The Foreigners Of Oz

Sara is a young, misunderstood girl. When at the edge of giving up, she finds hope at a new environment: The Land Of Oz.

When she meets Dylan, a boy from earth who has been there as long as he can remember. They will go through some twist and turns.

But will the new friends ever go back home?


7. Chapter seven "I'm Here For Help"

After a long, tiring walk while dragging a sixteen-year-old, I get Dylan out of the forest. I feel horrible while seeing all the lightly bleeding scars on his back, remaining from the prickly forest ground. I just couldn't carry him, but I had to get him help. I walk around, in search of someone walking by. While I'm expecting to find a stranger, I find Glinda walking gracefully towards me, dragging her blue silk dress behind her. "You look so---" She collects her thoughts, aiming for just the right words as she gazes deep in my eyes. "--- Anxious. What's wrong?" She asks, reading my feelings with her witchcraft. "It's Dylan!" I say, sternly. I lead her to him. She examines him, lip curled down to the side. She goes to Munchkin Land to get help. I wait next to Dylan, growing awfully impatient. I just keep asking if he could hear me, but he doesn't respond in any way. I know he's breathing, but that doesn't give me enough hope. I can't help my self enough to stop the tears from streaming down my face at the thought of something serious happening to him. Has it just been too good to be true for me? Is it just that when something good happens to me, it has to be drawn away from me? is that how my fate works? I look at Dylan for a while; at his pale, unconscious, sick looking self. I feel like I've just driven him like this by trying to get so close to him, if that's how my fate works. My first instinct is to walk away. Glinda IS getting help, and I know that as long as I'm around, Dylan won't get any luck. It's like I'm some sort of negativity to him. I mean, he didn't mention any health problems. I've walked all around, until I found a place Dylan hasn't even showed me yet: A narrow, naturous pathway, while there is nothing but a empty morning sky around everywhere else, as if this place is levitating into the heavens. I walk across the pathway until I reach the other side, seeing a bright blue lake in a HUGE garden, full of orchids of every type, and baby pink begonia's. Every flower about as tall as I am. I take in a deep breath of the sweet, calm sensation of the flowers, along with the fresh ocean. Wanting to just receive and answer to all my problems. I mean, what do I do now? I can't stay here forever. I sigh and sit down on the fresh, short grass, putting my knees to my chest, starting to give-up already. I thought that this was my second chance after I gave-up. Maybe after I attempted to kill myself, I did something so wrong that I needed a source of karma to come swinging back at me. And since death wasn't the way and I survived, this is it--- the bad luck following me around. Now instead of it effecting me, it's effecting someone I've found myself caring for even more... Dylan. "Sara!" I hear a stern whisper say, with a Irish accent that can only belong to Georgie. I turn my head enough to get I glimpse of him for confirmation. Once I know it's him I turn around completely. "Whats the matter with Dylan?" I ask. "He needs you." He says, with a scratch of his black/grey curls. "No he doesn't. Why're you here while Dylan's in trouble?" "Because, I had to make sure you would be coming home." He says, making me feel see the error of my ways--- how unthankful and irresponsible I was after Dylan offered me to stay at his place, and his father let me. "Georgie?" "Yes, me dear?" He raises a single eyebrow. "Do you believe in karma, or bad luck?" I ask, expecting a man in such a mysterious world to, surprised when he tells me NO. "But has this ever happened to him before?" "Sara, he DOES test medicines for me. Although, this never happened before." "Is he okay?" "He's just resting. If there's anything truly wrong with him, I'm a doctor--- okay?" I nod, understanding that it's not my fault, but it's Georgie's. He tests medicines on his own son as if he were a ginny-pig. And puts him in such dangerous risks. We take a long, quiet walk back to Emerald City. It's just so hard to think about anything or talk about anything while all of this is still so new to me. I just can't focus on anything else. We come through the doors, into the taxidermy ridden house. I walk straight to Dylan's small room, seeing him in bed, getting the rest that he needs. When he sees me, he replaces his tired mask with a grin. "It's always nice to see you." He says, I reply by returning a smile. Knowing no other way to loosen up. I plot myself next to him in his flat, uncomfortable bed. "Whaf happened with you?" I ask, straight out. He gives a simple shrug and replys, "Side effects." I purse my lips, looking at Dylan's twin-animal laying next to his feet, resting its little head on its paws, eyes looking sleepy, reflecting Dylan's state. I pet it, eyes pointing back at Dylan, wondering if me petting an animal that is half of him would effect him in any way. I get slightly disappointed when the only thing that happens is the little dragon/squirrel purrs. And that gets a question to pop in my head. "Dylan, how did the Wicked Witch of the West die? What, did Dorothy kill her twin-animal?" "Twin-animals weren't discovored yet, so your grandmother wouldn't possibily have thought of doing that. They say that she got a bucket of water spilt on her." I nod in understanding. I can't imagine Nan Dorothy in such action. All I've ever known her for is being laid-back and calm with experience. But now I know what that is that she's experienced. "Sara?" "What? "Why did you leave me?" He asks, eyes narrowing. I sigh. "I went to get help." "But Glinda said that you called her and then you ran off before she got back." "Well I dragged you all across the forest!" I say, sternly, wishing I hadn't said it so harshly. He looks down, and says in a soft, quiet tone, "You did?" I nod, trying to show ai didn't mean to sound so mad when I wasn't. "I just couldn't take it after that. I was scared that it was my fault--- or at least that you thought so." "Sara, I don't think that." He says, gaze deep into mine, with a perfectly pink smirk. He grabs my hand so smoothly I don't even notice until I feel the warmth, tingle and comfort of his soft pale hand. "All I've ever seen with you is good-luck." He ads. My face flushes so much that it feels irritating, but I manage to keep a straight face. He just squeezes tighter, but than loosens it enough for me to catch it, as he furrows his eyebrows and asks, "Where's your butterfly?" I languidly let go of his hand as I think of it. "I haven't seen it since I got back to the house." "Go look for it!" He orders. I storm out of the room to see Dylan's father holding my butterfly (otherwise known as my life) on his palm. I take in a breath of relief. "Thank goodness you have it. Can I have that back?" I say, reaching forward, but he holds it back and stares deep into my eyes angrily. "You can't even look after your own life." He stares at me so deeply that I flinch. He just gives it back to me. I go back to Dylan's room to tell him I found it, and Georgie follows. When we get in, Dylan is unconscious in bed. We rush next to him instantly. "I think he's just sleeping." I say. He shakes his head NO, grabbing Dylan's twin-animal, and pulls out a knife, aiming it at Dylan's life. I shout out NO and without even think, I slap both my hands, shielding the animal and Dylan. I let out a scream of agony as the knife cuts right through one hand enough to scar the other. My knees get so weak from looking at my deeply wounded hand that I drop to the ground. "Sara, what happened?" Dylan yells, kneeling next to me to examine my hand. I'm too overwhelmed in shark pain that I can't even answer him. He looks behind him to order his father to get me medicine. Although, His voice sounded like I was under water. That's when I blacked out.
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