Fucked up

Hi I am Isabella and I am 13 years young. I am a geek and I get made fun of all the time . My parents are divorced and my mom goes out every night and hooks up with guys and my dad is a alcoholic. My life is so fucked up and I don't know what to do... But then a new kid came and changed my life...


2. New kid

I wake up to my alarm at 6:00AM and get up to wake up my sister . "Come on Jamee time for school" she gets up and gets in the shower while I pick out our clothes for the day. Then I get in the shower and we both get ready and eat breakfast. Then I hear a knock at the door and get up to answer it. "Oh, hi Aly"
"Hey so you wanna walk with me today?"
"Um sure just wait a sec" me and Jamee grab our stuff and leave the house to go to school. Once I get to school I drop off Jamee at the play ground where all the little kids wait till school starts and I go to the front of my school and see a new kid with dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes. He looked up at me and I quickly look away so he wouldn't notice that I was staring at him. "He's hot " Aly said.
"Yeah...*sigh* ... He is" I say in lust.
"You should go introduce yourself" Aly said with a wink.
"No!" I say way to load and it got his attention and starts walking over.
"Look what you made me do" I say in annoyance.
"Hi I'm Louis " he said looking at me with a smile with a hand out.
"Hi I'm bella and this is my friend Aly" I said with a smile and shook his hand.
"Nice to meet you Aly and bella maybe we can hang out some time" he said with a smile.
"Yeah that would be cool" I say with a smile.
"Ok see you later" he said as he walked away.
"He totally likes you" Aly said with a huge grin on her face.
"Shut up" I say slugging her In the arm. Then he looked back at me and smiled.
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