What If....Louis Dies?

What if Louis dies? What if one day we wake up to hear on the news that Louis Tomlinson passed away? How will Directioners and even Directionaters take it? Most importantly, how will Harry, Liam, Zayn, & Niall take it? Well, in this story, Louis dies. How will we take it? Losing Louis Tomlinson? King of Carrots, Owner of Kevin? And our sass master from Doncaster? Read on to find out.
NOTE- THIS IS NOT REAL. This is just a story!! Please don't say Im a directionater or anything like that. No hate. This is just a story. Please Like,Favorite,and Comment <3


3. Life Without Lou.

Harry POV

NOT LOUIS!!!!!!!!!! TAKE ME GOD! NOT LOUIS. HE DIDNT DESERVE THIS. I DESERVED IT. I looked at the nurse. "No." I said starting to let my tears fall. "Im sorry Harold. Would you like to see another friend?" She said walking out. "Liam please." I said. She nodded and brought him in. Liam ran in with red puffy eyes and hugged me. "He's dead Liam. He's gone." I said in his chest. "Im so sorry Harry. I know you were the closest to him." He said letting tears fall on my shoulder. "Where is he Liam?" I asked looking up. "He went into surgery, they couldn't do anything because he was losing so much blood. And his heart beat was to fast. So they think he also had a heart attack from all the pain." Liam said sitting next to me. "Is he still here?" I said. "You really want to see him Harry?" Liam said confused. "I need to Liam." I said getting up. Liam grabbed the wheelchair and helped me get in. He took the big pole thing that was connected to me and we went to the room. Room 312. I went inside and saw Louis laying on the bed. Motionless. Dead. "LOUIS!!!!!!" I said shaking him thinking he was sleeping. "WAKE UP LOU!!!!!!!" I said again. "ANSWER ME LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!" I said yelling at his corpse. "I love you Lou..." I said. "You were my brother. You were my best friend. I need you. I love you Louis. Don't leave me..." I said. Without Louis there was no fun. Louis was the main idea. He was funny. He was awesome. Now he's gone. I love him like a brother. I miss Larry Now. I miss carrot jokes. I left the room. I went back to mine and turned on the t.v. It was a breaking news update. "This just in, one direction, a british/irish boy band, in a car crash. 4 hurt, 1 dead. We still have no idea who is dead. Please stay tuned. Lets talk to some fans." A news reporter said in his microphone. "NO NOT ONE DIRECTION!!!" One girl said wiping her eyes. "I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! PLEASE STAY!!!! I DONT WANT ANY OF THEM DEAD OR HURT. I LOVE THEM!!" She said falling on the floor crying. "Oh my god." Liam said fixing my bed. I was still crying. "Louis is gone." I kept saying. "Its alright Hazza." Liam kept saying. "ITS NOT FINE. LOUIS IS DEAD!!!!!!!!" I said crying my eyes out. Liam lay his head on my chest. I sat and had a flashback of me and Louis baking. 

"Louis!!" I screamed as he threw flour at my face. "You look like a snowman Haz!" He said laughing. "Well!" I said turning my back. "I don't mean it like that Hazza. I sorry..." He said hugging me. I threw flour down his shirt. "After all we been through." He said sarcastic. "Hah!" I said sitting on the counter. "Remember Larry?" I said looking down. "Of course I remember Larry! And I loved it!" he said laughing. "I liked it too." I said funny. "Larry's never gonna die Harold." He said carrying me off the counter. "Now go clean so we can eat." He said slapping my bum. I ran upstairs and cleaned up.

***End of flashback***

Niall POV

Serious pain. Thats all that could explain me right now. I woke up with wires attached to me body. Beep. Beep. Beep, was coming from the machine next to me. Moments was playing on the radio next to me. "Hello Niall. Are you alright?" A doctor said coming in. "Im fine, what happened?" I said sitting up. "You were in a car accident. You broke your arm. And Louis Tomlinson passed away." He said sadly. "Louis died?" I said with tears in my eyes. He nodded slowly.

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