A New Life(1D not famous)

Hi, I'm Ana Tom. My parents told me that we're moving in 2 weeks. We 're leaving the place in which I've grown up in. In Dublin, Ireland. I have 2 bffs; Ivy and April. We've all known each other since we were babies. People say we're inseparable. The 3 of us know just about everything about each other. We're like sisters. It's gonna be hard telling my bffs I'm moving, but I'm sure they'll understand. Goodbye, Dublin, Ireland ; Hello, London.


11. Why?!!; Where Is She?; Back To Normal

I went back upstairs and got my swimsuit. I decided to go for a swim. I had barely gone to my room when there was a knock on my door. "Come in." It was Harry. "What do you want?" I spat at him a bit more coldly than I intended to. "I'm really sorry about kissing you. I don't know what I was thinking. I need to tell you something." "What is it?" "I really like you. You're beautiful. I'm in love with you. I can't stop thinking of you. It hurts me when you're with Niall." "Harry, I don't like you. I like Niall. I love him. You can't have me. I'm already taken. I think it's better for everyone if you just give up on me. Just leave me alone. If you really loved me you'd let me be happy with Niall and not bother us. And don't you dare do anything. I'm not the one for you. You need to find someone else. You need to find someone that loves you. " I said coldly. He was surprised at what I just said. I was thinking about what Liam had told me. I sure as hell didn't want to get my heart broken. I did feel kinda bad though. "Harry just leave, please. I wanna be alone." He left without a word. I could see the disappointment in his eyes. I didn't want to see anyone or let anyone know where I was going. I decided to climb out of my window. It was pretty high but oh well. I dropped my things and started to climb which was hard because there weren't vines on the side of the house where my room was. I got my things and ran towards the swimming pool. I got inside and changed. It was like a mini house with a bathroom, pool,living room, small room and kitchen. I spent hours there. After about 4 hours, I changed and went into the room to leave my things. I went to the living room and started watching tv. Then, I started to drift asleep.

Niall's P.O.V.

Ana went outside. I told Liam to go check on her and to warn her about Harry. A couple minutes passed and Liam came back. Ana ran upstairs and didn't come out. I walked towards Harry who was on the floor with bruises all over his face. She won't forgive me for this. I got a cup of water and poured it all over his face. He sat up choking. He started to snap back to reality and said sorry. He went up to Ana's room. I was worried about what he might do to her. I went after him and decided to eavesdrop for her sake. He told her that he liked her. I hope he doesn't try to take her away from me. She answered coldly saying he didn't like or love him. I heard him approaching the door and I decided to run downstairs and act as if I didn't hear a thing. Harry went straight to his room. I asked Liam what she said. Louis said he was going to check on Harry. He came back 10 minutes later. He told everything that Harry and Ana talked about. We started talking about Harry and why he did it and didn't tell any of the others. We talked about how my poor princess might be feeling. I was worried about how she might take in all of what just happened. We waited and waited but she didn't come out of her room. I wondered what she might've done and went to see if she was there. She wasn't. All her things were there. She wasn't in her bathroom or hidden in her closet or anything. Could she of have escaped? Run away? Where was she? WE started to search for her. I was starting to worry. We looked outside. I went to the pool. I checked. I never knew they had a bathroom, living room and kitchen. I searched and couldn't find her. I started to cry. Where was she? There was a door I didn't notice before. I turned the knob hoping to see my beautiful princess. I saw fast asleep. I went towards her. I lay on the bed and cuddled with her. She cuddled with me as well. She eventually woke up and kissed me. We kissed for a long time. She pulled away and said, "I'll always love you no matter what. I won't let anyone come in between us and destroy our love. Nothing and no one will ever make me stop loving you. You're the only one I love." She kissed me again.  " Same here. I love you. I won't let anyone hurt you. I promise. I'm sorry I couldn't do that earlier." "It's alright. It's not your fault." "I was worried about you. I was getting scared when I couldn't find you." "Sorry, babe. I just needed time to think about what happened. I'm not mad at you or Harry. You punched because you were mad at him and I understand that. He was partly drunk so I'm okay with it. Liam told me what kind of person he really is and that you wanted him to warn me. Thanks. I forgive both of you. Harry told me why he did it." "OK. I was worried of what you might do. Like break up with me." "I'd never do that. I love you." "Me,too." "Let's go with the others." "Ok."

Harry's P.O.V.

I ruined my chance. I was going to talk to her about how I felt about her. But the beer made me kiss her against will. She'll probably never forgive me. I have to try to get her to forgive me. I love her so much. It kills me inside when she's with Niall. I have to get her to be mine somehow. Or should I let her be happy with Niall? Maybe I should do what she said to do. She doesn't love me. She's right I should find someone else to love. She was so cold to me when I went to say sorry to her. I hope I haven't ruined anything.

Ana's P.O.V.

I must've been asleep for a very long time because Niall and the boys started looking for me. I forgave both Niall and Harry. Niall had found me asleep. He woke me up because he started cuddling me. We were going back inside. I had mixed feelings. I didn't know what to feel. We got inside and went to the living room. Everyone was there even Harry. His eyes were swollen and puffy and red and teary. I walked to him and he looked up. I kneeled down and started telling him that I forgave him. I also told him that I just wanted to be able to be happy with him and the boys. That I didn't want to feel awkward or sad or ashamed or any of that around him. He smiled and said that it was okay. We just watched movies and we all fell asleep in the living room. Niall woke up and stroked my hair. He kissed me which woke me up. I was glad that everything was back to normal. 

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