What If....Louis Dies?

What if Louis dies? What if one day we wake up to hear on the news that Louis Tomlinson passed away? How will Directioners and even Directionaters take it? Most importantly, how will Harry, Liam, Zayn, & Niall take it? Well, in this story, Louis dies. How will we take it? Losing Louis Tomlinson? King of Carrots, Owner of Kevin? And our sass master from Doncaster? Read on to find out.
NOTE- THIS IS NOT REAL. This is just a story!! Please don't say Im a directionater or anything like that. No hate. This is just a story. Please Like,Favorite,and Comment <3


1. Our Last Night

Harry POV
We sat in a warm living room with the fire roasting. Even though it was warm we still had blankets. Niall was playing More Than This on the guitar. "Anyone wants to sing?" Niall said softly. "No. Im fine Niall." I said getting comfy in my chair. Louis sat across from me smiling. "Yes dear?" I told him. I remembered Larry. I remember how many fans thought me and Louis were in a bro-mance. It was fun actually. And I went along with it. But then life happened. Louis started dating Eleanor and we slowly slipped away from it. Don't get me wrong, I love them as a couple, I just want my Louis back. I want to have what we had in 2010. I was worried for some reason. I thought something was going to happen. I don't know. It was just inside of me. And I could feel something was going to happen to anyone of us in the next 24 hours. Thats one of the reasons I didn't want to do anything and just chill. Just rest. We have been working on our new album 'Take Me Home' for the past week. Now that we were done, I was done. I looked at the boys once more before slowly shutting my eyes and going to sleep. 

Zayn POV
I was laying on the couch with a blanket covering only my feet. I looked at Harry who was now fast asleep. "Well he's knocked out." Liam said getting up. Liam went to bed as I sat on the couch alone. Niall was on the floor and Louis was on the table for some unknown reason. I started getting worried. What if something happened? I started forming tears. I was really close to these boys, knowing we have been a band for 2-3 years, I think Im connected with them some way some how. What if I didn't have these boys. What if they...died? No, no, no, Im talking crazy. Im probably just tired. Just go to bed Zayn, you'll feel better tomorrow. I listened to my brain and slowly shut my watery,teary,scared eyes. 

Liam POV
I went inside my room and slowly closed the door. I sighed and started thinking. I felt something was going to happen. Why? I have no idea. I hated thinking like this. Last time I thought like this, Harry started dating Taylor. I know I sound mean, but damn I hated her. Stop Liam. Just stop, I heard a voice tell me. What voice? Who's there with me???!?!?!? I was scared. I honestly didn't want to leave. I didn't want to move from this spot. My phone was laying on my bed motionless. Like my bed,chair,and me. Me. Motionless. I didn't want to move. I started to let tears fall out of my eyes as I think. Losing one of these boys will be hell. I would cry and probably do something very stupid. I heard Niall still playing his guitar in his room. Maybe I should get some sleep. I threw my jeans off and lay down with blankets covering my whole body. I lay on a warm pillow and lets Niall's guitar playing, sooth me asleep. 

Niall POV

I sat in my room playing a tune from 'Moments.' This song met a lot to me. I sat in my room thinking about these years with these boys. They have been fun. I sighed and lay my guitar down. I thought about something. Something was going to happen. And I was scared about what it would be. A accident? A surgery? A birth? A...death? I jumped a little when I heard the word death. I honestly didn't want to think about death. It was scary. Especially if it happened to my family in Ireland,Or here. My boys. I just lay on my bed in a tank and boxers and sang 'To build a home.' "To die." I said. The last words of the song. I slowly fell asleep.

Little did the boys know....a surprise was going to awake them the next day....

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