What If....Louis Dies?

What if Louis dies? What if one day we wake up to hear on the news that Louis Tomlinson passed away? How will Directioners and even Directionaters take it? Most importantly, how will Harry, Liam, Zayn, & Niall take it? Well, in this story, Louis dies. How will we take it? Losing Louis Tomlinson? King of Carrots, Owner of Kevin? And our sass master from Doncaster? Read on to find out.
NOTE- THIS IS NOT REAL. This is just a story!! Please don't say Im a directionater or anything like that. No hate. This is just a story. Please Like,Favorite,and Comment <3


4. A/N NOT A CHAPTER. Please read <3

Hey Guys this is Layla. The author of this book. Listen, I might not continue this. I don't know if you know this but, its very heard to write this movella. Im scared I'm going to jinx something. I also cried 3 times while writing this. Louis dying is a hard topic to write about. I also feel like not a lot of people are reading this. If I get 20 comments telling me to continue, I will. Its just hard. Im sorry if I runined your reading, its just hard. Support. 

~Xoxo Layla <3 

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