lauren has been broken down and torn apart all her life. She can't take it any more. So she kills herself. But she finds herself in a coma and cant wake up. What does she have to do to wake up? This story shows the process of bulleing.


2. A startling discovery

Lauren's POV
I wake up to a bright light. "That's strange" I think to myself. I look around to see a big, cold, gray, steel gate, how strange. I look down and see that I'm standing in a cloudy misty substance. I tried to remember what happend. Than it hits me, I'm dead. All the sudden I see a man standing in front of me. I blink and try to remeber if I know him, I come up conpletey blank. He speakes to me and says "Lauren you shouldn't be here. Its not your time yet." I stare at him and ask him "where is here excacly? And what do you mean its not my time yet?" "Your in heaven, but you shouldn;'t be here because your not dead yet." "I'm not?" "No your in a deep coma. Your here so I can show what you commiting suciced has caused." Before I can say any more, everything goes black. I see Alyssa.

Alyssa's POV

After walking home from school I start to do my homework, but I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I decieded to take my mind of things and call Lauren. All I heared was her voice mail. "That's weird, she always answers" I think to myself. Instead I decieded to text her.

hey gurl wrud? wanna hang out/ so board!! love u!

FIve minutes later I still havn't got a text back, so tried again.

r u there?? text me back!!!!!


answer me!!!!!! >:(


After about an hour I go over to her house(we live right next to each other.) I walk in to her house and called out her name"Lauren!!!!!! Where are you?" I walk into to her room and scream. My best friend since brith is lying on the ground bloody and pale with the word truth on her wrist. Her long and beutiful read hair a mess and eyes roled back. I called 911 and saw the note. I read it with tears in my eyes and scream. It's not fair!!!!!!! People will pay for this. NO matter what!!!


hey guys whats up? I want to ssay thanks for reading!!!!! I update this about every other day. Same with my other book!!! Check it out!!! :) Dont forget to like and fave

love you all!

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