A New Life(1D not famous)

Hi, I'm Ana Tom. My parents told me that we're moving in 2 weeks. We 're leaving the place in which I've grown up in. In Dublin, Ireland. I have 2 bffs; Ivy and April. We've all known each other since we were babies. People say we're inseparable. The 3 of us know just about everything about each other. We're like sisters. It's gonna be hard telling my bffs I'm moving, but I'm sure they'll understand. Goodbye, Dublin, Ireland ; Hello, London.


5. It's Him!!!!!!!

Niall's P.O.V.

I was the last one to fall asleep yet the first one to wake up. We had all fallen asleep on the living room floor. Amy was the only one who was sleeping in a bed. I carried her to Ana's room so that she could have a comfy place to sleep in. She reminded me so much of Ana. Ana was asleep next to  me her head on my chest. Boy was she beautiful. She looks familiar. I've seen her before. That beauty was unforgettable. I can't quite remember where I've seen her but I've seen her before. Maybe 8 years ago, when I was 9. I've seen her friends before as well. They were so sound asleep I didn't want to wake them up. I think I'm in love with her. She's so perfect to me. I wonder if she likes me.

Ana's P.O.V.

I woke up. I was in the living room. How did I end up here? I looked up and saw Niall's face. He smiled. "Good morning, sleeping beauty." " Good morning, Niall. Why are we here in the living room?" "We all fell asleep during the movie. Amy's in your room.I took her there last night so that she'd be comfy." "Thank you, Niall." "Welcome." He was so dreamy. I like him. I don't know how to tell Ivy and April. He was so nice and funny. We got up and fixed the living room. We had french toast for breakfast. We were still tired from all the things we did yesterday. We all decided to have a picnic. We left at 11 am. We had a nice picnic. Then we went for a walk. We went to the mall and looked at the things on sale. We bought a couple of silly hats. We got home at 5 pm and we got dinner ready. We had fruit salads and soup. After dinner, Ivy and April helped me with the dishes while Niall and Amy were choosing a movie. April: " Does Niall look familiar to you? "Yeah I guess." Ivy: " Do you remember meeting him before?" "What do you mean?" April:" Haven't you thought about it? Don't you remember?" "Remember what?" I getting annoyed with all these questions. Ivy:" Remember how when we were 4, we had a friend who was a boy and a year older than us?" "Yeah." Ivy: "Well his name was Niall. And your neighbor is a boy who's a year older than us and whose name is Niall Horan." April:" Don't you get it? Your neighbor is our old friend Nialler from like 7 years ago!" "OMG! I can't believe it. No wonder he seemed so familiar. I should've known! Can I tell you guys something?" Both: "Course you can. What is it?" "I like Niall." Both:" We knew it!!!! You guys would be perfect for each other." "Shut up!" Both:"Sorry." "C'mon let's go." April:"Wait!" "What?" April:" I like Liam and Ivy likes Zayn." "Perfect choices girls." I was hoping to tell Niall that I liked him and that he was an old friend. We got to the living room and I told Niall if I could talk to him. I led him to our backyard. "What's wrong?" "Niall, um... do you remember anyone with the nickname "nature's butterfly"?" "Yeah. Why?" "Well, that's me. I'm nature's butterfly " "So we were friends when you and your friends were 4 and I was five. And when I was 9 I had to move here." "Yeah. I can't believe it's you. I was wondering if I'd ever see you ever again." "Me too." Let's go join the others." "Okay.Wait. I need to tell you something." "What is it?" "I love you." "I love you, too." 

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