The Foreigners Of Oz

Sara is a young, misunderstood girl. When at the edge of giving up, she finds hope at a new environment: The Land Of Oz.

When she meets Dylan, a boy from earth who has been there as long as he can remember. They will go through some twist and turns.

But will the new friends ever go back home?


1. "Tormented"

Chapter one "tormented"

I was in my car just driving to school, not looking forward to it, never looking forward to a bad day, everyday for me is a hard, hard day.

So far the day has been as average as it can get. I'm at lunch, all the tables are taken by other cliques, Im just on my own all the time. There was a time when I wasn't alone, a time when I had a best friend named Hannah, she and her family had moved to Nashville a month ago, in hopes of her Persuing her dream of becoming a country star. Since I had nowhere to sit I just stood and leaned my back on the wall while eating the usual sandwich, barbecue chips and a soda, actually to bags of chips, I'm an emotional eater and I'm an emotional girl. I knew I was gonna have too cough this up later, it's a habit, I'm already strange and bullied to begin with, imagine what I would go thru if I was fat. It's like besides Hannah I've never had anyone there for me, never had an older sister or brother to be there for me, never any brother or sister for that matter, my parents are never there for me as much as they should be, they don't even know what I'm going thru.

I was in the locker room after the track-field. I got out of the bathroom after coughing my food up. I felt dizzy with a headache, It's a painful process. I'm just looking at all the other girls, there so fit, yet it's so effortless for them, they don't have to stress about what they eat and go they pain, there just naturally thin. Next thing I'm sitting on the floor, knees on my chest, arms wrapped around them, tears falling down my nose.

“Ugh what's with the spaz?” Trish Parker says in a mocking tone. I get back up covering myself.

“Whattah yah want?” I ask with an unsteady voice.

“The question is whattah you want?” She ask, walking closer, tilting her head at me, I say nothing, not wanting to let this go too far. She just sits there looking impatient

“I want you to leave me alone!” I snap.

“You're trying to bitch with me? You stupid soulless ginger!” She says, I take a few deep breaths, wanting to just breakdown, knowing that I could never win with her, I never will.

“Just let it go. Leave her alone” The girl with the blue hair says, Trish marches to her, getting in her face.

“Ill let it go when I want to let it go! You shouldn't try to mess with me because I could ruin you.” Trish says, the girl just sighs, I try to speed up so I could get out of here as soon as possible.

“I'm not done with you.” She says, she gets out her iPhone and snaps a photo before I could even react.

“Hope you're looking good for Facebook? Oh but wait, you don't.” She mocks.

I get in my car, when I go to Facebook I see the picture of me naked, I see many negative comments, nothing but negative, things like: you call those boobs? I'd call those two mosquito bites on her chest.

Or: whattah girl to be stripping down right?

It was out of context, it hurt, I'm tired of it, tired of the daily pain. It's never went this far, I can't get revenge, that's impossible because she'll just get me back in a even more brutal way. You can't fight fire with fire. Driving home I just wanted it to end, one way or another. I needed it to stop. I feel like my life has no meanings, like its just a reminder that ill never be happy, a reminder that this is what I get, it's all I got, I'll never have a happy future, so what does it matter that I stop it at the source? The easiest way to end a disappointment in the future is to not try.

I get in my house and go to my diary, I read the first page wich was written a year ago:

Today 10/5/12

In one year maybe things will change for me. Hopefully they will.

A year later I'm still where I started, except its only getting worst. I was ready for this. I go in the basement, look thru my dads collection of baseball bats, he always wanted a son to play baseball with and to couch. But I'm all he has, soon ill be all he had. I pick out the hardest bat and take it upstairs to my room. I go to my diary and write: don't be upset, infact throw a party when I'm gone.

I rip out the page, crumble it up and leave it in my grasp. I put the baseball bat on the tall shelf, making it point straight up, I take a few deep breaths and let go of the bat, it falls the other direction not leaving a mark on me, I'm just catching my breath as I pick it up to try again. I take a few deep, deep breaths and instead of just letting it fall, I push it in my direction making sure it hits my head as hard as it can, I can feel a pain on the top of my head like I've never felt before, I'm just on the floor, I'm out, out of this world hoping ill go somewhere where the scars on my wrist are no longer to be seen, where my tears are wiped, where I'm excepted.
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