first place, Sara almost killed herself but she was taken here, if she had never came here and befriended you then her heart would have gone cold, and you have never went home." He says. Me and Dylan gaze at eachothers eyes, knowing that we're destined to have eachother in our lives.

"Dylan, if you didn't lose your memorie then you would have never met Sara, and she would possibly be dead." He says.

"So you got into a coma because you were trying to take your-own-life?" Dylan ask, I nod.

"But remember children. Everything happens for a reason. You's came here to come back home with eachother."

"But why can't I just stay here with you?" I ask, tears rolling down my eyes, Dylan puts his hand behind my back, gazing me deep in the eye to say,

"I may not know where I'll be, but I'll try as long as it takes, even if it takes one hundred years, I will find you, so be ready for that day." I let him wrap his arms around me, my face laying on his chest, not wanting to let go. I lift my head off to start kissing him, the kiss feels different from the last one, especially because this could be the last one.

"I love you." I cry.

"I love you too." Dylan says. He go for one last hug.

"Dylan." I say.


"When you get there you can't tell a soul about oz, there not use to it, they'll think you're crazy and they might put you in a hospital." I warn him.

"I promis you I won't say a word." We release eachother.

"We're ready." I say.

"Great." The emporar says. The ladies bring red shoes in front of us. A pair of church shoes and a pair of heels, similar to the one on the statue.

"You must put these on." The emporar orders.

"Shoes?" I ask.

"Yes, those are the first red ruby shoes in the land, they were worn by the great Dorothy gale." The emporar says.

"Ah yes. The emporar told me that when Dorothy went home she left behind the shoes, so they got the magical source from them to make others with different sizes." Dylan says.

We put on the shoes.

"Goodbye." I say.

"Goodbye love." He says.

"Now you's must repeat the words. There's no place like home. With your eyes closed. I do what he says imediately.

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home." I keep saying, as I slowly drift away, not feeling my body or the words coming out of my mouth, but hearing them.
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