lauren has been broken down and torn apart all her life. She can't take it any more. So she kills herself. But she finds herself in a coma and cant wake up. What does she have to do to wake up? This story shows the process of bulleing.


1. the end of the pain

Lauren's POV

I cant take this anymore. The pain, its to much to handle. I have taken the crap and shit thrown at me all my life. The bullying has been to much today. So I take out the note I wrote. Its a suicied note.

"Dear world, look what you have done to me. I hope your happy. All my life was pushed around and bullied. I'm sick of it, so I did the only thing I could think of. I killed myself. Yup thats right! I took the knife to my skin and that's all it took. There are a few people I will miss though. Dad............... I'm sorry you  are not apart of them. You abused me and hurt me ever sence mom died. Atleast I will see her now:) Alsssay, I will miss you the most. You are my best friend, the one who was always there for me. Im sorry. Blame the terrible world we live in. The world were if you arnt skinny or rich you were a outcast. Blame those stupid bicths that hurrt me and beat me up. I hope yall are happy. You ruined my life and futter!! Well now i shall leave you with the pain and misery you put me thourgh. The truth huh? well to bad!!!! YOu and the rest of the world desverse to know about the sick and twisted world we live in. Good bye.

I go into the bathroom and take out my knife. I put it agianst my skin. I take a deep breath and spell out the word truth on my arm. The world would finaly know the pain it caused me. I smile as everything goes black. FInally I can rest in peace in my mothers arms.

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