Fucked up

Hi I am Isabella and I am 13 years young. I am a geek and I get made fun of all the time . My parents are divorced and my mom goes out every night and hooks up with guys and my dad is a alcoholic. My life is so fucked up and I don't know what to do... But then a new kid came and changed my life...


1. Welcome to my life

Hi I'm Isabella but most people call me bella. I'm 13 and my life sucks ass. I know your probably thinking that I'm just over reacting and like "oh her life couldn't be that bad". But I'm sure you would feel the same way as me if your mom hated your guts and abused you and your dad got drunk all the time. It has been this way since my parents divorced when I was 8 and it hasn't gotten any better over the years. My dad got custidy of me and my 10 year old sister Jamee which I am happy about cause I would rather be around a drunk than my mean mom. I take care of my little sister Jamee because my dad is a complete asshole and won't take care of us. Me and Jamee walk to school every day and I help her with her homework and stuff so I guess you can kinda say I'm the "mom". At school everybody calls me names and are super mean to me and the only friends I have are Aly, Anne ,and Alice. So now that you know about my pathetic life lets get to the story.
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