Mystery Girl

(Harry Styles Fanfiction) Jo would have never thought she'd meet her true love online, as a fangirl? When Jo starts talking to another 'directioner' on twitter, she later learns that it was just Harry Styles. That's a twist! Harry has always wanted to interact with his fans in a different way. So when Harry makes a fake directioner acount as a girl named Tess, When he finds Jo, Who's just crazy about one direction. But Harry never would've thought she'd wanna meet up with Tess a.k.a Harry. What will happen when they meet up? Will love blossom! Or hate spark? Don't forget to like and Fav it up!


2. Texting <3

Jo's POV~

I just got out of the shower. I got dressed in my pink sweat pants and a plain grey tank top. Nothing special, just my Pjs. I walked over to my bed and shuffled all my stuffed animals around; making room for myself. Beep beep, I heard my phone go off. "Ugh" I sighed. I got out of my comfy spot of the bed and went into my bathroom, where I had left my phone. I got a text from my friend Tess. Tess and I had been talking for about 4 months now. We met on twitter, well by accident. I meant to send a tweet to my friend Nikki but I messed up the twitter name and sent it to Tess. Well anyways, Tess is really great, she's from England and she's just like me, we are both 19. Oh but I forgot to mention that she likes One direction! We both love one direction and we talk about them non-stop. But it's kinda weird, it's like she knows a lot about them. I haven't really talked to her on the phone yet but I really want to. But it seems like every time I ask she's to busy or something. I walked back to my room and back on my bed. I lied my head down on my pillow and drifted off. When suddenly, beep beep. I realised I forgot to text Tess back. I looked at my phone.

1 new message From:Tess :D

I giggled and unlocked my phone. I went to my new messages and read them.

From: Tess :D: hey!

I quickly responded.

To Tess :D: heyyyy, sry I almost fell asleep.

From Tess :D: it's fine :)

To Tess :D: can I um ask u sumthin?

From Tess :D: Anything :)

To Tess :D: well u kno how my birthday is on wed?

From Tess :D: Yeah, what about it?

To Tess :D: well my parents gave me an early b-day present and they were 2 tickets to London! So we can finally meet!!!!!!!! :)

From Tess :D: yayyyy

Harry's POV~

What?!? I can't believe this!!!! She actually wants to meet me!!! I mean Tess!! What em I gonna do?!?! I kept thinking to myself.

I first started talking to Jo 4 months ago on twitter. It's a long story, she accidentally messaged me. When I first saw Jo I honestly thought she was just the most beautiful girl ive ever seen. But then I got to know her and her personality was just as beautiful as her. I only created the Tess account so I could interact with my fans without them knowing and freaking out. But I have a feeling jos gonna be really upset when she realises I'm not Tess. But hey I am Harry styles. To be honest I don't know how to react. I hope she's be ok with it.

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