A New Life(1D not famous)

Hi, I'm Ana Tom. My parents told me that we're moving in 2 weeks. We 're leaving the place in which I've grown up in. In Dublin, Ireland. I have 2 bffs; Ivy and April. We've all known each other since we were babies. People say we're inseparable. The 3 of us know just about everything about each other. We're like sisters. It's gonna be hard telling my bffs I'm moving, but I'm sure they'll understand. Goodbye, Dublin, Ireland ; Hello, London.


15. Back Home

We finally got home. We were still at the airport. I called Liam to pick us up. Liam picked us up at 9:00 pm. We dropped off Amanda and Roy then Jenny. We got home and everyone jumped out of everywhere. "Welcome Home!!" A surprise party. A lot of people from school were here. We partied all night. Good thing it was a Friday. It was 12:00 am when everyone left. We  cleaned up the mess. We ate 'dinner'. We had homemade pizza. My  mom got 2 slices and went to sleep.We ate 2 large pizzas. We went to sleep at 4:00 am. I woke up to the smell of bacon. I sat up and Niall came in with a tray of bacon with eggs, orange juice, and a vase with a rose. "Good morning, princess." "Good morning, babe." "So how was your trip?" "Great." He placed the tray in front of me. I started eating and telling him about my trip at the same time. I told him how sad it was to see them and how sweet they were. I finished my breakfast and got outta bed. I was wearing my plush shorts and a t-shirt that read "I'm Allergic to Mornings." I got my phone from my purse and showed him all the 100 pics I took. I had uploaded them to my computer and posted them on Facebook, instagram, and twitter. I let him look at the pics while I went to take a shower. I was wearing a shirt with blue, green, and purple stripes and blue pants with suspenders. I looked like the girl version of Louis. I wonder how he'll react. I got out and saw Niall still looking at the pics. "You looked so happy.", he said with a smile and watery eyes. "I was happy to be able help them and make them happy." We went downstairs. The boys came 5 minutes later. They looked excited like little 5 year-olds on Christmas morning. They told me to tell them about my trip. I told them everything. I showed them the pics last. There was a knock on the door. I opened it and found Amy and my 2 bffs. I hugged them and told them to come in. Ivy immediately ran towards Zayn and hugged him. He hugged her and spun her. April ran to Liam who kissed her. Louis and Harry saw and hugged each other. They were so cut when they were doing their bromance thing. Louis and Harry let go of each other and ran towards Amy and hugged her. It was like a hugging convention. They all let go and I asked Ivy and April what was going on between them and Zayn and Liam. "Soooo.......Are you guys like.....in a relationship?""Yes.", the 4 of them said. We all laughed. "Are you hungry? How long are you staying? What about school?""We are hungry. We're staying for 2 months and the school said that we could go to your school and then when we were going back we'd go back to that school." How did you get them to say yes?" They stared at Amy and said, ""Well we have our ways of touching peoples' heart. Amy begged and even fake cried and they said alright.She's a great actor. Just like you." """Ah shux. Thanks.I taught her everything she knows." We all laughed. We ate breakfast; yes even Niall and I. The boys and Niall got ready for a day at the park. The girls and I unpacked their stuff. They were already ready but they changed anyways. We came downstairs and the boys were talking. We were quiet when we came down. I was closer to the bottom of the stairs. I stopped and told the girls to stop when I heard the boys talking about me & Niall. I heard the words marriage, propose, and wedding. I also heard our names but I thought I was just imagining. We continued to walk when the boys stopped talking and made an entrance. Ivy & April stood behind me & Amy. Me and Amy were kneeling with our arms out. We got up and ran to our bfs. Amy just stood there. Harry and Louis ran to her pushing each other. They fell on top of her. It was weird. I took pics of them and just laughed. They rolled off her and were laying next to her. They all sat up at the same time. Louis and Harry got up quickly and tried to help her but they fell when they tried to help her up because the were pushing each other. She got up still laughing. She helped Louis up first then Harry. They hugged her and then carried her toward us. WE were laughing our heads off. 

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