A New Life(1D not famous)

Hi, I'm Ana Tom. My parents told me that we're moving in 2 weeks. We 're leaving the place in which I've grown up in. In Dublin, Ireland. I have 2 bffs; Ivy and April. We've all known each other since we were babies. People say we're inseparable. The 3 of us know just about everything about each other. We're like sisters. It's gonna be hard telling my bffs I'm moving, but I'm sure they'll understand. Goodbye, Dublin, Ireland ; Hello, London.


24. Accident

We were watching Quarantine, while we waited for Amy and Harry. My phone started ringing. I looked at the caller I.D. It's Amy. "Hello?" "Are you Ana Tom?" said a woman's voice. "Yes. Why? What happened?" "Are you Amy's sister?" "Yes." "I'm sorry to inform you that she got in a car crash. Apparently her and Harry Styles were drunk. Harry Styles was driving and got into a car crash." "What hospital is she at?" I said, my voice beginning to crack. "Her and Mr. Styles are at Elmhook Hospital." "Thank you." "Sure thing." "What happened?" everyone asked me. "They..they...they're at a hospital. They were in a car crash." "What??!!" exclaimed El. "What hospital are they in?"  asked April. "Elmhook. It's ten minutes away from here." "Let's go." said Niall. 

We just arrived at the hospital. It was pretty big. It's nice. I walked up to the receptionist. "How may I help you?" "I'm looking for Amy Tom." I tapped my fingers on the desk. "Ahh yes. She's in room 304." "Thank you." Everyone had come with me so that they could see if they were okay. I knew that this hospital didn't have any rooms on the first floor. I went straight to the elevator. I waited till everyone was in. I pressed the button with a 2 in a circle. The doors began to close. Once the door opened, I ran out to look for Amy. I walked and walked. Finally I found it. Room 304. I turned the door nob. I saw her on the bed. Lying unconscious. I looked at her. She had scars all over her face. She was bleeding. There were nurses mending her cuts. They looked up. "Are you a relative?" "Yea." "We'll let you be with her. Mr. Styles in in Room 305 in case that you want to see him." "Thank you." They picked up their things and left. I walked closer to Amy. Everyone else, except for Niall, sat on a couch near the door. "Amy. Can you hear me? I came by to see if you were okay. Look I'm sorry this happened. I'm sorry I couldn't look out for you. Please stay with me. Don't leave me. Don't leave us. Please. Don't give up. Stay with us. Everything's going to be okay. I promise. Please don't leave. I hope you get better. I have to go. El, Louis, Niall, Liam, April, Zayn, and Ivy will be here. They came to see how you were. I'm sorry, but I have to go. I'll come by tomorrow. I love you, sis." I ran out of the room and burst out crying. I tried to calm down. I wiped away my tears. I went to see Harry. I opened the door and saw him sitting in the bed looking fine other than having a few minor scratches. I saw a nurse, a guy, asking him what he remembered to make sure he hadn't lost his memory. The guy turned around after I cleared my throat. He just told Harry that he'd check on him later and left. "Are you OK?" "Yea. I feel fine. Just had a minor concussion and a few cuts." He saw the expression on my face. "Where's Amy?" "She's in bed. She has a bunch of machines connected to her. She has a lot of bruises." "Really?" "Yes." "Oh my..." "What happened? Tell me." "Well. We left like at 11:15 am. I took her to Great America. We went on a lot of games. We ate and I got some beer. We started drinking. She drank more than I did. We left and she was singing along with the radio. All of a sudden we see lights and next thing I knew, we had crashed into a car.We were going to turn, but a car was coming from the way that we were going and we crashed." "How much did she drink?" "About 4 pints. I drank 3." "Why did you drink even though you knew you were driving?" "I didn't think I was going to drink as much as I did." In other words, Harry's the reason she's like that. "She was staring and my drink and I told her if he wanted to try it. I kept chanting 'chug chug chug'." "You idiot!! And you didn't even tell her what she was drinking?!!" I said, my voice rising. "Yea." "How could you?!" I slapped him pretty hard. "I know you like to have fun and all but don't involve my sister! She's unconscious cause of you!! If something happens to her I'll never forgive you!!!" I was furious. I can't believe him. I ran out and decided to go outside to call my mom. She has to know. If something happens to her, I'll never forgive Harry. I walked to the elevator and went outside. I got out my phone and called my mom. "Hi mom?" "Yes. What's wrong, dear?'' "Amy and Harry got in a car crash and Amy's in the hospital. Harry's fine but Amy isn't. I'm scared of what might happen to her. I don't want to lose her." "I'm on my way. I'll try to get there as fast as I can." "Thank you, mom." I hung up. I went back up and went straight into Harry's room. "My mom's on her way. Sooner or later the whole world's gonna know. I swear on my grandmother's grave, if something happens to her you'll regret it. I'll never forgive you." "She wasn't wearing her seat belt either. I was telling her to buckle up but she wouldn't." "And you're telling me just now?!!" I was out raged. I slapped him again. I started hitting him with my fists. Niall came into the room, followed by the boys. He hugged me tight. I buried my face into his chest. I started crying uncontrollably. Harry told the boys what happened. Niall said, "The nurses came in and said that she might need surgery. They're thinking next week on Monday or tomorrow which is Friday." Great just great. She's getting surgery and it's all because of Harold Edwards Styles. Everyone went home to rest except Niall, Harry, and I.

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