The Foreigners Of Oz

Sara is a young, misunderstood girl. When at the edge of giving up, she finds hope at a new environment: The Land Of Oz.

When she meets Dylan, a boy from earth who has been there as long as he can remember. They will go through some twist and turns.

But will the new friends ever go back home?


4. Chapter four "Trip To A New Home"

I got to meet my grandmothers old friends. The tin woodman, the cowardly lion who Dylan just calls lion, and scarecrow. They were easy to spot out as they were the tallest men in the room along with me, Dylan and Glinda. I even performed a little song on a guitar, Taylor swift has always been me and Hannah's idol. For me it's because she has been bullied to and just like me, I haven't had a lot of people to be there for me but music has. It's like every time when I'd come home in a bad mood I'd just listen to some good music from Taylor, Katy perry and Selena Gomez. Although I played "somebody that I use to know" it's a song that I'm just a master at playing, it's like when I play music that I actually feel confident.

Me and Dylan went on our way to his place in emerald city.

"So tell me about yourself." I break the silence.

"Like what?" He ask.

"Like do you go to school?" I ask.

"There are no schools here in oz. they can't afford building a school for no kid but me." He says.

"What do you mean? There's no kids?" I say.

"Yes. Like I said, it's very rare for someone to just end up in oz unless there born here, and child birth is a unsafe process, it's like spiders, they give birth and then die." He says.

"Why? I mean everyone humans here right?" I say.

"That's just how it happens, and that's why the people here are to frightened over the thought of losing there wife's to even make love with them. I guess our people just haven't yet found the proper way to give birth." He says. I say nothing, if I knew how to safely do that and what they were doing wrong I would do something, but I can't.

"So even though you can't remember much and that would make like a child, you were raised around nothing but adults. So you would someday come back to we're you came from you would be a little more mature." I guess.

"Well I would tell the difference if I could remember who I was when I was eleven." He says.

We're in the middle of the cornfield, just where I first saw this strange land, first time I saw Dylan.

"This spot reminds me of you, when I first saw you I was surprised. I've never seen anyone like me before. We both come from the earth,
You're the same age as I am. I've never seen anyone like you." He says. I can't help but to smile. He seems so happy.


We are in a forest with many apple trees. He was just telling me about how you would live forever while in oz, unless you get killed. Walking Farley slow, Dylan comes to a stop. He has a faraway gaze.

"What's the matter?" I ask, heart beating faster. He sighs before he could say.

"Why don't we go pay our respects to a friend of my fathers." He says with a shaky voice.

"Sure. If you really want to." I say, getting a little nervous. I hate memoriams, they just get me so nervous. We walk into the woods, not too deep I see two memoriams In front of one tree, one with a man on the picture, one with a picture of an owl. The little mans covered in more flowers then the owls, whom I'm guessing is his twin-animal. Dylan looks at it, face blankly looking at the memoriams.

"You know two very special days are coming." He says drily. I swallow the lump in my throught to ask.

"What is it?" I'm wanting to take those words back, already knowing what it would be.

"The same day that the wicked witches were killed, this man discovered the twin-animals." He swallows to continue his story. "The only way to research his theory of these animals having the same life line as we do, was to hang his owl on this very tree. And it worked." He explains uncomfortably.

"So if he was... Killed, then how did anyone comferm that he died from the owl being hung?" I ask.

"He had someone with him. He killed himself just so we could be safe with our animals, be safe with our own life's." he says.

"He's a true inspiration to just be a better person, and to help out each-other." I say.

"You know this is my first time I've ever came here to pay my respects. No matter how thankful I've been to have this little guy with me, been here five-years, but I've always been to nervous to do it." He says, voice unsteady. I put my hand at his back, rubbing it round-and-round.

"It just makes me think, will this ever happen to me? Will I die here and never see my real family who is somewhere in earth, get to see my almost adoptive mother." He says, voice almost breaking down. He looks at them for a few more seconds and walks me out and back to the yellow-brick-road.

"What about your mother?" I ask curiously.

"My father says that she left us and went back to earth just before I lost my memorie." He says looking down.

"You know, me and my mother were never the closest but she never left me." I say.

"You know I've always just wanted to go back to wherever I came from and just, find her, tell her who I am-"

"She's not worth it!" I cut him off.

"I know it's not about a family reunion. She isn't much family to me when she just abandoned us. I've just always wanted to ask, why would she, why did she." He says.

"I guess I would want to know that too." I shrug with my arms crossed.

"It's not just that. I've always wanted to meet my family, whoever they are, I know they've been waiting for me, they've been looking forward to that day just as much as I have. Maybe even a little more." He says.

"Then why didn't you ever return?" I ask.

"My father says that if I do, I would be just as selfish as his wife." He says.

"No you're not. Children are influenced my there parents, but you never knew her. I'm sure you have a great dad." I try to incourage him with my hand on his shoulder.

"And its not only that, I don't remember earth. I don't know what it's like." He says.

"Well it's like oz, except its more advanced." I try to explain.

Before I know it we're in a thick forest. So thick that there's no moonlight shining on the surface. Forest so cold and dark. I can't even see where I'm going. I hold on to Dylan's arm so we don't separate. I hear a loud roaring noise. I get so startled that I fall over a branch while trying to run out. Dylan grabbs my hand without me even seeing it. It's a good thing that the forest wasn't too long and that we were out. The next thing I see is a long river, with a sail boat. We get in it as the wind starts to take us across. I told Dylan some stuff about the main world wich I'd call earth.

We got out of the boat after a long conversation on a long boat ride. We walked thru the trees to see a big long field of poppy flowers.

"Okay now this we have to be careful with." He warns.

"Why what's there?" I ask.

"It's the deadly poppy field. The fragrance of the poppys can put you in a deep, deep sleep. It's deadly. Well the name gives that away." He says.

"Okay so how do we get thru without falling asleep?" I ask.

"You gotta run, but not too fast though, you might get too tired while doing that. Yet you gotta be fast enough to get thru without it getting you." He explains.

"So do we run or do we walk?" I ask, very confused.

"I guess a little more inbetween. If you want I'll carry you across." He offers his hand.

"No I'm too heavy. You'll get tired." I say as I blush from my own words.

"Oh C'mon you don't look that heavy." He waves away.

"Well I just don't want you to be taking that risk." I say. He looks at me eye to eye, finger pointed out.

"You know it's a lot harder on your first time. I'm more experienced with the poppy field. I go thru it almost everyday." He says.

"My decision is final, we should just go now." I say.

We start walking thru. I'm following Dylan's pace, staying close to him. We start walking faster until we come to a jog. I start to look at my surroundings. The beautiful pink and light green poppy flowers underneath the moonlight. The best view under the moonlight of all is Dylan. Getting so caught up in my thoughts I notice myself slowing down, feeling drowsy. Yawning. I try to just run faster, when I do I just fall on the soft, soft flowers. Feeling like I'm just in bed. Air so warm on me. Also knowing how weak I am for slowly falling asleep.
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