What If....Louis Dies?

What if Louis dies? What if one day we wake up to hear on the news that Louis Tomlinson passed away? How will Directioners and even Directionaters take it? Most importantly, how will Harry, Liam, Zayn, & Niall take it? Well, in this story, Louis dies. How will we take it? Losing Louis Tomlinson? King of Carrots, Owner of Kevin? And our sass master from Doncaster? Read on to find out.
NOTE- THIS IS NOT REAL. This is just a story!! Please don't say Im a directionater or anything like that. No hate. This is just a story. Please Like,Favorite,and Comment <3


2. NO LOUIS!!! NO!!!!!!!!

Harry POV

I woke up lying down on the chair. I sat up and I seen Zayn on the couch, and Louis on the floor. I was still scared about something happening. Anything could happen this minute and we wouldn't know. Anyway, today me and the boys are going to the store, so maybe that could get my mind off somethings. I sat up and went into the shower. I let the warm hot water hit my body. "Harry? Hazza?" Louis said knocking on the door. "Are you done yet?". Little did he know I was crying my eyes out in the bathroom. I was scared. Scared for me,the boys,and our lives. "Come on Hazza! The rest of us are ready to go!" Niall said with fear in his voice. I got out,already dressed,with my teeth cleaned. "Its only 8 am. We can chill for a while." I said sitting on the bed. The boys all followed me as we sat. "Can I ask you guys something?" Liam said scared. I could tell when Liam was scared, it was never a good thing. "Anything Liam. What is it?" Niall said. "Are you guys scared? Of...dying?" Liam said gulping. I jumped a little, knowing thats what I was scared about. "Not really. I know Im going to a wonderful place called Heaven. I could be with the angels. So no. Im not scared." Louis said with confidence. All of the boys started crying or started to form tears. Except Lou. "Guys?!" Louis said scared. "Whats wrong?" He said walking towards us. "Nothing." Zayn said wiping his eyes. "We should probably go..." Liam said scared. We all nodded in agreement and walked outside. Louis started to drive and I sat next to him in the front. Liam,Zayn,And Niall sat in the back. We started to drive. I shook with every bump and turn we took thinking something was going to happen. "Hazza! Its okay! We're fine!" Louis said putting his arm around me. "BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL LOU. BOTH. HANDS." I said pushing his hand away. "Okay Hazza.." Louis said as he placed both his hands on the wheel. "Thanks Louis." Liam said as he sighed of relieve. "Whats with you guys? You guys never act like this." Louis said. I started forming more tears as I looked up. We were almost there. Once we parked we went inside the store. We bought food and all that. Once we put all the bags back in the car we got in the same spots we were in when we were coming here. "Lets take the long way home." Louis said taking the long way road. "Alright then Louis." Zayn said shaking. I was shaking along with him. We were at a red light and me and I started getting less scared. The other boys too. But we were wrong. Louis ran a red light. "NO LOUIS!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!" Liam said screaming. A car hit Louis side. Then cars attacked all of us. I fell into a blank sleep. Was I dead? Was I alive? Was I knocked out? I don't know....

Liam POV

One bad move Louis!!! ONE FUCKING BAD MOVE!!!!!!! I was probably dead?!?!?!?! I was probably gone forever? This is exactly what I was scared of. Death. I felt someone shaking me. "Liam? You still here mate? Liam. Answer me!!!!" Niall said. I woke up and seen his hand twisted behind his back. Blood was all over his white teeshirt. I looked at me. My head hurt like hell. Zayn was knocked out. Breathing. So was Harry. Louis on the other hand. I couldn't even explain it. Blood,cuts,bruises. I couldn't see if he was breathing or not. "Louis?!!?!?!" Harry said waking up. Harry looked not as bad. Just a big bloody cut across his forehead. "LOUIS ANSWER ME!!!!!!!" Harry said shaking me. "LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Harry kept screaming. No answer. Not even a move. "DONT LEAVE ME LOUIS! NO!!!!!!!" Harry said now crying his eyes out. "NO. LOUIS!!!!!!" I said screaming. I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I was tired. I fell asleep.

Louis POV

I was so tired. I knew I made a bad move. I just felt so peaceful. So nice. So. Calm. I wanted to stay here forever. I also wanted to go back and see my boys again. I felt a hand touch mine. "Are you ready Louis?" Someone told me. I looked up to see an angel. "No. I want to go back home." I said with tears running down my eyes. "You are home Louis. Now come follow me." The angel said wiping the tears away. "I want my boys back." I said trying to run back. There was such a bright light that I couldn't see anything. The angle looked at me. "Its okay Louis. You will see them again. Soon. You just have to wait. Now come on. We have a room waiting for your arrival." The angel said taking me inside the light. When I walked inside the light, all my fears were gone. I was peaceful. I forgot about dying. The pain. The crash. I was home.

Harry POV

I woke up to people surrounding me. I wasn't in the car anymore. I was laying on a bed. "You okay Harry?" A nurse told me. "Im fine. Can I see my friends?" I said sitting up. "Niall is in surgery right now. Zayn is doing alright. And Liam is okay too." The nurse said. "I kinda only want to see Louis..." I said. "Im sorry to inform you Mr Styles,Louis Tomlinson passed away..." The nurse said slowly

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