A New Life(1D not famous)

Hi, I'm Ana Tom. My parents told me that we're moving in 2 weeks. We 're leaving the place in which I've grown up in. In Dublin, Ireland. I have 2 bffs; Ivy and April. We've all known each other since we were babies. People say we're inseparable. The 3 of us know just about everything about each other. We're like sisters. It's gonna be hard telling my bffs I'm moving, but I'm sure they'll understand. Goodbye, Dublin, Ireland ; Hello, London.


4. We Missed You, He Looks Familiar

I woke up to Amy's voice. Wait Amy's  voice?! "Amy?!" " Ana! " I hugged her. I missed her and somehow she was here with me. So were Ivy and April. " Hi, girls. When did you get here?" Ivy:" 10 minutes ago." April:" We tried to sell some old things we didn't need to makes some money for the 3 of us so that we could see you. We're staying for 2 weeks." "Amazing.I want you 3 to meet my neighbor. He's nice,funny, and sweet." Ivy:'' Sounds like you might like him" "I do not!" We hear knocking at the door and I run towards it. I open it and see Niall. I invite him in and tell him to follow me to my room. I introduce everyone.  Niall asks me if I want to go to the park later. I obviously say yes and ask him if it's alright if my friends and Amy come. He says it's fine. He hugs me and says that he'll come at 12:00.  We get ready to go. I'm wearing a grey tank top that said LOVE in pink letters( I really like tank tops). I was wearing a denim skirt. I had my white converse. April was wearing shorts and a pink, yellow, and orange top. Ivy was wearing a black top with PEACE on it in white and white shorts. Amy was wearing black jeans and a pink top with PRINCESS in black on it. We went downstairs to eat breakfast. We had cereal. We went to the park and waited for Niall. 5 minutes later he arrives, but not alone. He came with his best mates. Niall introduces everyone and we all decided to play soccer. After playing for 2 hours we go back home. We all went to my house and went for a swim. We had a nice pool. It was inside. We all changed into swimsuits. The boys were so muscular. Ivy and April kept on telling me about their abs. We had swimming races and did some tricks. Then we went back inside to dry up. The boys had to go. Niall stayed with us though. We played truth or dare. Niall kept choosing dare. He had to do 10 push-ups  cross dress( dress as a girl), eat 3 pancakes at the same time, and give Amy a piggyback ride. Ivy had to put her feet behind her head, do 20 push ups, admit that she liked one of the boys, and sing " Naturally" by Selena Gomez. April pretty much only sang songs. Amy sang, danced, and had to impersonate me. Niall was interested in seeing us do karate and gymnastics. He tried to see if he could beat us but he failed. He also tried to learn. He was a fast learner. 

Niall's P.O.V.

I had so much fun with Ana, her friends, and her younger sister. They showed me a bit of karate and gymnastics. They were so much fun. They were also pretty, nice, and funny. 

April and Ivy's P.O.V.

We had fun. They were very fun and funny. We think that our Ana will be ok here. Harry , Louis, Liam, and Zayn were cute. Ivy likes Zayn and April likes Liam. Ana's so lucky to live near these hotties. We hope she'll be alright here. There was something about Niall. He looks familiar. We've seen him before but we can't remember where. Those caring eyes and that smile that could cheer anyone up in minutes if they were sad. We hope we'll have an epic time. We were thinking of telling Ana about Niall. 


We ended up sleeing on the living room floor while watching Brave, not that it was boring but we were really tired. We all woke up on the floor, except Amy. The little angel couldn't possibly sleep on the floor. Niall, the last one to fall asleep, took her to her room. 


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